musicology #37

doublebubble .. day3

(Bob & Marcia – Always Together)

one of themusicologists favourite duets. this time from 1970 and the island of Jamaica. epitomising the sound of late 60’s early 70’s reggae and one that many a genuine rudeboy/skinhead would have moved to down at El Partido.

I have 3 versions of this, the UK mix/the dancehall 12″ and this one which, after much deliberation is the one that has come out on top. I love the 12″ just as much but it’s more of a specialists cut, (9 mins long), made for playing ‘in the dance’….

the male singer in the duet is also the songwriter, (one of Jamaicas finest poets), and I would imagine, for this session at least, is heavily involved in arrangement, production and final mix down. no prizes for guessing that its yet another Studio1 production.


2 thoughts on “musicology #37

  1. I’m always surprised that there aren’t more cuts on this rhythm than there seems to be (unless I’m just unaware of them, which wouldn’t surprise me)
    I’ve just been introduced to this musical diary – what a fun thing! I’m looking forward to hearing more of your musical choices and stumbling across a few unknown (to me) gems.
    A passion shared is a pleasure doubled.
    Kind Regards.


  2. as you rightly say it wouldnt come as a surprise to learn that more cuts on this rhythm do indeed exist. with luck a Jamaica musicologist will put us out of our misery and set us on a journey to track them down. ‘a passion shared is a pleasure doubled’ .. great line.


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