musicology #50

(Loving Paper – Dobby Dobson – Treasure Isle)

keeping a low one this week, (but not musically of course), only thrown the Gregory so far but as this is a musical diary heres another entry.

of interest, (to me at least), is the realisation that as one who, from a young age, was schooled in the ways of the catholic church, especially during secondary education, (11-16), themusicologist is the place I come to ‘confess’

strange thing confession .. and regular as clockwork through my school years, (at least once a week),

anyway back to themusicologist as the confessional box. I’m caught between music being the antagonist or the protagonist. of course there is the eternal balance and the can’t have one without the other and although I accept that in theory, for me, life is not theoretical or a game played in the mind. music is not theoretical it’s out there exposed to be acted on.

everytime I hear Curtis sing move on up, (musicology#30), it moves me, calls me to arms and shows me the way

“so move on up and keep on wishing .. remember your dream is your only scheme, so keep on pushing”

I first heard this at the tender and impressionable age of two where it stuck like glue and opened my heart and mind to the power of music to communicate a message. ever since then the thirst for music has been unquenchable, over time becoming the only constant companion as well as the voice that is always heard. I mention all this because right now I find myself standing at the crossroads and wondering where music will lead me. this piece of Trojan produced RockSteady on the Treasure Isle Label has also been a constant source of inspiration since first feeling it back in the 80’s

come in dobby dobson and help shine the light.

“I’m not in a position to maintain you ……….”



13 thoughts on “musicology #50

  1. On confession….
    “Where there is a wrong side, there is also a right side. Consequently, from one side it is the wrong side, from the other the right side. Or from one side it is the right side, from the other side the reverse. Without it being thus determined, however, which side is the right side, or who has it on his (or her) side”. Kierkegaard.
    Obvious really…… Hummmm!!


  2. “I’m not in a position to maintain you…….”
    What’s that supposed to mean. Sounds very mechanical to me. It certainly isn’t musical… is it??


  3. countess …. it’s the only mistress I have.

    tonyblue … I’m with Albert Camus, nice and simple.
    Kierkegaard is too complex for my heart and mind.

    the philosophy is in the tune though ..

    “tell me ’bout the things that excite you,
    that make you tingle with delight,
    tell me where to hold and touch you,
    so when it comes to lovin’ I’m allright .. ”

    worth more than gold.


  4. Just been listening to some great early Ska or Bluebeat (I never could quite differentiate between) which for me ties in with your alternativesoundtrack The Good The Bad And The Ugly. One in particular tickled me fancy….

    Roland Alphonso and The Skatalites. Guns Of Navarone.

    Mind you Prince Buster’s One Step Beyond and Al Capone, Guns Don’t Argue wasn’t bad either…. chucka, chucka, chucka, chucka, dada, dada.


  5. Bluebeat is an English name for it, which comes from the popularity of the UK Label bearing the name..

    Spaghetti Westerns were BIG on the streets of Kingston, definately capturing the spirit of the times or as they say in Deutchland..Zeitgeist.


  6. Thanks for clearing that one up for me. But as the old saying “one door closes another opens” goes, here’s my next riddle… bluebeat was circa ’65 and the Spaghetti Westerns were late ’70’s???


  7. no the Bluebeat label operated from 1962 and released, (along with other UK labels), the music of Jamaica.

    the spaghetti westerns hit the silver screen, in 1964 with the first in the trilogy A Fistfull Of Dollars, (Good Bad & Ugly was released globally in December 1967)

    1966 was an important year for the emergence of the ‘Rude Boy’ and there’s many a tune that reflects it. by the time ‘The Harder They Come’ had arrived in ’71? the Rudie was firmly established as a member of Jamaican society and the rest, as they say, is history.


  8. O.K. Got it. So far, so good!! I’m very slowly putting the ’60’s puzzle together…. once I’ve got it nailed down in my own mind I’ll be able to begin my story….. promise.
    P.S. The first part will cover the years ’57 to ’61.


  9. Right, ‘aving got me alter-egos, aliases, etc., etc. completely arse upwards on this one, maybe its time to consider a change!!


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