musicology #0734

Nubag #3 (a year in the life)

It’s Your World – Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson

First outing (this year) on themusicologist for a GIANT of the arts and true ‘authentic human being’ the majestic, imperious, Gil Scott Heron, (this cut features Brian Jackson), who ALWAYS told it like it is/was and will be unless ‘we’ connect, communicate, collaborate and MOBILISE to build a nu world.

the power of the networked society is in connecting to (re)build a society that serves us rather than enslaves us.

KNOWLEDGE is FREELY accessible yet current society is being engineered for us to consume (mis)information and infotainment.

In the information age it is critical that we take control of the networked communication channel otherwise it will continue to take control of US.




musicology #69

newyearboogie #1 (Walk Tall – Nat Cannonball Adderley Quintet- 1969)

just come back from a winter excursion to the area known commonly as the Lake District, an area of outstanding natural beauty in NW England. words can’t describe the feelings and thoughts being there inspired but maybe music can and as the mun dun gu, (musicology #68), vibes linger on themusicologist is rolling out an ‘inspirational’ selection to kick off the soundtrack for 2008.

driving, determined, focused .. tunes for stepping up to the challenges of living in this ‘iwah’ as the old becomes the new and we move, (together), through the age of uncertainty.

so, to set speed for 2008 hold this piece from the Nat ‘Cannonball’ Adderley Quintet taken from the 1969 ‘Country Preacher’ album recorded for Capitol in ‘Chi’

(introduction by the Reverend Jesse Jackson says it all)