musicology #225

communication #3

(Billy Bragg – I Keep Faith)

ok..the vibes are beginning to flow. feels a bit like running waist deep through water but they are, at least, on the move. bit of motion on the ocean rather than still waters running too deep.

music connects, we know that and also purifys, nourishing the soul. but in my experience one of its greatest gifts is to inspire. and with that in mind it’s time for a prime slice from inspirational musicologist Billy Bragg.

the second cut from his 2008 set Mr Love & Justice to feature on themusicologist. the other being a critique of ‘Big Pharma’ entitled The Johnny Carcinogenic Show, (musicology #127)

multi faceted dimensions on this cut..but especially going out to all my loved ones….I hope you all know who you are.

musicology #224

communication #2

(Al Green – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart)

sliding out of that beautiful piece of musicology from Sade into this next slice of the musicology pie, written by the brothers Gibb, (Barry and Robin), produced by the legendary Willie Mitchell and delivered, in spades, by the ‘Reverend’.

listen tune….

musicology #223

communication #1

(Sade – Flow)

not finding it easy to concentrate at the moment. suffering from a touch of confusion with a side order of indecision so i’m just going to lay down a selection of cuts that, for me, communicate the/a message and inspire the ‘flow’… so for the next little while I’ll let the music do what it does best…the talking.

first up is a piece from UK Soul pioneers, Sade featuring the sublime vocals of Helen Folasade Adu in harmony with the nucleus of the band who have been together since first appearing as a unit in 1982. selected from the top ranking ‘Lovers Rock’ set recorded in the year 2000 …. Quality, (with a capital Q)

musicology #184

soulsearching #6

(Sugar Minott – The More We Are Together)

the final cut of the soulsearching has found it’s way on to themusicologist’s, (endless), playlist at just the right time after five days spent alone. the synchronicity of music NEVER ceases to amaze me and I’m hoping that as time passes and runs I can look back on this tune as the one that inspired a new start.

majestic, top ranking piece of Jamaican musicology from the legendary Lincoln ‘Sugar’ Minott one of the island’s most inspirational singers, songwriters and producers as well as a man of great integrity and belief.


a look in a yourself jah man,
a look in a yourself yout’ man,
a look in a yourself jah man,
oh well, woohhh well,

the more we are together, the happier we shall be,
the more we are together, that’s the only way, we can be free,
thats the only way, for you and for me,

the more we love one another, the more we’ll see jah light,
the more we love our brothers thats the only way, for you and for me,
that’s the only way, ohh we can be free,

so look inna yourself yout’ man,
look inna yourself jah man,
the time you take linger,
pull trigger with your finger,
and shoot down your brother,
just fight ‘gainst your sister,
that no right unto jah, jah,
oh oh no, ohh no,

the more we are together, the happier we shall be,
the more we are together, that’s the only way,
oh, oh, we can be free,
thats the only way, oh for you and for me,

truth and right you cannot fight,
and if you keep doing wrong you no give me respect,

whether you a top rank, or you have ’nuff money in the bank,
jah no partial oh no, jah no partial oh no,

said the more we are together, the happier we shall be,
the more we love one another, that’s the only way, for you and for me,
thats the only way, ohhh we can be free,

a truth and right we a deal with now,
truth and right we a deal with now,

the more, we are, together

musicology #69

newyearboogie #1 (Walk Tall – Nat Cannonball Adderley Quintet- 1969)

just come back from a winter excursion to the area known commonly as the Lake District, an area of outstanding natural beauty in NW England. words can’t describe the feelings and thoughts being there inspired but maybe music can and as the mun dun gu, (musicology #68), vibes linger on themusicologist is rolling out an ‘inspirational’ selection to kick off the soundtrack for 2008.

driving, determined, focused .. tunes for stepping up to the challenges of living in this ‘iwah’ as the old becomes the new and we move, (together), through the age of uncertainty.

so, to set speed for 2008 hold this piece from the Nat ‘Cannonball’ Adderley Quintet taken from the 1969 ‘Country Preacher’ album recorded for Capitol in ‘Chi’

(introduction by the Reverend Jesse Jackson says it all)

musicology #67

themusicologist@thebbc #2 (May You Never – John Martyn)

the second selection on brother Sean Rowley’s show The Joy Of Music finds themusicologist connecting with the essence of friendship through a tune from the 1973 album Solid Air by John Martyn. English born, Glasgow raised minstrel and nailed on musicologist of the highest order.

this piece will always remind me of my spar ‘Nigo’ who communicated the message through this piece. if you’re interested in hearing the tune introduced ‘live’ click here for the BBC radio link, click on Sean Rowley , (right hand panel), and let the music play .. my appearance is at the 45 min mark, just before the second installment of Sean’s excellent interview with Dion, (which, really opened my ears and heart to the mans quality), it’s only up until midnight tonight after which it will be part 3 for a week..

musicology #62

Ike Turner Tribute #2 (Lonnie ‘The Cat’ Cation – The Road I Have To Travel – 1954 – RPM)

next up a piece from the mans early days as band leader, guitar player, piano player and all round orchestrator.

not sure if you know but Ike started his musical journey carrying the great bluesman Robert Nighthawk’s amplifier as well as learning the intricacies of the piano from boogie woogie king Pinetop Perkins so it comes as no surprise that he knew his musical onions inside out.

let’s face it he certainly knew how to make a recording and for this reason alone he deserves respect. A lot of people are cussing him for his treatment of Tina and forgetting about the music he left us with but themusicologist isn’t here to be passing judgement on his personal life so don’t expect any critique on it.

this 1954 slice of musicology courtesy of The Bobby Hinds Band features Lonnie ‘The Cat’ on Vocals with Ike tinkling the ivory’s.

Ike’s session work between 1951 – 64 is amazing, check it here (right click on your mouse and open as new window/tab), and see for yourself. thanks and respect to Pete Hoppula for the knowledge site.(

musicology #61

Fontella Bass – This Would Make Me Happy

the first few weeks of the merry month of December have seen it all and non musical commitments along with so called service providers have kept themusicologist busy but I’m not here to make excuses because after all, is there anything more fulfilling and satisfying than playing, listening and sharing the joy of music…which leads nicely onto this.

fellow musicologist and friend Sean Rowley has presented an opportunity to include, (over the next six weeks), the one tune technique on his excellent show the joy of music which goes out live on BBCRadioLondon in the wee hours of Sunday mornings, (midnight till 2am GMT),

if you’re not a night bird but are still interested in hearing the show ‘live & direct’ click on the joy of music link above, click on Sean Rowley, (second column on the right), where you can stream it for up to seven days after the event. It’s one tune every week selected and introduced by myself … I make an appearance around the 45 minute mark preceeding the majestic Dion DiMucci interview a musicologist of the first degree.

for those not able to tune in and listen I’ll throw said slice of musicology down on themusicaldiary every Saturday starting right here right now

one last thing…not sure if you have heard but this information nugget has, (synchronistically), come to my attention…Ike Turner died on December 12th. The man was a legend and was a leading light in the development of the music that we know and love today from what some hail as the first Rock&Roll record, (Rocket88), in 1951 right through to tunes like River Deep, Mountain High he was instrumental in developing Rhythm&Blues as well as Soul, (something not many were able to do),

it’s more than coincidental that I threw this Ike production in advance of his passing and for themusicologist it is yet another example of music’s magic as well as its power to communicate so with that in mind I am going to pay a week long musical tribute to the man starting with this one

This Would Make Me Happy – sung by Fontella Bass, produced by Ike Turner, written by Oliver ‘Bus Stop’ Sain, for Ikes? LA based Vesuvius label, from the soulful year of 1964. very little is known of the label and according to the oracle, (R&B Indies), there are only two releases on it.

Ike, thank you for the music and the legacy.

musicology #59

coversweek .. day 6 (little milton – many rivers to cross)

‘little way different’ with this fine rendition of the Jimmy Cliff classic. Not often that you hear a reggae song covered by a soul artist..which is the complete reverse when it comes to Reggae Got Soul .. in fact the only two that spring to mind are this and I Shot The Sheriff by Clapton.

another example of bringing something different to a well known tune as well as the epitome of musicology, (communication through music)

musicology #57

(The Soul Stirrers – Glory, Glory Hallelujah)

after a small period of, (enforced), rest from themusicologist due to technical restraints placed by my so called service provider I have been forced to search for a new connection solution. Without boring you with the details .. i’m back in the saddle and not a moment too soon .. the coversweek theme will be finished but first it’s a musicology special

this slice of musicology is dedicated to my Nan, (god rest her soul), who passed away this week, in peace, without warning or prolonged suffering, which the lord only knows she deserved after a life, lets just say .. lived.

for me this is what themusicologist is here for, some comfort when words alone wont do. not suggesting that music alone washes the ‘troubles’ away but it sure takes some beating.

so without further delay I would like to dedicate this piece to a devout catholic who put her faith in God. Nan, I know you’ve waited a long time to be together with Grandad and I’m sure he’ll be there to greet you on the other side. XX

musicology #51

(One Drop Of Rain – Wayne Wonder)

Another day another dollar, (or not as the case may be)

fulfilling a request from a dear friend for this one so without delay JP, this one’s especially for you

pucker slice of 1996 dancehall, (produced by the Shocking Vibes crew), from one of my favourite singers. A cat who has been dropping musical bombs for nigh on 20 years and delivers almost, (nobodys perfect), everytime he takes the mic .. Mr Charles, y’ large.

musicology #50

(Loving Paper – Dobby Dobson – Treasure Isle)

keeping a low one this week, (but not musically of course), only thrown the Gregory so far but as this is a musical diary heres another entry.

of interest, (to me at least), is the realisation that as one who, from a young age, was schooled in the ways of the catholic church, especially during secondary education, (11-16), themusicologist is the place I come to ‘confess’

strange thing confession .. and regular as clockwork through my school years, (at least once a week),

anyway back to themusicologist as the confessional box. I’m caught between music being the antagonist or the protagonist. of course there is the eternal balance and the can’t have one without the other and although I accept that in theory, for me, life is not theoretical or a game played in the mind. music is not theoretical it’s out there exposed to be acted on.

everytime I hear Curtis sing move on up, (musicology#30), it moves me, calls me to arms and shows me the way

“so move on up and keep on wishing .. remember your dream is your only scheme, so keep on pushing”

I first heard this at the tender and impressionable age of two where it stuck like glue and opened my heart and mind to the power of music to communicate a message. ever since then the thirst for music has been unquenchable, over time becoming the only constant companion as well as the voice that is always heard. I mention all this because right now I find myself standing at the crossroads and wondering where music will lead me. this piece of Trojan produced RockSteady on the Treasure Isle Label has also been a constant source of inspiration since first feeling it back in the 80’s

come in dobby dobson and help shine the light.

“I’m not in a position to maintain you ……….”


musicology #49

(Once I Was Lonely – Gregory Issacs)

still spinning .. rollin and tumblin. hold this top piece of ‘lovers’ from the
‘cool ruler’ who had this to say..

” I think that the power of music is in love songs because every day people fall in love, Gregory Issacs doesn’t fall in love, Gregory Issacs stands in love”

lyrics, don Gregory, lyrics ..

mid 90’s Winston Riley production for his own Techniques label.

musicology #43

vocalgroupaction .. day 2

(The Door Is Still Open – Cardinals)

recorded in 1955 by one of the pioneering vocal groups. formed in 1946, ( a year before the Orioles), they were ‘discovered’ in 1951 by an Atlantic Records executive during a company talent search and went on to record 12 singles over six years. during their time at Atlantic the lead singer, (the magnificent Ernie Warren), was drafted and the group lost their way, finding it only when Warren returned full time in 1954.

Penned by the multi talented Harold ‘Chuck’ Willis this piece has it all..vocals, lyrics, production and illustrates, perfectly, the doo-wop sound.

musicology #41


(Wornell Jones – It Must Have Been Love)

finishing off the 3 round theme with the icing on the cake. a barely known 80’s Boogie, marrow trembler from this musicologist/songwriter/singer/bass player. what more can be said about it other than

“it must have been love”

one thing themusicologist would like to add to the diary is a few words on how music is so often the catalyst for change. this week I undertook a new journey .. therapy… relationship therapy to be precise. for an ‘alley-cat’ this is almost unheard of for many reasons but, (almost), anything and everything is worth investigating and as communication breakdown is all too common in this age there is obviously value in wise counsel. this musical diary is my therapy, best friend, shoulder to cry on and this week here we are without planning, scheming or manipulating listening to duets, two people in harmony… bliss and strangely almost confessional.

the point to make here is that no matter how hard one ‘knocks’, (and themusicologist is an example of this pursuit), if the door to the heart is closed and nobodys home the time will come when the person outside packs the emotional bags and hits the road. Darryl Banks knew this back in ’66 and laid down an anthem, (musicology #11), to guide us but if you don’t ‘listen’ you can’t hear. so this piece of musicology goes out to all those who aren’t listening as well as those who are.

musicology #40

doublebubble .. day6

(Womack & Womack – Woman)

If you like your soul straight up, no chaser this is one of them tunes that does all the talking .. lovers/haters hold this marrow trembling 4mins 17 seconds of 80’s soul duet heaven from Linda and Cecil and let the music be your guide…

musicology #39

doublebubble .. day 5

(Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown – Don’t Go)

sticking with the 1965 selection this one brings together two of Souls shining lights that, (as is all too often the case), didn’t receive the accolades due for their musical efforts. Maxine Brown and Chuck Jackson were there recording in the ‘new style’ as Soul emerged from the shadows of Doo Wop and Rhythm & Blues in the early 60’s to become the force it is today. the second tune this week to flow from the pen of the majestic songwriting duet Ashford&Simpson.

just so you know, for themusicologist the term Soul covers any song about affairs of the heart sung with genuine feeling … regardless of race, creed or colour.

musicology #38

doublebubble .. day 4

(Tarheel Slim & Little Ann – I Submit To You)

day late but not a dollar short with this piece from 1965. better known for their 1959 hit, (it’s too late), which made the doublebubble playlist but, for me, doesn’t reach the heights of this one.

the male half of this husband and wife pairing was a foundation soul singer who first recorded gospel from 1946 as a member of The Southern Harmonaires, Selah Jubilee Singers and The Jubilators. Next stop, (1950) was early Vocal Group The Larks followed by some Blues cuts accompanied by the legendary Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee before moving to Bobby Robinson’s legendary label Red Robin ..

musicology #37

doublebubble .. day3

(Bob & Marcia – Always Together)

one of themusicologists favourite duets. this time from 1970 and the island of Jamaica. epitomising the sound of late 60’s early 70’s reggae and one that many a genuine rudeboy/skinhead would have moved to down at El Partido.

I have 3 versions of this, the UK mix/the dancehall 12″ and this one which, after much deliberation is the one that has come out on top. I love the 12″ just as much but it’s more of a specialists cut, (9 mins long), made for playing ‘in the dance’….

the male singer in the duet is also the songwriter, (one of Jamaicas finest poets), and I would imagine, for this session at least, is heavily involved in arrangement, production and final mix down. no prizes for guessing that its yet another Studio1 production.

musicology #35

doublebubble day 1

(Bobby Womack & Patti LaBelle – Through The Eyes Of A Child)

so we have heard from the ladies, the men have said their piece and now its time for doublebubble..the duets.

of particular interest for themusicologist is the difference between these three disciplines.

harmony between two people is a sound/sight to behold .. anything is possible and nothing is too much of a challenge and this weeks 7 pieces are, (I believe), all examples of such togetherness. kicking off with some fine 80’s soul&boogie delivered by two deep and soulful singers ‘the poet‘ & ‘lady marmalade‘ . musicologists that have been laying down quality almost 25 years before coming together on this one in 1984.