musicology #410

Terry Callier #2

(Terry Callier – Alley Wind Song (Original Demo)

A quote from the man himself:

“People everywhere are searching, searching for a spiritual base to stand on, reach out from and react to. The way I understand it, I’m supposed to put the message out there as clearly as I can. The rest has to take care of itself.”

“And hear some strange magic man work some ju-ju if you can,
Or do you know a spell that’s worth repeating,
Trace your pictures in the sand,
Tell me can you work a mojo hand,
Can you start the drums of Kuru beating,
Beware of the South wind,
The heart and mind and mouth wind
And search the sacred sands for a solution,

And tell me it true if I put faith in you,
Will you lead me to the bridge of bright tomorrows,
And will your grace see me through,
Will incense and candles do,
Will prayer remove me from the reach of sorrow,
Oh beware of the North wind,
A king of worlds comes forth wind,
And blow apoun the land in retribution,

In the land of the free where the huddled masses flee,
From the cold and cruel worlds of wars dominion,
In a dusky mirror that I see,
Dont you know it got a hold back on my jubilee,
If freedom’s just a matter of opinion,
Ah beware of the West wind,
A bitter black suppressive wind,
That leads your children home for revolution,
That leads your children home for revolution,

Listening ones…if I sing,
Will that make you do your thing,
Will the chatting reach your high and lofty places,
And what is this strange gift you bring,
It’s sparkling like a diamond ring,
Will that bright light reveal the prince of faces,
Beware of the East wind,
A god of man and beast wind,
A famine and or feast wind,
And the last but not the least wind,
A threat of silver fleece wind,
A follow great release wind,
Blowin all across the land,
Blowin all across the land,
Where you stand,
Where will you stand,


3 thoughts on “musicology #410

  1. those are truly beautiful words..I hope they leave an impression on my soul! thanks for taking the time to write them up…


    1. Soulja,
      thanks for the comment and the support.
      For me, Terry Callier is unrivaled in his commitment to utilising the universal language to communicate authenticity.
      I believe that ALL music has a message but unfortunately in the 21st Century the overriding ones seem to be the pursuit or worship of power, greed, exploitation, violence or to phrase it another way the ideology of capitalism. I make no apology for my distaste for dictatorship, (whatever form it takes), and I can’t think of anyone who articulates such a message as poetically as Master Terry Callier.
      Thanks again for connecting.
      enjoying your blog by the way..If I ever make it out to the ‘burgh maybe we can shoot the breeze in the real world.


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