musicology #41


(Wornell Jones – It Must Have Been Love)

finishing off the 3 round theme with the icing on the cake. a barely known 80’s Boogie, marrow trembler from this musicologist/songwriter/singer/bass player. what more can be said about it other than

“it must have been love”

one thing themusicologist would like to add to the diary is a few words on how music is so often the catalyst for change. this week I undertook a new journey .. therapy… relationship therapy to be precise. for an ‘alley-cat’ this is almost unheard of for many reasons but, (almost), anything and everything is worth investigating and as communication breakdown is all too common in this age there is obviously value in wise counsel. this musical diary is my therapy, best friend, shoulder to cry on and this week here we are without planning, scheming or manipulating listening to duets, two people in harmony… bliss and strangely almost confessional.

the point to make here is that no matter how hard one ‘knocks’, (and themusicologist is an example of this pursuit), if the door to the heart is closed and nobodys home the time will come when the person outside packs the emotional bags and hits the road. Darryl Banks knew this back in ’66 and laid down an anthem, (musicology #11), to guide us but if you don’t ‘listen’ you can’t hear. so this piece of musicology goes out to all those who aren’t listening as well as those who are.


4 thoughts on “musicology #41

  1. goes by the name of Wornell Jones. quite a big tune in the UK back in the ‘casual’ / boogie days. almost unknown outside of England amazingly.


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