musicology #0766

#Renewal 01

Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me [Live]

Got ‘SHOOK’ this morning. Powerful.

to FEEL Acceptance, What is, to Be rather than to THINK.

Words are useless in the face of the Real

“might as well try to paint the wind”

Thank you for the guidance.

musicology #0734

Nubag #3 (a year in the life)

It’s Your World – Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson

First outing (this year) on themusicologist for a GIANT of the arts and true ‘authentic human being’ the majestic, imperious, Gil Scott Heron, (this cut features Brian Jackson), who ALWAYS told it like it is/was and will be unless ‘we’ connect, communicate, collaborate and MOBILISE to build a nu world.

the power of the networked society is in connecting to (re)build a society that serves us rather than enslaves us.

KNOWLEDGE is FREELY accessible yet current society is being engineered for us to consume (mis)information and infotainment.

In the information age it is critical that we take control of the networked communication channel otherwise it will continue to take control of US.




Nubag #2 (a year in the life)

It’s My Baby – Paul Kelly

Day 2 .. Moving onto a piece of Mid 60’s, (1965 to be exact), Soul from South Florida’s ‘Deep City’ (Miami) featuring the vocal skills of Paul Laurence Dunbar Kelly.

I could go to town on the history and connect the (narrative) dots as to who owned what label, played on/wrote what song, what they went on to do and how influential they were in the development of soul/Rhythm and Blues/funk etc but to be honest it’s far too time consuming so I’ll just name check the cats responsible for EACH tune. In this case it’s Johnny Pearsall, Willie Clarke and Arnold Albury. (writers, producers, musicians, urbanemusicologists)

Released on the ‘Lloyd Records’ label in 1965.



musicology #0704

aHymnForCon #10

Billy Butler – Tomorrow is another day

“Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried, than before .. more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle.”


musicology #0682

aSongforCon #21

Ann Peebles – Until You Came Into My Life

“Oh the joy came over me when you came into my life,

Sweet love that you bring me cut through my darkness like a knife …..”

musicology #0668

aSongforCon #7

Bobby Powell – Hold My Hand

the Soul of a Man.

musicology #0667

aSongforCon #6

Curtis Mayfield – The Makings of YOU

“almost impossible to do…reciting the makings of YOU”

one from the King for my princess. x

musicology #75

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial #1

(Sam Cooke w/The Soul Stirrers – That’s Heaven To Me)

this next section is dedicated to six artists, (1 a week), who have been instrumental in themusicologists education. not just musically but also culturally. every one of them having successfully communicated the message on many occasions…I like to think of them as ‘foundation artists’ who, for themusicologist, are the benchmark against which all others are measured, (not compared).

they are…Curtis Mayfield, Steve Marriott, Sam Cooke, Paul Weller, Alton Ellis and Jackie Mittoo. there are others. but the six above hold a special place in my heart for having a major impact on the direction my life has taken. I’m sure we all agree that music has the profound power to shape the heart and mindset and for the next 6 weeks it’s all about these cats and their legacy.

starting proceedings with none other than Mr Soul himself the legendary Sam Cooke. King of the genre and a lion among men. Not only for his musical contribution but also for his style both in delivery of the message and the way he conducted himself.

it’s beyond doubt that without Sam Cooke themusicologist’s world would have been a less inspirational place in which to live. his life is well documented so the next six days, (no fling on the sabbath), are just about the priceless gift he left us with.

I could wax endless lyrics about anecdotes, musicological facts and information but information alone is useless, unless it leads to knowledge which although has value is not comparable to wisdom.

for themusicologist Sam Cooke delivers the holy grail of wisdom.

“the things that I see as I walk along the street ……..”

musicology #72

newyearboogie #4 (Impressions – Keep On Pushing – 1964)

the ULTIMATE message tune..words aren’t enough, so im just movin’ on aside..

“now look a look a look a yonder, what’s that I see….”

only one thing dissapointing about this tune…it ends.

musicology #70

newyearboogie #2 (I Can Make It If I Try -The Royal Premiers)

“no matter how dreary the situation is and how difficult it may be .. you got to walk tall, walk tall, walk tall” ..

sticking with that sentiment this next one is from a little known vocal group from out of the ‘big city of dreams’, New York I do believe, (or at least thats’s where the tune was cut.) I can’t find any information on these cats anywhere other than a small mention in ‘the bible’, (R&B Indies), so if any of the soul and vocal group aficionados out there can ‘tip me the wink’ it would be most appreciated.

One from themusicologists top drawer, perfectly capturing the message of 60’s Soul, one of hope, a new day dawning and ‘nothing can stop me’ enthusiasm..

musicology #63

Ike Turner Tribute #3 (Ike&Tina Turner – The Argument – 1962 – Sue)

so theres been Ike as piano player, Ike as producer and now this piece of musicology from the golden year of 1962 finds Ike, (& Tina), on vocals, in can hear it not only in the lyrics but more importantly in the atmosphere. penned by Ike there’s menace in there.

like I said, I’m not going to speculate or pass judgment on the personal nature of the relationship especially as this piece says it all so I’ll just let the music tell the story.

musicology #59

coversweek .. day 6 (little milton – many rivers to cross)

‘little way different’ with this fine rendition of the Jimmy Cliff classic. Not often that you hear a reggae song covered by a soul artist..which is the complete reverse when it comes to Reggae Got Soul .. in fact the only two that spring to mind are this and I Shot The Sheriff by Clapton.

another example of bringing something different to a well known tune as well as the epitome of musicology, (communication through music)

musicology #58

coversweek .. day #5

(Womack&Womack -Angie)

this next piece is an example of how the ‘cover’ can almost make you forget the original. don’t get me wrong the Rolling Stones cut is a great song which, considering they are not really my bag shows how music can and does overcome all the subjective obstacles we place in it’s way but, and maybe I’m in the minority, I have always found them to be more concerned with the fame and the lifestyle which, for themusicologist, seems to come across in their songs. that said if any of you are big Stones fans and disagree then I would appreciate you directing me to the songs that you feel do communicate a message.

finally, as you may have concluded, themusicologist is not too knowledgeable in the popular music department so will be more than happy to stand corrected. in the meantime hold this soul bearing selection that should always have been sung by a man and a woman and if you have ever loved and lost this ones for you and try to remember that the hardest part is saying goodbye.

musicology #52

back to the musical diary…

(Little Ghetto Boy – Donny Hathaway – Freddy Luster Remix)

as themusicologist evolves, grows and unfolds it reminds the I of a stream, meandering slowly down from the hills following it’s natural path, but in places the stream widens into a river and flows with uncontrolled rage, dangerous, aggressive, unpredictable and threatening. At these junctions it becomes a sink or swim, fight or flight situation. Sink and drown or fight and conquer. Navigating such waters is a challenge and tools become a necessity to help point the way.

I speak in these metaphors as right now the stream is leading into the river and I’m looking at the navigational tools at my disposal and wondering what one to trust, the compass or the map?

not often that themusicologist favours the remix or the cover version, (keep it locked for a ‘coversweek’ theme) but this Freddy Luster rinse out adds to the original in my opinion.

hold it, hear it and watch the cultural ride.

musicology #47

vocalgroupaction .. day 6 (Who’s That Lady – Isley Brothers)

cats..apologies for delay in posting this late in the day. had a late one last night, didnt get home until 7:30 am !! and subsequently slept the whole day .. well worth it though as I was out with my best spars who I NEVER fail to have a great time with. I’m dedicating this one to them. thanks for your unconditional support and friendship it is very much appreciated. this one from 1973 on the T Neck Label. The message is always in the music even if it does fall on ‘deaf ears’

musicology #45

vocalgroupaction..day4 (Elephant Walk – Donald & The Delighters)

I first heard this about 6 / 7 years ago. I fell in love with it there and then at it has since become one of my favourite pieces of vocal group action..having enjoyed it many times it never ceases to amaze me how innovative it is. which, considering Donald Jenkins is on the session, (singing lead), is no surprise as, for themusicologist, his contribution, (especially), to the vocal development of Soul deserves a mention. check that use of echo and the mad jungle sounds .. wonder if Lee Perry knew the tune? one from the witch/cortland stable out of Chi’ from the summer of 1963

musicology #39

doublebubble .. day 5

(Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown – Don’t Go)

sticking with the 1965 selection this one brings together two of Souls shining lights that, (as is all too often the case), didn’t receive the accolades due for their musical efforts. Maxine Brown and Chuck Jackson were there recording in the ‘new style’ as Soul emerged from the shadows of Doo Wop and Rhythm & Blues in the early 60’s to become the force it is today. the second tune this week to flow from the pen of the majestic songwriting duet Ashford&Simpson.

just so you know, for themusicologist the term Soul covers any song about affairs of the heart sung with genuine feeling … regardless of race, creed or colour.

musicology #38

doublebubble .. day 4

(Tarheel Slim & Little Ann – I Submit To You)

day late but not a dollar short with this piece from 1965. better known for their 1959 hit, (it’s too late), which made the doublebubble playlist but, for me, doesn’t reach the heights of this one.

the male half of this husband and wife pairing was a foundation soul singer who first recorded gospel from 1946 as a member of The Southern Harmonaires, Selah Jubilee Singers and The Jubilators. Next stop, (1950) was early Vocal Group The Larks followed by some Blues cuts accompanied by the legendary Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee before moving to Bobby Robinson’s legendary label Red Robin ..

musicology #36

doublebubble .. day 2

(Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrel –

a match made in heaven .. this pair of songbirds were the first to record this ashford and simpson penned number in 1967.

shortly after, at the tender age of 22, Tammi collapsed on stage, (in Marvin’s arms), and was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Her health deteriorated and she died in 1970. Marvin devastated, retreated into near isolation, (as well as other things to ease the pain), and wrote ‘What’s Going On’ still the only authentic LP loaded with hard hitting environmental questions.

so this one is not only for the two of them, but for all of us that appreciate how short, (and cruel), life can sometimes be …

musicology #35

doublebubble day 1

(Bobby Womack & Patti LaBelle – Through The Eyes Of A Child)

so we have heard from the ladies, the men have said their piece and now its time for doublebubble..the duets.

of particular interest for themusicologist is the difference between these three disciplines.

harmony between two people is a sound/sight to behold .. anything is possible and nothing is too much of a challenge and this weeks 7 pieces are, (I believe), all examples of such togetherness. kicking off with some fine 80’s soul&boogie delivered by two deep and soulful singers ‘the poet‘ & ‘lady marmalade‘ . musicologists that have been laying down quality almost 25 years before coming together on this one in 1984.