musicology #62

Ike Turner Tribute #2 (Lonnie ‘The Cat’ Cation – The Road I Have To Travel – 1954 – RPM)

next up a piece from the mans early days as band leader, guitar player, piano player and all round orchestrator.

not sure if you know but Ike started his musical journey carrying the great bluesman Robert Nighthawk’s amplifier as well as learning the intricacies of the piano from boogie woogie king Pinetop Perkins so it comes as no surprise that he knew his musical onions inside out.

let’s face it he certainly knew how to make a recording and for this reason alone he deserves respect. A lot of people are cussing him for his treatment of Tina and forgetting about the music he left us with but themusicologist isn’t here to be passing judgement on his personal life so don’t expect any critique on it.

this 1954 slice of musicology courtesy of The Bobby Hinds Band features Lonnie ‘The Cat’ on Vocals with Ike tinkling the ivory’s.

Ike’s session work between 1951 – 64 is amazing, check it here (right click on your mouse and open as new window/tab), and see for yourself. thanks and respect to Pete Hoppula for the knowledge site.(


7 thoughts on “musicology #62

  1. Ike is a controversial figure for two reasons his drug use and his relationship with Tina..themusicologist has been involved in ‘debate’ on a couple of blogs where people have been only too eager to dismiss his life’s work which I have found hard to stomach.

    One comment suggested that nobody would have ever heard of him if it wasn’t for his riding on the back of Tina’s talent !! which just goes to show how judgement clouds reason.

    themusicologist himself has even been judged, second guessed and had words put in his mouth about everything other than his music by those who feel they have a right to pass judgement.

    Tina herself declined to comment, so how anyone else feels able to is beyond me.

    the only point I have tried to make is that judgement is a dangerous business, even more so if you get your information from the media..Edward Bernays has certainly got a lot to answer for.. me I’m just sticking with what I know…the music.


  2. the father of PR and Freud’s nephew. The man who invented the term ‘Public Relations’ (newspeak for propoganda). And easily one of the most influential people of the 20th Century. He wrote a famous paper in the 1928 titled

    Propoganda aka ‘How The Media Moulds Your Mind’

    suffice it to say that the media have been ‘at it’ ever since.


  3. Ah, that Edward Bernays!!
    He of the…. “If we understand the mechinisms and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it?”… school of thought.
    He called it THE ENGINEERING OF CONSENT (according to Wikipedia).

    Phew, even Svengali couldn’t light a candle to this dude.


  4. none other than…

    brought to my attention by watching the must see documentary series ‘Century Of The Self’ by Adam Curtis. I think one of the episodes was titled
    ‘The Engineering Of Consent’ but all four were about the Freud dynasty’s primary role in the PR explosion.

    Adam Curtis’s most recent series ‘The, (Freedom), Trap’ (2007) is also top of the tree.


  5. Slow down there a bit Mr. musicology man… I’m still trying to swallow “Berneys”… and it ain’t going down well!!!


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