musicology #59

coversweek .. day 6 (little milton – many rivers to cross)

‘little way different’ with this fine rendition of the Jimmy Cliff classic. Not often that you hear a reggae song covered by a soul artist..which is the complete reverse when it comes to Reggae Got Soul .. in fact the only two that spring to mind are this and I Shot The Sheriff by Clapton.

another example of bringing something different to a well known tune as well as the epitome of musicology, (communication through music)


7 thoughts on “musicology #59

  1. Great tune beautifully sung by “We Gonna Make It” Little Milton. But to me the Jimmy Cliff original, with it’s warm Reggae beat lifting the melancholic lyrics without detracting from the message, can’t be beat. Even so, from a personal point of view, a very apt version!!


  2. yep..for themusicologist ‘covers’ work best when the artist brings something new ‘to the table’ and Mr Campbell certainly does that.


  3. Can you re-upload the music……I can’t hear a darn thing……..This should be a very interesting interpretation of a classic..

    Big Up!@!


    1. should be ok now..let me know if not.
      i’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the Little Milton.
      thanks for the comment…always welcome and appreciated


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