musicology #624

SpecialRequest #1

The Pips – Every Beat Of My Heart

Special day..Our son is 13. I love the kid more than words can express…Fabian, this one’s all yours.

musicology #586

Flow #5

(Terry Callier – What About Me (What You Gonna Do About Me)

So…Terry Callier last night at the Pigalle..what words can I use to try and explain? none do it justice…one of the highlights of my year so far. To see someone perform in such intimate surroundings….it was truly a night to remember. It put me in mind of Curtis, (Mayfied), Live at the Bitter End. Unfortunately I wasn’t there in 1971 but I know the LP inside out having listened to, (and learned from), it for almost 40 years. Scandalously last nights promotion was a joke so as a result there were no more than 50? people there but that didn’t deter Don Callier and full crew, (Bosco De Oliveira, Chris Kibble, Dave Barnard, Gary Plumley, Jim Mullen, Nic France), from delivering almost two hours of pure joy.

I don’t know who was meant to be promoting it but they FAILED miserably. Hopefully the North, (Edinburgh/ Kendal/ Manchester), will be out in full force to give them the support they DESERVE.

Today’s cut was one they well and truly rinsed last night..Listen to the lyrics and understand WHY, for me, Terry Callier is a prophet, (even though he disagrees), 1994 release borrowed from his ‘Looking Out’ set.

musicology #585

Flow #4

(Terry Callier – The Hood I Left Behind)

Last time I looked it was Thursday !! what happened? time passed and ran…ran and passed. So before I lose track of it again hold this cut from MASTER Terry Callier whose music has not only been a source of inspiration but has been a GREAT help to me through some of my DARKEST days and nights. Already featured heavily on themusicologist last year. I’m off to see him perform in person tonight at the Pigalle in My home town, (London), so I would like to pay tribute here in honour of the man and his lyrical genius. Borrowed from his most recent (2009) set ‘Hidden Conversation’.

SPECIAL request to all the Cats and Kittens who for whatever reason left the hood behind. gone but NEVER forgotten…this one’s all yours. Listen Tune…

musicology #568

Down The Road A Piece #4

(Leroy Hutson – Love The Feeling)

Saturday night at Vintage was B.I.G. The Soul Casino was rocking..Andy Weatherall threw down at the ‘Warehouse’ and the company kept was SUPERB. I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to make it through to see Leroy Hutson on Sunday night? but it was one of the main reasons for attending so I thought that if I stumbled around the festival into the early evening then I had a chance…

Why is Leroy such a legend?, (other than his musical genius), for those of us who had the pleasure to be ‘on the, (Rare Groove), scene’ back in the day (85-87), Leroy Hutson was one of the primary artists. His ‘Hutson II’ LP was IN DEMAND to say the least. If you were there you know what I’m talking about and to hear him perform today’s slice of the musicology pie Live and Direct was an experience never to be forgotten.

The legend wasn’t due on until 9pm so it was touch and go but I managed it, (due in part to Craig Charles who was on fire for the two and a half hours leading up to Leroy coming on). As soon as he walked on though I was buzzing and immediately found my second wind. The man proceeded to tear it up and wove his magic leaving the crowd screaming for more especially when he enticed a call and response session on today’s slice the Rare Groove classic ‘Love The Feeling’ getting the Kittens to sing “Love I Love I Love” and the Cats to sing “The way you make me feel” was as good as it gets and anyone who was there knows what I’m talking about. For me it will always be a cherished memory..Recorded for and released on Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom label in 1976.

musicology #510

CoversWeek2 #7

(Bill Withers – Let It Be)

Final day of the second instalment of the covers theme..yet again there’s too many to choose from so rather than waste precious time deliberating I’m just going to lay this cut on you. Yet another one from themusicologist’s memory banks..Bill Withers 1971 version of the Beatles song Let It Be. Highlighted from his first LP ‘Just As I am’. Produced, arranged and featuring ‘Booker T’ Jones as well as the combined talents of Stephen Stills, Jim Keltner, Bobbye Hall Porter and Al Jackson Jnr. Recorded and released on the Sussex label.

“When I find myself in times of trouble Brother Billy comes to me,
Speaking words of wisdom, Let It Be ohhh Let It Be..”

New theme starts tomorrow…

musicology #503

SoulBoy #22

(Eloise Laws – Put A Little Love Into It)

Final cut on the SoulBoy and I’m going to wrap it up with this 1977 cut on the Invictus label set up by Eddie and Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier. The songwriting and production team largely responsible for much of Motown’s success between 1962-67. Sung by the daughter of Hubert Laws Snr, sister of Hubert, Ronnie and Debra.

musicology #502

SoulBoy #21

(Ann Peebles – Give Me Some Credit)

last few cuts on the SoulBoy..looking forward to listening back to the theme in all it’s glory. almost impossible when in the eye of a theme. So without further delay hold this quality cut from Soul songstress Ann Peebles.

musicology #501

SoulBoy #20

(Eddie Ray – You Are Mine) to follow yesterday’s cut from the Lion? many have tried, (on stage), and all failed. Sam Cooke stole every show he appeared on and tore the house down everytime both with the Soul Stirrers and as solo artist so I don’t relish the prospect ! still…someone has to so I suppose it’s close my eyes and ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ time and just allow whoever the musicology sword falls on to come in and do their thing..

Today’s cut then is courtesy of a Cat who I know nothing about. Introduced to me via the SUPERB Numero group’s collection of Rare gems..this cut is borrowed from the Top Ranking Series Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label.

Another SoulBoy Marrow Trembler….

musicology #498

SoulBoy #17

(Garland Green – Plain And Simple Girl)

right..have to be quick today, (even though I’m slowing the tempo..), as I have to get my ‘bottle’ out the ‘apple’ sharp and wanted to get this one up for as long as possible..apologies for leaving you SoulBoys and SoulGirls hanging for the next installment these last few days, things to do…people to see, (MrHare them shoes are sooo ‘RUDE’)…no excuses just apologies. Hope to make up for it with this Sunday afternoon, Soul Spectrum slice from Garland Green..produced and arranged in 1970 by the majestic Donny Hathaway his first and most , (commercially), successful, (whatever that means?), release on Cotillion. I am a BIG fan of this one. Soul through and through….Listen Tune…

musicology #495

SoulBoy #14

(Bettye Lavette – Easier To Say Than Do)

What is Soul? have I asked this question before? can’t remember and to be honest I don’t think I’ll go back over the last 494 diary entries to satisfy my curiousity ! all I can say is that for me Soul communicates with my emotions in ways that only music seems to be able to. I enjoy looking at Art and reading it too but there’s something about listening to it that has a transcendent quality that words can’t describe..So instead I’ll leave it to the music..

Today’s cut is a first on themusicologist not only for the artist but also for the way in which it was delivered.courtesy of a fellow musicologist who I have had the pleasure to hook up with via the musical diary. The first in a series? of collaborations between themusicologist and audience. Recorded in 1970 for Shelby Singletons SSS International label but not released? BIG label for the Northern Soul Cats this is a fine piece of Soul from a great singer who first recorded at the dawn of Soul in 1962. Probably best known in the Soul community for her Marrow trembling ‘Let Me Down Easy’ .. Still going strong Bettye Lavette is a genuine Soul singer of the highest order.

musicology #494

SoulBoy #13

(Angie Stone – Everyday)

Another day another Soul dollar..sticking with The Ladies for the next few days, (seems rude not to !!), but (almost), moving into the 21st Century with this cut from the magnificent Angie Stone..yet another artist who started out singing Gospel..Have to be quick today as I’m on a course refreshing my screen printing skills so can’t wax lyrical..

Today’s 1999 cut is highlighted from Ms Stone’s debut set ‘Black Diamond’ written by D’Angelo. QUALITY mod/ernist Soul from one of themusicologists favourite contemporary artists.

musicology #486

SoulBoy #5

(Terry Callier – Step Into The Light)

Didn’t throw one down yesterday… Had it all lined up but something held it back. Today I know what…Completed a foundation course yesterday, (the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step), and without going into it the ‘proof of the pudding’ was most certainly in the weekends eating. Suffice to say that as the days, weeks, months and years unfold on themusicologist it’s a subject that I will elucidate on but for now i’ll keep it on the ‘DL’.

Today’s majestic slice of the SoulBoy pie on the other hand is one that will definately make it into the networked society of which I, for one, am most certainly a part…Courtesy of a Cat whose language I find myself in complete harmony with…Master Terry Callier my favourite contemporary artist. When the man speaks themusicologist ALWAYS listens. For me Harmony is like that I can almost consciously hear it as it resonates with my Soul. If you would like to hear more from the Man..BUY his works. I have them all and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. First featured, (#391) on themusicologist when my world began to change. Following with a weeks dedication to the man, (#409-#415), such is his impact on my life…This one is from his ‘Alive’ set recorded Live at the turn of the new millenium at the Jazz Cafe.

“Said it’s alllllllllllright, baby step into the light”

musicology #483


(Curtis Mayfield – Billy Jack)

So…after yesterday’s introduction to the musicology of Soul it’s time to turn up the heat with a cut from the 70’s..not to say that yesterday’s piece from the Miracles wasn’t ‘hotter than ten fire side’ as, for me, it most certainly is but as is often the case at the dawn of things, (the birth of Soul in this instance), it’s not always as accessible until the context is expanded and the horizon widened…

Significantly it was today’s artist that first touched both my conscious and unconscious in equal amounts beginning an appreciation for the man and his ‘language’ that started from babe in arms due, in part, to my dad who is a BIG Curtis Mayfiled, (and the Impressions), fan. One of the first LP’s that I can remember in fine detail is Curtis Live, (and it’s counterpart ‘Curtis’ you know the one with the man himself on the cover in them flared strides looking of into the sunset. I have featured and wrote about Curtis many times over the past three years so excuse me if I don’t repeat what I have already written for the sake of ‘information’.

Simply put….for me Curtis is Soul personified and his message has inspired me MANY, MANY times along the ‘way’…

Highlighted from his eponymous and hard hitting 1975 social commentary set ‘There’s No Place Like America Today’…..

Just out Monday
Run into a friend
Down the street, down the street
Where I live
Ahh ahh sad things begin
I could feel from within
From the message
From the message
He had to give

‘Bout a buddy of mine
Running out of time
His life run out of time
Somebody past noon
Shot across the room
And now the man no longer lives

Too bad about him
Too sad about him
Don’t get me wrong
The man is gone
But it’s a wonder he lived this so long

Up in the city they called him Boss Jack
But down home he was a alley cat
Ah! didn’t care nothing about being black
Ah! Billy Jack

Ahh can’t be no fun, can’t be no fun
To be shot, shot with a hand gun
Body sprawled out, you without a doubt
Running people out, there on the floor

Ah, ah bad bloody mess
Shot all up in his chest
Shot in the chest
One sided duel, gun and a fool
What a way to go

Up in the city they called him Boss Jack
But down home he was a alley cat
Ah Didn’t care nothin’ bout being black
Ah Billy Jack

musicology #482

SoulBoy #1

(The Miracles – I’ll Try Something New)

Waiting for the inspiration for a new theme it suddenly arrived yesterday out of nowhere… Soul. Why? well…above all musical genres Soul is in my flesh, blood and bones. Deeply ingrained from before I was born. allow me to outline my historicity

My mum and dad were both Original London Mod/ernists from 1962 and anyone who knows will agree that the authentic soundtrack to Mod/ernist is Soul…Rhythm & Blues too of course but whereas Rhythm&Blues had been around for many years Soul was ‘modern’ (albeit a fusion between Doo Wop and Gospel).

Between 1958 and 1960 the seeds of Soul were sown as the cultural boundaries began to be crossed in earnest and as is often the case it was music that blew the trumpet for change loud and clear. No more would the universal language be categorised strictly by ‘Race’ (my belief is that it’s the only language that speaks to all regardless of colour, nationality or creed). Artists such as Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Jerry Butler, Curtis Mayfield, Gene Chandler, Dee Clark, Otis Redding, Solomon Burke, Wilson Pickett, Marvin Gaye, (along with a whole host of lesser known but just as illuminating singers, songwriters and musicologists), began to flex their musical muscles and craft the ‘new lick’ without the backing of Corporate thieves and vultures.

In December 1968 themusicologist was born with the soundtrack of Soul ringing in my heart and soul and from that day to this it has been ever present. Beginning with the ‘classics’ I have matured throughout the 70’s 80’s 90’s and into the 21st Century with the heartbeart of such priceless musicology as the soundtrack to my existence. There have been and are many other genres that have had a profound impact on the I but Soul still is (and always will be), my first musical love.

Kicking off with one of my favourite early Soul cuts courtesy of the pioneering  ‘Miracles’ who first recorded in 1958 for Chess, but it wasn’t until hooking up to Berry Gordy’s fledgling Motown Label that the musical sparks began to truly fly. Just like to add that without doubt The Miracles were a foundation stone on which the Berry Gordy empire was built…

musicology #450

3 Is TheMagicNumber #3

(India Arie – Headed In The Right Direction)

Final cut of the magic number and then it’s on to the Christmas selection…beginning to feel like I can walk on emotional water which makes a big difference from feeling like I was drowning in it. last week I learned the difference between the language of being and the language of having and it is a beautiful, liberating feeling that I have yet to find the words to express. I don’t know if I ever will but in feel it is enough.

Picking a piece out of THOUSANDS is always a challenge, (and no mistake), but for me that’s what themusicologist is there for…communicating a message utilising the universal language.. It’s been almost 3 years now that I have been bearing my soul on this musical diary and not only is it extremely cathartic but It has also allowed me the space to express myself with authenticity.

Today’s cut is courtesy of an artist who has helped me to learn the difference between having and being. Borrowed from her second set Voyage To India…a set that everyone should own. Just like to add that one of the authors who has been a guide over these last few weeks goes by the name of Erich Fromm especially his book ‘The Art Of Being’.

musicology #433

Butterfly Mind #3

(Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Nobody’s Baby)

What can I say about Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings? not sure so I’m just going to let the cut speak.

musicology #422

nowordsjustmusic2 #2

(Randy Crawford – Trade Winds)

Listen Tune….

musicology #421

nowordsjustmusic2 #1

Terry Callier – And I Love Her

BIG week for themusicologist and family. the end of an era. should be able to write about it but in truth there are no words that I can find to describe the feelings. too powerful for words…music on the other hand…now there’s a language that speaks from the heart. so in tribute to our family i’m just going to keep rolling out cuts..starting with today’s from master Terry Callier

thank you for being there for so long you have and continue to touch me deeply x

musicology #413

Terry Callier #5

(Terry Callier – If I Could Make You Change Your Mind)

Later than intended but very important that the right message is communicated on this day and who better to ask for help than the poetic genius ‘Pegausus’ (Terry Callier). Right time, right place….

By the way the lines are far too intricate to read between regarding the message just know that this is quite possibly the most important cut themusicologist has ever laid down. To the recipient I MUST say that empathy is crushing my soul. Hold these lyrics in your heart.

Now we are only standing up in here,
To ease away the doubt and fear,
That might lead us back to love,
The story of our life unwinds,
We can read between the lines,
That might lead us back to love,
And if we,
Can agree,
What is real and what is fantasy,
Think how close,
We will be,
We can match the music with our harmony,
If I could make you change your mind,
Come walk with me through the bright sunshine,
What will it take to make you change your mind?,
We are searching for the rainbows end,
If we see the light my friend,
That might lead us back to love,
Sweet love,
I have just begun to realise,
Maybe if we compromise,
That might lead us back to love,
And if we,
Can agree,
What is real and what is fantasy,
Think how close,
We will be,
And we can match the music with our harmony,
If I can make you change your mind,
Come walk with me through the bright sunshine,
What will it take to make you change your mind?,

If I could make you change your mind,
Come walk with me through the bright sunshine babe,
What will it take to make you change your mind?,

Wanna make you change,
Change your mind,
I Wanna make you change,
Come on and change your mind girl hey,
Wanna make you change,
Honey change your mind,
Wanna make you change,
Wanna make you change,
Change Your mind,

He say hey, hey, hey baby change your mind alright,
I said hey, hey, hey baby change your mind woooahh,
He said hey, hey, hey baby change your mind
hey, hey, hey baby change your mind
I said hey, hey, hey baby change your mind woooahh,
Hey, hey, hey baby change your mind
I got to make you change girl yeah.

musicology #404

Catharsis #2

(Bobby Womack – Games)

While listening to a series of lectures on the subject of Ancient Greek philosophy one of the threads focused on the opposition between Plato/Socrates and the Pre Socratics particularly the ideas of the Sophists. According to the lectures the Sophists, (in debate), are not concerned with the Truth but rather the art of persuasion while Socrates/Plato hold that it’s the Truth that matters most when determining the outcome of a debate. To put it another way Politics, certainly in the current age, is Sophistic and deals in rhetoric while Science is Socratic.

I find myself in agreement with certain aspects of each method but also refute just as much which I found confusing but yesterday I came to a realisation that much western Philosophy builds arguments on the underlying concept of Right and Wrong. Socrates for example invites opponents to play the game using his rules, (question/answer), and then proceeds to beat his opponent using logic and reason. For example Socrates might start the game by saying “Do you agree that….” and once the opponent answered would tear down the Relativist/Sophist argument based on the answer given. But there is one Sophist in Plato’s Republic who doesn’t play Socrates’ game and what this highlights is that there is of course more than one game and each one has their own set of rules.

Problems arise when we find ourselves in dialogue with those whose game and rules are different to our own. My experience is that games and rules only become clear when one or both parties are trying to base their argument on ‘Right and Wrong’ which is a concept that personally  I don’t accept.

Today’s cut is courtesy of ‘the Poet’ a.k.a Bobby Womack a Cat who triggers many memories for themusicologist due to his music and message being a constant during my formative years with a piece taken from the 1981 set that was the man’s response to how life had, in his own words “turned on him”.

Just like to make clear that each slice of this cathartic pie is inspired by instinct and as such is nothing more than part of the process so bear in mind that interpretation is wholly subjective.