musicology #225

communication #3

(Billy Bragg – I Keep Faith)

ok..the vibes are beginning to flow. feels a bit like running waist deep through water but they are, at least, on the move. bit of motion on the ocean rather than still waters running too deep.

music connects, we know that and also purifys, nourishing the soul. but in my experience one of its greatest gifts is to inspire. and with that in mind it’s time for a prime slice from inspirational musicologist Billy Bragg.

the second cut from his 2008 set Mr Love & Justice to feature on themusicologist. the other being a critique of ‘Big Pharma’ entitled The Johnny Carcinogenic Show, (musicology #127)

multi faceted dimensions on this cut..but especially going out to all my loved ones….I hope you all know who you are.

musicology #224

communication #2

(Al Green – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart)

sliding out of that beautiful piece of musicology from Sade into this next slice of the musicology pie, written by the brothers Gibb, (Barry and Robin), produced by the legendary Willie Mitchell and delivered, in spades, by the ‘Reverend’.

listen tune….

musicology #223

communication #1

(Sade – Flow)

not finding it easy to concentrate at the moment. suffering from a touch of confusion with a side order of indecision so i’m just going to lay down a selection of cuts that, for me, communicate the/a message and inspire the ‘flow’… so for the next little while I’ll let the music do what it does best…the talking.

first up is a piece from UK Soul pioneers, Sade featuring the sublime vocals of Helen Folasade Adu in harmony with the nucleus of the band who have been together since first appearing as a unit in 1982. selected from the top ranking ‘Lovers Rock’ set recorded in the year 2000 …. Quality, (with a capital Q)

musicology #184

soulsearching #6

(Sugar Minott – The More We Are Together)

the final cut of the soulsearching has found it’s way on to themusicologist’s, (endless), playlist at just the right time after five days spent alone. the synchronicity of music NEVER ceases to amaze me and I’m hoping that as time passes and runs I can look back on this tune as the one that inspired a new start.

majestic, top ranking piece of Jamaican musicology from the legendary Lincoln ‘Sugar’ Minott one of the island’s most inspirational singers, songwriters and producers as well as a man of great integrity and belief.


a look in a yourself jah man,
a look in a yourself yout’ man,
a look in a yourself jah man,
oh well, woohhh well,

the more we are together, the happier we shall be,
the more we are together, that’s the only way, we can be free,
thats the only way, for you and for me,

the more we love one another, the more we’ll see jah light,
the more we love our brothers thats the only way, for you and for me,
that’s the only way, ohh we can be free,

so look inna yourself yout’ man,
look inna yourself jah man,
the time you take linger,
pull trigger with your finger,
and shoot down your brother,
just fight ‘gainst your sister,
that no right unto jah, jah,
oh oh no, ohh no,

the more we are together, the happier we shall be,
the more we are together, that’s the only way,
oh, oh, we can be free,
thats the only way, oh for you and for me,

truth and right you cannot fight,
and if you keep doing wrong you no give me respect,

whether you a top rank, or you have ’nuff money in the bank,
jah no partial oh no, jah no partial oh no,

said the more we are together, the happier we shall be,
the more we love one another, that’s the only way, for you and for me,
thats the only way, ohhh we can be free,

a truth and right we a deal with now,
truth and right we a deal with now,

the more, we are, together

musicology #69

newyearboogie #1 (Walk Tall – Nat Cannonball Adderley Quintet- 1969)

just come back from a winter excursion to the area known commonly as the Lake District, an area of outstanding natural beauty in NW England. words can’t describe the feelings and thoughts being there inspired but maybe music can and as the mun dun gu, (musicology #68), vibes linger on themusicologist is rolling out an ‘inspirational’ selection to kick off the soundtrack for 2008.

driving, determined, focused .. tunes for stepping up to the challenges of living in this ‘iwah’ as the old becomes the new and we move, (together), through the age of uncertainty.

so, to set speed for 2008 hold this piece from the Nat ‘Cannonball’ Adderley Quintet taken from the 1969 ‘Country Preacher’ album recorded for Capitol in ‘Chi’

(introduction by the Reverend Jesse Jackson says it all)

musicology #67

themusicologist@thebbc #2 (May You Never – John Martyn)

the second selection on brother Sean Rowley’s show The Joy Of Music finds themusicologist connecting with the essence of friendship through a tune from the 1973 album Solid Air by John Martyn. English born, Glasgow raised minstrel and nailed on musicologist of the highest order.

this piece will always remind me of my spar ‘Nigo’ who communicated the message through this piece. if you’re interested in hearing the tune introduced ‘live’ click here for the BBC radio link, click on Sean Rowley , (right hand panel), and let the music play .. my appearance is at the 45 min mark, just before the second installment of Sean’s excellent interview with Dion, (which, really opened my ears and heart to the mans quality), it’s only up until midnight tonight after which it will be part 3 for a week..

musicology #62

Ike Turner Tribute #2 (Lonnie ‘The Cat’ Cation – The Road I Have To Travel – 1954 – RPM)

next up a piece from the mans early days as band leader, guitar player, piano player and all round orchestrator.

not sure if you know but Ike started his musical journey carrying the great bluesman Robert Nighthawk’s amplifier as well as learning the intricacies of the piano from boogie woogie king Pinetop Perkins so it comes as no surprise that he knew his musical onions inside out.

let’s face it he certainly knew how to make a recording and for this reason alone he deserves respect. A lot of people are cussing him for his treatment of Tina and forgetting about the music he left us with but themusicologist isn’t here to be passing judgement on his personal life so don’t expect any critique on it.

this 1954 slice of musicology courtesy of The Bobby Hinds Band features Lonnie ‘The Cat’ on Vocals with Ike tinkling the ivory’s.

Ike’s session work between 1951 – 64 is amazing, check it here (right click on your mouse and open as new window/tab), and see for yourself. thanks and respect to Pete Hoppula for the knowledge site.(