musicology #413

Terry Callier #5

(Terry Callier – If I Could Make You Change Your Mind)

Later than intended but very important that the right message is communicated on this day and who better to ask for help than the poetic genius ‘Pegausus’ (Terry Callier). Right time, right place….

By the way the lines are far too intricate to read between regarding the message just know that this is quite possibly the most important cut themusicologist has ever laid down. To the recipient I MUST say that empathy is crushing my soul. Hold these lyrics in your heart.

Now we are only standing up in here,
To ease away the doubt and fear,
That might lead us back to love,
The story of our life unwinds,
We can read between the lines,
That might lead us back to love,
And if we,
Can agree,
What is real and what is fantasy,
Think how close,
We will be,
We can match the music with our harmony,
If I could make you change your mind,
Come walk with me through the bright sunshine,
What will it take to make you change your mind?,
We are searching for the rainbows end,
If we see the light my friend,
That might lead us back to love,
Sweet love,
I have just begun to realise,
Maybe if we compromise,
That might lead us back to love,
And if we,
Can agree,
What is real and what is fantasy,
Think how close,
We will be,
And we can match the music with our harmony,
If I can make you change your mind,
Come walk with me through the bright sunshine,
What will it take to make you change your mind?,

If I could make you change your mind,
Come walk with me through the bright sunshine babe,
What will it take to make you change your mind?,

Wanna make you change,
Change your mind,
I Wanna make you change,
Come on and change your mind girl hey,
Wanna make you change,
Honey change your mind,
Wanna make you change,
Wanna make you change,
Change Your mind,

He say hey, hey, hey baby change your mind alright,
I said hey, hey, hey baby change your mind woooahh,
He said hey, hey, hey baby change your mind
hey, hey, hey baby change your mind
I said hey, hey, hey baby change your mind woooahh,
Hey, hey, hey baby change your mind
I got to make you change girl yeah.


musicology #409

Terry Callier #1

(Terry Callier – What Colour Is Love)

“After the storm say there must be a calm” and as much as the process of catharsis continues for me I feel like the, (metaphorical), dark clouds are lifting and the sun is beginning to break through. Intense and passionate, (whatever the situation), I tend to immerse myself in the joy and the pain of existence and am always looking to engage with the project of living rather than watch it pass me by. I don’t believe in the afterlife and have witnessed how short our time on this beautiful rock can be. Not for me to look back and wonder what might have been so the “what if” question is never asked. Music for me doesn’t imitate life it opens a dialogue and last weeks theme has delivered a space for reflection and resolution.

Today’s cut kicks off a week long tribute to a Cat who has been an important and valued guide over the past few months the inspirational Terry Callier whose qualities are beyond doubt and question. A poet who stands tall in an age where it seems to me many are retreating to Plato’s ‘cave’ of illusion and appearance.

Highlighted from his 1973 set ‘What Colour Is Love’

Listen Tune. 

“Is it wrong or is it right,
Is it black or is it white,
What colour is love,
Is it here or is it there,
Is it really everywhere,
What colour is love,
Is it strong like the mountains
Or deep like a fountain,that’s flowing free
And what about me,
How can you receive,
If youre not a believer
Is it blue like the sky,
And does it really reach that high,
What colour is love,
Is it near or is it far,
Is it distant like a star,
What colour is love,
Does it glow like an ember,
And do you you remember,
If love doesn’t last,
Does it live in the past,
And a heart cannot live,
If a heart isn’t giving,
When it’s over does it show,
Does it leave an afterglow
And I really want to know,
What colour is love?

musicology #362

Ideology&Philosophy #3

(Bobby Bland – If You Don’t Share Your Love With Me)

Final slice of the Greek Philosophy pie features the other of the three most well known Ideas men of Greek antiquity..Aristotle. A name known on some parts of London’s mean streets for his contribution to Double back Rhyming Slang..Aristotle rhymes with Bottle which leads to ‘Bottle and Glass’ which rhymes/translates as Arse !! for example
“did you check the bottle on that Richard?!!”

Anyway back to the Greeks..Aristotle is quite possibly the prime mover in today’s Western Ideology in part for his clear definition of Politricks. Any major Politician today is schooled in Aristotelian Ideology, (it goes with the territory), why? because it’s much easier to maintain the system. That way the ‘blame’ can always be laid at someone elses door. It’s almost unthinkable that many, many years later the society that we live in has NOT evolved much beyond Aristotle’s (much mis-interpreted), Ideology..Our children, (and us), are steeped in the interpreted version of his thinking. Not that I’m imagining this will be clear based on 2 minutes of interperatation here but maybe it will be a doorway to dig deeper…

The musicology is another slice from one of the greatest Soul singers, (featured a few times already on themusicologist), none other than Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland with 2 minutes 43 seconds worth of pure poetry about what, for me, is the thing that makes life complete…Love.

“It’s an ill wind that blows no good,
And it’s a sad heart that won’t love like I know it should,
And oh how lonesome you must be yeah,
And it’s a shame if you don’t share your love with me,

And it’s a heartache when love is gone,
But it’s bad and even sad, woooohh later on,
Woohhh there’s no one blinder than he who wont see,
And it’s a shame if you don’t share your love with me,

And I can’t help it woohhh no if she is gone,
You must try to forget woohhhh you must live on,
And I swear it’s a good thing to love someone,
But it’s bad and even sad when it’s not returned,

And oh how lonesome yes you must be yeah,
And it’s a shame if you don’t share your love with me,
And I said it’s a shame woohhh if you don’t share your love with me
woooohhhh yeahhh”

musicology #201

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #11

(Ernest Wilson – Undying Love)

penultimate cut of the Yen Tzu selection…

Kissing The Scorpion (following your true nature)

‘This will be ideal for my meditations,’ thought a wandering  sage, seeking a cave in the wilderness. Upon entering it, however, he noticed the skeletal remains of many human corpses.  Unconcerned, he sat down on a rock to rest from his travels.

‘How you answer will seal your fate!’ boomed a voice, and turning the sage saw that before him was a gigantic scorpion, the size of a large man.

‘As your questions have undoubtedly sealed yours,’ replied the sage calmly.

‘What manner of Man are you to be without trace of fear?’ demanded the giant scorpion. ‘For the nature of Man is to be afraid.’

‘Not so,’ answered the sage. ‘For in truth the nature of Man is to be in balance, and such a state comes when he has no fear of what life may confront him with, because he is in love with the true meaning of life. As my thoughts and actions have led me to this place, how can I fear it? To do so is to fear myself, which I do not, for I have only love for the person that I am.’

‘Then you are rare indeed,’ said the scorpion, ‘for the men who have come before you have been escaping from themselves, as one seeks to leave another within a loveless relationship.’

‘You speak as one who has experienced such,’ said the sage intuitively, ‘for your visage is not strong enough to hide the pain, frustration and indeed anger that you exude.’

‘It would seem that truthful perception is yours to command,’ answered the fearsome creature. ‘Because in truth I was as a man once, long ago, until my ruthlessness attracted a demon seeking a disciple. My resistance to it resulted in having my current condition cast upon me. But because what was left of my original nature was able to resist, the demon was compelled to allow my situation a reversal. Though little use it has been. For of all those who have approached my lair these past long years, none have caused the spell to be reversed.’

‘Because no doubt they must answer of their own accord and without direction,’ said the sage. ‘An accord distorted by their fear.’

‘Exactly so! and now you will forgive me if I become impatient to address the riddle I must ask of you!’ said the scorpion. ‘If you refuse to answer, cannot or your answer is wrong, then I thank you in advance for our debate, for afterwards it will be too late.’

‘Proceed as you wish,’ the sage said, ‘for it is of little consequence.’

‘Take heed though,’ advised the scorpion ‘that immediately after I have incanted my words I will be rendered helpless in order to allow you to make your choice. Although you are weaponless, there are many swords around you that are sharp enough to enable even the weakest of arms to slice off my deadly tail. And so:

‘When you embrace the most deadly, you overcome your worst fears;
When you act the least likely, there can be nothing but tears;
When you act from the heart and engage worthy might,
Then to the end from the start, you have held to what’s right;
Your balance to death will be as it is for your life,
To do one over the other, can bring sorrow and strife;
when you act as you do because you are as you be,
You will know if a kiss or a strike is the key.

‘Quickly!’ added the now motionless scorpion looking menacingly into the eyes of the sage. ‘You have the opportunity to strike me.’

‘My answer is as my action,’ said the sage and calmly outstretched his arms and kissed the creature on it’s evil-looking head. Immediately the scorpion was transformed and it was now a man that stood before him. With the spell broken, tears flowed freely down the large man’s cheeks and he fell at the feet of the sage in gratitude. As the sage helped him up, the large man said,

‘You chose correctly, yet why were you so sure, when the nature of a scorpion is to strike when face to face with it’s adversary?’

‘Because deep down you were still a man,’ said the sage, ‘and it is the true-nature of a man to love, not strike. And as the riddle implied, transforming you back into a man is the greatest risk to overcome, because Man can be more deadly than any scorpion. Acting in the least likely way of not seemingly protecting myself could only release your tears. Those tears a man has prior to his transformation and the tears of happiness that follow it. Furthermore because I am in a state of balance I can but only act in a right manner.’

‘I am indeed fortunate to have found such a natural individual to release me from my predicament,’ said the man.

‘Fortune has nothing to do with it,’ replied the sage with finality. ‘It was your own need to return to your true vocation that attracted you to me, and it was my own thoughts to test my own vocation that led me to you. All of us are interdependent of others whether we are aware of it or not. As such, all of us are both teachers and students, appearing as appropriate to one another when each is ready. That is how we can fulfil our true vocation. Learning how to express it effectively requires a state of balance. For only in such a state can we act as our true nature intended.’

musicology #193

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #3

(James Carr – Life Turned Her That Way)

Stalking The Heron, (infinite patience, immediate results)

‘So his obsession for not leting go of anything finally caught up with him,’ commented Yan Kan to himself, on hearing news that the Emperor had met with an untimely end.

It had been several years now since Yan Kan had fortuitously escaped the Emperor’s wrath. It had been his experience of stalking the heron that had led him to see things in a different light. When water accumulates, it breeds predatory fish. And when rites and duties become decorations, they breed artificial and hypocritical people. The title that the Emperor had quickly invented and thrown to him that day, and which he had so obsequiously caught, were now empty and meaningless to him.

He had decided at that moment to apply his new found virtue of patience to more meaningful pursuits and departed the Court.

He would no more attach such importance to such false things. And he would no more suggest solutions that sought reward by pandering to the whims of another in authority. Any leader who demanded, needed or revelled in such bolstering was an insecure leader. How strange it is that when rulers have obsessions, thier subjects do a lot of posturing; when a ruler is crafty, their subjects are devious; and when a ruler is demanding, their subjects are contentious. Any ruler who blamed ill luck for the state of his kingdom and sought to determine outcomes by using his strength to hold on to something weaker, was bound to fall sooner or later.

Yan Kan felt no surprise that the Emperor had lost his life through his rigid attachment to his policy for growth and recognition. His wise friend Cai Tok had ben right: ‘When political leaders ruin their countries and wreck their lands, themselves to die at others hands, it is always because of their impatient desires.’

Since becoming a merchant, Yan Kan had determined to himself that he would follow the sage-like philosophy he now knew to be true: ‘To be able to use the power of other people, it is necessary to win people’s hearts. To be able to win people’s hearts, it is necessary to have self mastery. To be capable of self mastery, it is necessary to have patience.’

Yan Kan resolved to apply patience in everything, particularly when he encountered the obstacles which he had discovered were as much a part of business as they were of life.

‘The ancients were certainly wise in creating writing symbols that contained the meanings of both crisis and opportunity. I will see every obstacle as a further reminder to be infinitely patient and unattached to any particular schedule. For in such flexibility lies the power to cultivate the hidden pearl of opportunity from the grit of adversity.’

musicology #54

coversweek .. day2 (Soulful Love – Pat Kelly)

moving into the sweet sounds of Jamaica with this ‘Father Curtis’ penned tune. Originally sung by the Impressions in 1970, (if memory serves me right?) this piece produced by the man known as Phil Pratt. Sung by the majestic Pat Kelly, released in Jamaica on the SunShot Label.

for themusicologist it has all the attributes .. lyrics, vocals and production combining to deliver pure harmony….

listen tune..

musicology #49

(Once I Was Lonely – Gregory Issacs)

still spinning .. rollin and tumblin. hold this top piece of ‘lovers’ from the
‘cool ruler’ who had this to say..

” I think that the power of music is in love songs because every day people fall in love, Gregory Issacs doesn’t fall in love, Gregory Issacs stands in love”

lyrics, don Gregory, lyrics ..

mid 90’s Winston Riley production for his own Techniques label.