musicology #0684

aSongforCon #23

Anouar Brahem – Sadir

requiem for Constance. always in my heart x

one from the majestic Anouar Brahem who continues to deliver pure, authentic music of the HIGHEST order. If you don’t know master Brahem I, (themusicologist), IMPLORE you to invest some time in making his acquaintance.  a body of art that, for me, is second to NONE. Only the greats are fit to help my daughter ‘cross the bridge’

musicology #0683

aSongforCon #22

Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan – Raga Bilashkani Todi

“After Silence … ”

Rest in Peace Kohzu. I Love you with every fibre of my being. x

musicology #0682

aSongforCon #21

Ann Peebles – Until You Came Into My Life

“Oh the joy came over me when you came into my life,

Sweet love that you bring me cut through my darkness like a knife …..”


musicology #0681

aSongforCon #20

King Cole Trio – Embraceable You

“I love all the many charms about you,

above all i want my arms around you…”

musicology #0680

aSongforCon #19

Ensemble Nipponia – Edo Lullaby

wherever you are i am with you x

musicology #0679

aSongforCon #18

Gregory Issacs – It’s True

“Can’t begin to understand,

I look the same but I’m a different man,

And inside I’m hurting So,

Loneliness it just won’t go,

Since you been gone,

Haven’t been myself,

This must be a dream,

Strange as it seems,

I never thought that this could ever be,

My friends don’t come around in sympathy,

But NOTHING they say or do could ease the pain,

Though I’m trying to work it out,  it’s all in vain”

musicology #0678

aSongforCon #17

Paul Weller – Above the Clouds (Live)

BIG tune along the way for me and Conis Chan x .. my best wasn’t good enough … who knows this better than I.

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