#themusicologist [791] Anthony Hamilton – I cry

Fork in the road 4

One from MASTER Anthony Hamilton

“These tears that i shed are the trail….to bring you home,

mama told me that a mans own tears can make him strong

said I’ll sit here and wait for you to come home…”


#themusicologist [787] the 5 Keys – It’s Christmas time

the majestic 5 Keys, one of the GREAT vocal groups, dropping christmas bombs.

Con-Zu….I LOVE you, eternally….ALWAYS in my heart, soul and on my mind.xx


#themusicologist #0782 Heartbeat – Menahan Street Band

aSongForConZu #81

“You, who should have followed me, you are no more – all of my thoughts, my impressions, and all that remains of my existence are bound to your tomb, to which all my wishes aspire.” – Pierre Paul Prud’hon
[The Soul Breaking the Ties That Bind It to Earth]

#themusicologist #0781 Ask me about nothing but the blues– Bobby Bland

aSongForConZu #80

Nothing is more manifest than the hidden;
nothing is more obvious than the unseen.
Therefore the Master
pays attention to what is happening
within her innermost self.


#themusicologist #0780 Thoughts – Xiao Ying

aSongForConZu #79

“The Tao is the way things are,
which you can’t depart from
even for one instant.
If you could depart from it,
it wouldn’t be the Tao.
Therefore the Master
looks into her own heart
and respects what is unseen and unheard”.


#themusicologist #0779 Youre always on My Mind – Sam Cooke

aSongForConZu #78


“What is bestowed on us at birth
is called human nature.
The fulfilment of human nature
is called the Tao.
The cultivation of the Tao
is the deepest form of learning”.


#themusicologist #0777 – You Make Me So Very Happy – Alton Ellis

aSongForConZu #77

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” – Bruce Lee