musicology #0694


Gil Scott Heron – Delta Man

Next tune from the urbanpoet laureate, the mercurial Gil Scott Heron, the undisputed master of urbanemusicology. For me the man is up there with the great poets and troubadours. Authentic, deep, meaningful.

Highlighted from the 1977 LP – Bridges (featuring Brain Jackson).

YoungGil Scott

musicology #0693


Rude Boy Prayer – Desmond Tucker & Los Cabelleros

Cuts like these don’t grow on trees..

One listen alone could NEVER do it justice.

Los Cabelleros are none other than Alton Ellis, Zoot Simms and the Wailers..

BIG, HEAVYWEIGHT Rocksteady Selection from themusicologist vaults.

bloodsweatandtees Sir Coxsons Downbeat

bloodsweatandtees Sir Coxsons Downbeat

musicology #0692


Jimmie Nelson – Free and Easy Mind.

TOP Drawer ‘Big City’ blues from Jimmy ‘T99′ Nelson. Protege of the great Big Joe Turner who taught the young Nelson all he needed to know about singing and ‘the game’.

1955 Release on the Chess Label.

musicology #692

                        musicology #692

musicology #0691


Lonnie Johnson – Why Should I Cry

over the MANY years that themusicologist has been flinging down cuts from the vaults OCEANS have flowed under the ‘bridge’, causing a man to reflect on the deepest of life’s experiences. I have been as deep as a wo/man can go. Travelled Hills and Gullies and along ‘the way’ there has only been one, consistent language that continues to teach and guide.

You know what language I refer to so I won’t spell it out.

Climbing back into the saddle with this mercurial (1951) piece from the pioneering blues legend , another Crescent City virtuoso, Lonnie Johnson. If you don’t know who this cat is suffice to say he was dropping urbanemusicology as far back as the 1920’s.

Hold this piece

musicology 0691

musicology 0691

musicology #0690

Aretha Franklin – Make it With YOU

Singing this song for you … x Aretha Franklin dropping sonic bombs Live At The Fillmore West . 1971. Big, Heavyweight tune.

musicology #0689

the Dells – Stay In My Corner

one of the mighty tunes. courtesy of legendary vocal group the Dells. one more with the general in heart and soul x

musicology #0688

Lee Christie – My Heart Goes Diddley Burn

one more for the general … the keeper of my heart x

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