musicology #35

doublebubble day 1

(Bobby Womack & Patti LaBelle – Through The Eyes Of A Child)

so we have heard from the ladies, the men have said their piece and now its time for doublebubble..the duets.

of particular interest for themusicologist is the difference between these three disciplines.

harmony between two people is a sound/sight to behold .. anything is possible and nothing is too much of a challenge and this weeks 7 pieces are, (I believe), all examples of such togetherness. kicking off with some fine 80’s soul&boogie delivered by two deep and soulful singers ‘the poet‘ & ‘lady marmalade‘ . musicologists that have been laying down quality almost 25 years before coming together on this one in 1984.


2 thoughts on “musicology #35

  1. wow…this piece positively soared, their voices are fabulous in duet…united we STAND , divided we FALL.


  2. too true..who else would like to view life through the eyes of a child..certainly themusicologist.

    I believe it is of the utmost importance to retain a part of the child within and not succumb to the dangers of experiencing life solely through the hardened, twisted eyes of the adult.


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