musicology #30

day 3 . . mans week

(Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up)

for themusicologist there are two artists that have been the biggest influence on the direction life has taken. both will be featured this week. First up, this artist and this tune are at the forefront of my musical memories.

exposed to this Goliath of soul at the tender age of TWO by the legendary Tony Blue, (respect is always due), the foundation source of themusicologists education. All I can say about this cat is, whenever times are hard father Curtis never fails to turn the grey skies blue and always sends the spirit soaring.

(would have posted the full 9mins but edited it down to just the vocal half)


8 thoughts on “musicology #30

  1. Pukka tune…. what memories. On memories, while listening to this classic, I sadly read the news that “Robert Howard Byrd, musician, born August 15 1934; died September 12 2007″…. Saw the man live at the Albert Hall (of all places)


  2. there you go..a great singer, dancer, and all round musicologist…(as well as James Browns right hand man), have to dig one of his tunes out as a late tribute..when did you see him at the Albert?


  3. When did I see The James Brown Show? Couldn’t tell ya the calender year but can tell ya it was a defining moment in J.B’s early Funk period. That said, sitting here reflecting on that night, more salient is the with who and whom I saw that show…. that’s another beauty of the power of music!!


  4. this is one of those era ‘defining’ tunes ie everything is great in it that makes up a song and it also is a landmark in that it influences lots of what goes after it. I have appreciated this fact more and more…..


  5. “just move on up towards your destination
    though you may find from time to time, complication” ..

    “just move on up for peace you’ll find,
    into the street full, of beautiful people,
    where theres only one kind..”

    the power of music to communicate a message is second to none and, (from experience), often leads to understanding.


  6. A Musical Tribute to Two of The Greatest.

    For the best part of 50 years these two were not only pivotal in the evolution of ‘popular music’…. they also stuck it out together!!! And that through 50 of the most intense years for mankind as a whole and coloured people in particular….. RESPECT.

    These lines are not necessarily from one of their best… but definately from one of their taboo breakers………
    J.B. “fellas I’m ready to get up and do my thing. I want to get into it man, ya know, like a, like a, sex machine man, ya know, moving, doing it, ya know. Can I count it off…. one, two, three, four…. Get Up”
    B.B “get on up”
    J.B. “get up”
    B.B. “get on up”
    J.B. “stay on the scene”
    B.B. “get on up”
    J.B. “like a sex machine”………..

    (you have to play/hear it to feel it)

    That’s just one of the many messages written, performed, and perfectly communicated by the undisputed kings of funk…. And not just Funk. Think of the blues and gospel influenced “Please, Please, Please” and “Try Me”, the Soulful “This is a Man’s World”, the R&B classic “Night Train” ….. and of course not forgetting the cival rights anthem/message “Say It Loud, I’m Black And I’m Proud”.

    Some of their music may sound a bit tired/dated now. But, believe me, it didn’t at the time… and especially LIVE…. You certainly “hit me” and “turned me on” Mr James Joseph Brown and Mr Robert Howard Byrd…. Thanks.


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