musicology #39

doublebubble .. day 5

(Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown – Don’t Go)

sticking with the 1965 selection this one brings together two of Souls shining lights that, (as is all too often the case), didn’t receive the accolades due for their musical efforts. Maxine Brown and Chuck Jackson were there recording in the ‘new style’ as Soul emerged from the shadows of Doo Wop and Rhythm & Blues in the early 60’s to become the force it is today. the second tune this week to flow from the pen of the majestic songwriting duet Ashford&Simpson.

just so you know, for themusicologist the term Soul covers any song about affairs of the heart sung with genuine feeling … regardless of race, creed or colour.


4 thoughts on “musicology #39

  1. two songbirds I have enjoyed many a good
    tune from, so a pleasure to hear them in a duet…
    what does amaze me is that this was recorded in ’56, it sounds much later than that.


  2. easy tiger the girl just made a mistake, So wrapped up in the sweet soul music she just read it wrong.
    Loving the selection


  3. Next in the chronological list of nuggets mined from the pages of Bear Family’s Sweet Soul Music CD’s (which I really dooo recommend) is this little diamond found on the page about Maxine Brown’s 1961 song All In My Mind. (released on Nomar Records… yellow/black label).

    “Former big band leader Tony Bruno (the No in Nomar records perhaps?) was the front-man for the bookmaking operation that run out of the Brill Building, and no one is entirely sure who owned the record label or bankrolled the betting shop. According to John Brovan’s interview with Maxine Brown… ‘Tony ran the company FOR A GUY WHO OWNED A PIZZA PARLOUR IN NEW JERSEY (my capitals). Nobody ever saw him.’
    Bruno and his mystery partner soon folded the label (the assumption was that the label was designed not to have hits but to launder money). Maxine’s masters were eventually sold to Florence Greenburg at Scepter/Wand ……….. ”

    “A Pizza parlour in New Jersey”… you couldn’t make it up if you tried!!!

    Of course, these book-lets aren’t just a collection of “funny” one-liners. For the serious seeker
    And, of course, the other side – the shit side – of the coin is there too. But I’ll stick with the “funny parts” because the sad parts are so many and so tragic they become painful (shameful even). That being said, some are so tragic they demand re-telling…. here’s one. It’s about Shep Sheppard of Shep & The Limelites fame. It’s from the page about their record Daddy’s Home (released 1961 on Hull records).
    “…. The next headline came soon after January 24 1970 when Sheppard’s body was found naked beside the Belt Parkway on Long Island. He’d been tossed from a car and rolled into a ditch….”

    No comment!!


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