musicology #223

communication #1

(Sade – Flow)

not finding it easy to concentrate at the moment. suffering from a touch of confusion with a side order of indecision so i’m just going to lay down a selection of cuts that, for me, communicate the/a message and inspire the ‘flow’… so for the next little while I’ll let the music do what it does best…the talking.

first up is a piece from UK Soul pioneers, Sade featuring the sublime vocals of Helen Folasade Adu in harmony with the nucleus of the band who have been together since first appearing as a unit in 1982. selected from the top ranking ‘Lovers Rock’ set recorded in the year 2000 …. Quality, (with a capital Q)


6 thoughts on “musicology #223

  1. Having problems getting sound on the site — pieces look like they’re playing with all the pretty bars and stuff but no sound — and I know my speakers are working?
    What’s the answer ? Or do you have to be logged in or something? Never have before but maybe you’ve changed the rules …


  2. woooooooyyyy…PhillySteppa. nice to ‘see’ you on themusicologist. having no sound issues myself and in answer to your question…nothings changed, no log-in neccessary. strange that all the EQ bars are working though?

    is anyone else having a problem with navigating the Audio?

    p.s picked a perfect tune to comment though ’cause the music of Sade often reminds me of you and the Lewisham days.


  3. Sussed it — it was all to do with the “mixer” on my volume icon turning the sound slider down for web pages for some reason. Think the “Doris” has been messing with me ‘tings … nice toon


  4. glad to hear that youve sussed it. and especially glad to ‘see’ you on here. hope it’s a sign of things to come…keep it locked. x


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