#0837 Elvis Costello and the Attractions – Waiting for the end of world

Critique of 2020 #3


#0836 Peter Touch-Here comes the judge.

BIG man ‘Touch’ dropping ‘bombs’.

Critique of 2020 #2

A scathing critique of colonialism from master Peter Tosh. His vocal cut of Tommy Mc Cook and the Destroyers ‘Ah So’ released by Joe Gibbs on his ‘Shock’ Label in 1971.

A cut of The legendary Abyssinians ‘Satta’ Rhythm, (originally recorded at the home of Jamaican music Sir Coxsone’s imperious Brentford road powerhouse … Studio 1)

The Abyssinians purchased the master tapes from Coxsone and released ‘Satta’ on their own ‘Clinch’ label in 1971 and the rest is Reggae history.

‘Satta’ was in itself a loose version of Carlton (Manning) & his Shoes ‘Happy Land’, (the Abyssinians consisted of Bernard Collins and ‘Shoe’ two brothers Donald and Lynford).


#0835 R.E.M-Its the end of the world as we know it

A Critique of 2020 #1


#0834 Zilla Mayes – All i want is YOU


HEAVY funk cut featuring the vocal skills of Zilla Florine Mays. Singer, Radio Dj and respected community leader out of Atlanta GA. The FIRST african-american female radio announcer in GA and only the THIRD in the United States. This piece is a 1968 version, of an Allen Toussaint song. Recorded and released on the BIG mans Tou-Sea label.

#0833 Willie Nix – Nervous Wreck


“The object before us, to begin with, material production….

Individuals producing in society, (hence socially determined individual production), is, of course, the point of departure.

In this society of free competition, the individual appears detached from the natural bonds etc. which in earlier historical periods make him the accessory of a definite and limited human conglomerate.

The more deeply we go back into history, the more does the individual, and hence also the producing individual, appear as dependent, as belonging to a greater whole: in a still quite natural way in the family and in the family expanded into the clan [Stamm]; then later in the various forms of communal society arising out of the antitheses and fusions of the clan.”

– (Karl Marx 1857-8)


#0832 Boogie – Tired


Carrying on with the ‘theme’. This cut is courtesy of Boogie, MASSIVE tune. HEAVYWEIGHT lyrics and one of my favourite cuts of this year.

“Its hard to put on war boots when you’re walking on egg shells”


#0831 Loscil – In Threes


BIG, personal, cut from, (for me), the master of ‘expressionist ambient’, Scott Morgan, aka Loscil. Hold this MAJESTIC cut from 2014. (the Start of a new phase).