musicology #0674

aSongforCon #13

The Charioteers – I Miss You So


musicology #173

alternativesoundtrack2..Quadrophenia #5

(The 4 Casts – Stormy Weather)

day 5 and for Jimmy it’s all about to start going downhill. having made his way, (on convoy), down to Brighton and spent the day getting ready for some evening action he has been ejected from the ‘dance’ for jumping from the balcony in an attempt to impress Steph, (the things we males do to be noticed by the ladies !!), who has mugged him off to be with ‘The Face’.

having nowhere to go and no-one to go with he spends the night on the beach, (no doubt speeding off his ‘nut’), and in the morning makes his way to to meet up with the boys. this is followed by the big ‘tear-up’ on the beach and the demolishing of a cafe that some ‘greasers’ have holed up in. if you’ve seen it you know all about the ‘knee jerker’ in the alley with Steph and then him having his collar felt by the old bill, where he ends up in a black mariah with his ‘hero’ .

Cut to this scene, where the mod attitude and deference to authority is highlighted by ‘the Face’s’ dismissal of his financial punishment in style. but notice how the judge states that these are not the first wave of ‘hooligans’ to hit Brighton, in reference to the much more dangerous and violent racecourse wars of the 1920’s featuring the likes of ‘The Elephant Boys’, the Brummagen boys, the Sabini’s and cats such as Georgie Sewell and Billy Kimber…Brighton was always a hotbed of crime and violence right up until the most recent spate of re gentrification that has taken place over the preceding 10 years or so..and a trip ‘down the line’ was very common for London’s opportunists and villains of the past.

the tune that follows is a slice of the Atlantic pie from early 1964 by a vocal group I know nothing about so I can’t offer any information other than what’s on the label.

stormy weather is certainly up ahead for ‘young Jim’

musicology #157

vocalgroupaction2 #2

(The Royals – Make Believe)

day two of the vocalgroup selection finds us tuning into some ‘sufferers’ courtesy of Jamaican vocal group The Royals with a mid 70’s piece on Roy Cousins’ Wambesi Label.

Roy Cousins was not only the producer and Wambesi label owner he was also the Royals lead singer. forming his first vocal group in 1962, (pivotol year for musicology), he went on to form the Royals, (originally called the Tempests), in 1965…recording for, (among others), Coxsone Dodd’s Studio 1.

sick of being ‘skanked’ by producers and label bosses he set up his own in 1971 and this one (Wambesi), in 1974 which attracted many a fine singer, vocal group and deejay evolving into a major force in the 70’s and 80’s.

the cat at the ‘controls’ on the dub is none other than Lloyd James. better known as..Prince Jammy…

musicology #75

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial #1

(Sam Cooke w/The Soul Stirrers – That’s Heaven To Me)

this next section is dedicated to six artists, (1 a week), who have been instrumental in themusicologists education. not just musically but also culturally. every one of them having successfully communicated the message on many occasions…I like to think of them as ‘foundation artists’ who, for themusicologist, are the benchmark against which all others are measured, (not compared).

they are…Curtis Mayfield, Steve Marriott, Sam Cooke, Paul Weller, Alton Ellis and Jackie Mittoo. there are others. but the six above hold a special place in my heart for having a major impact on the direction my life has taken. I’m sure we all agree that music has the profound power to shape the heart and mindset and for the next 6 weeks it’s all about these cats and their legacy.

starting proceedings with none other than Mr Soul himself the legendary Sam Cooke. King of the genre and a lion among men. Not only for his musical contribution but also for his style both in delivery of the message and the way he conducted himself.

it’s beyond doubt that without Sam Cooke themusicologist’s world would have been a less inspirational place in which to live. his life is well documented so the next six days, (no fling on the sabbath), are just about the priceless gift he left us with.

I could wax endless lyrics about anecdotes, musicological facts and information but information alone is useless, unless it leads to knowledge which although has value is not comparable to wisdom.

for themusicologist Sam Cooke delivers the holy grail of wisdom.

“the things that I see as I walk along the street ……..”

musicology #72

newyearboogie #4 (Impressions – Keep On Pushing – 1964)

the ULTIMATE message tune..words aren’t enough, so im just movin’ on aside..

“now look a look a look a yonder, what’s that I see….”

only one thing dissapointing about this tune…it ends.

musicology #70

newyearboogie #2 (I Can Make It If I Try -The Royal Premiers)

“no matter how dreary the situation is and how difficult it may be .. you got to walk tall, walk tall, walk tall” ..

sticking with that sentiment this next one is from a little known vocal group from out of the ‘big city of dreams’, New York I do believe, (or at least thats’s where the tune was cut.) I can’t find any information on these cats anywhere other than a small mention in ‘the bible’, (R&B Indies), so if any of the soul and vocal group aficionados out there can ‘tip me the wink’ it would be most appreciated.

One from themusicologists top drawer, perfectly capturing the message of 60’s Soul, one of hope, a new day dawning and ‘nothing can stop me’ enthusiasm..

musicology #57

(The Soul Stirrers – Glory, Glory Hallelujah)

after a small period of, (enforced), rest from themusicologist due to technical restraints placed by my so called service provider I have been forced to search for a new connection solution. Without boring you with the details .. i’m back in the saddle and not a moment too soon .. the coversweek theme will be finished but first it’s a musicology special

this slice of musicology is dedicated to my Nan, (god rest her soul), who passed away this week, in peace, without warning or prolonged suffering, which the lord only knows she deserved after a life, lets just say .. lived.

for me this is what themusicologist is here for, some comfort when words alone wont do. not suggesting that music alone washes the ‘troubles’ away but it sure takes some beating.

so without further delay I would like to dedicate this piece to a devout catholic who put her faith in God. Nan, I know you’ve waited a long time to be together with Grandad and I’m sure he’ll be there to greet you on the other side. XX