musicology #67

themusicologist@thebbc #2 (May You Never – John Martyn)

the second selection on brother Sean Rowley’s show The Joy Of Music finds themusicologist connecting with the essence of friendship through a tune from the 1973 album Solid Air by John Martyn. English born, Glasgow raised minstrel and nailed on musicologist of the highest order.

this piece will always remind me of my spar ‘Nigo’ who communicated the message through this piece. if you’re interested in hearing the tune introduced ‘live’ click here for the BBC radio link, click on Sean Rowley , (right hand panel), and let the music play .. my appearance is at the 45 min mark, just before the second installment of Sean’s excellent interview with Dion, (which, really opened my ears and heart to the mans quality), it’s only up until midnight tonight after which it will be part 3 for a week..


2 thoughts on “musicology #67

  1. tears well every time i hear this… the words.. the associations …the straight to my soul unexplainable something
    feeling it N


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