musicology #38

doublebubble .. day 4

(Tarheel Slim & Little Ann – I Submit To You)

day late but not a dollar short with this piece from 1965. better known for their 1959 hit, (it’s too late), which made the doublebubble playlist but, for me, doesn’t reach the heights of this one.

the male half of this husband and wife pairing was a foundation soul singer who first recorded gospel from 1946 as a member of The Southern Harmonaires, Selah Jubilee Singers and The Jubilators. Next stop, (1950) was early Vocal Group The Larks followed by some Blues cuts accompanied by the legendary Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee before moving to Bobby Robinson’s legendary label Red Robin ..


7 thoughts on “musicology #38

  1. this is what makes your diary compulsive viewing, I have never (knowingly anyway)
    heard this twosome before and thought them
    Majestic! I especially liked the female singer but thought they ‘bounced’ off of each other brilliantly.


  2. appreciate the comments countess. especially as this piece has always moved themusicologist every time I hear it.


  3. I am new to Musicology. You don’t name the singers? This guy is revered in rockabilly circles and that is how I usually see him mentioned. Real shame because his soul/blues duets are wrenching. I prefer the sparse, haunted blues background especially can’t stay away. She sings with less vibrato and the restrained power hits me harder than here.
    Plus, house rules, no flutes!


  4. True .. on reflection for me themusicologist is just as much about communicating as it is sharing the music so, if requested, I would be very happy to share the information, (label, singer etc), ultimately I would like this to be part of a network of musicologists specialising in their chosen fields so that people can come and investigate the flavours.

    it came down to this one, (i submit to you), and ‘cant stay away’ .. close call but I love the blend of blues and soul on this one which as i’m sure you know is not an easy combination to pull off successfully.

    why is he so revered in rockabilly circles?


  5. Awesome tune. The mounting drama more than compensates for the flute opener. Amazingly you can pick up brand-spanking mint copies of this 45 for 10-15 bucks on ebay. Bargain.


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