musicology #0690

Aretha Franklin – Make it With YOU

Singing this song for you … x Aretha Franklin dropping sonic bombs Live At The Fillmore West . 1971. Big, Heavyweight tune.

musicology #0689

the Dells – Stay In My Corner

one of the mighty tunes. courtesy of legendary vocal group the Dells. one more with the general in heart and soul x

musicology #0688

Lee Christie – My Heart Goes Diddley Burn

one more for the general … the keeper of my heart x

musicology #0687

Jesse Thomas – It’s You

one more for ‘the general’ x

musicology #0686

Muddy Waters – She Moves ME

another one for the general.

musicology #0685

Patti and the Belles – Down the Aisle

cutting loose from aSongForCon to lay this one down for my love. x

musicology #0684

aSongforCon #23

Anouar Brahem – Sadir

requiem for Constance. always in my heart x

one from the majestic Anouar Brahem who continues to deliver pure, authentic music of the HIGHEST order. If you don’t know master Brahem I, (themusicologist), IMPLORE you to invest some time in making his acquaintance.  a body of art that, for me, is second to NONE. Only the greats are fit to help my daughter ‘cross the bridge’

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