musicology #643

tUmp #6

the Wailers – Bend Down Low

Original Studio 1 version of Bend Down Low..later revisted by Bob Marley in 1974 for his first solo album ‘Natty Dread’.

musicology #642

tUmp #5

the Wailers – SouL Rebel

moving out of the Wailers at Studio1 into a piece from their period under the guidance of theUpsetter, (for me their most groundbreaking), with the tune that named a whole style…SouL RebeL.

Bearing in mind that Lee Perry had been there since their earliest days it was he who was most responsible, (outside the trio), for turning them into ‘the Wailers’ that went onto to international ‘stardom’. Rumour has it that Bob Marley returned from America in 1969 sought out theUpsetter and asked him for his help to make him a solo ‘star’. Perry convinced Marley that his future lay in reforming the Wailers as their harmony was something almost unique and was the perfect vehicle for creating the ‘Soul Revolution’ sound that would come to dominate Jamaican music over the next few years..

So here is the 1970 Lee Perry produced version of Soul Rebel. Highlighted off the SouL Rebels LP…

BIG Piece of UrbanMusicology from one of the great Jamaican vocal Groups.

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musicology #0636

Bunny Scott – What’s The Use

Quick fling down and run today..shame as I enjoy and prefer to take my time over each and every post but today mans is on a hype ting and needs to make hay while the sun shine on this GLORIOUS winters day in Old London Town…

Today’s cut is a (urBan)musicologist favourite credited to Bunny Scott but is in fact the unmistakable sweet sound of vocalist William ‘Bunny Rugs’ Clarke aka ‘Bunny Rugs’ aka ‘Bunny Clarke’ aka Bunny Scott !! who is probably better known as lead singer and songwriter in the Internationally renowned group Third World. This one was recorded by Lee Perry sometime in 1975 at the Black Ark where he voiced some absolute KILLERS for the Upsetter at a time when, (for some reason), no other producer was interested??..for another example, (featured on themusicologist a while back), click on the link below..

musicology #0587

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musicology #0635

Keith Rowe – Groovy Situation

(tUmp diSco miX)

Next piece of the Upsetters Jamaican Soul selection with this Classic piece of Black Ark musicology featuring Keith Rowe. One Half of the duo (Keith & Tex), that dropped two Rock Steady Bombs for Derick ‘One Stop’ Harriott back in the late 60’s..’Stop That Train’ and ‘Tonight’ this one was recorded in 1977 during Lee Perry’s ‘Goldfinger’ period at the Ark when he was producing international hits. Rowe had won a trip to Jamaica for a few days after spending the preceeding 5 years in America..




tune for the(urBanmusicologist)….


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musicology #0634

Shenley Duffus – To Be A Lover


Part #7 of the Upsetter tribute….
Slowing the tempo down with the original, (Reggae), cut of a William Bell soul tune sung by foundation Jamaican vocalist and LONG time Lee Perry friend and collaborator Chenley Duffus whose career begun at the age of 12 in 1950. First recording in 1958 at Federal and then with Coxson in the early 60’s which is where he met and formed a lasting bond with the Upsetter.

Todays cut was recorded a decade later at Randy’s Studio in 1972. Backed by his brother Kenneth and cousin Keith and a trio consisting of Tommy Mc Cook on Keyboards, Leroy ‘Horsemouth’ Wallace, (with his trademark attacking, military style), on drums and the man Lloyd Parks on Bass, (vocalist in his own right). A BIG hit, (the biggest of Chenley’s career), which according to Lee Perry caused tension between himself, Coxsone and Ken Khouri..Such is the nature of the intense rivalry between producers in Jamaica Coxsone wanted to fight them both !!

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musicology #0633

Milton Henry – No Bread & Butter

Day #6 of the Upsetter tribute and today’s cut is another Upsetter scorcher but this time from 1969. Voiced by Milton ‘Morris’, (aka Milton Henry) and recorded at either Dynamic, Studio 1 or ‘Randys’.

Former member of the Leaders with Keith ‘Prince Allah’ Blake and Roy ‘Soft’ Palmer, The Progressions, (Studio 1’s Jets), and the Emotions as well as one time member of the ‘Hippy Boys’….Henry got about !! but it was with this early piece of ‘Sufferers’ that he made an impact.

By this time the Upsetter was well and truly ‘shaking up Orange Street’ with his unique sound and those who had underestimated him were no doubt beginning to wish they hadn’t….

click on image to see it in all it’s glory.

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musicology #0632

the Inspirations – Down In The Park

Day #5 of the Upsetter tribute and after spending the first few years of his career helping to build Sir Coxson’s Studio 1, (and the Downbeat sound), into the #1 outfit on the Island Lee Perry became dissilusioned with Coxson’s lack of appreciation as well as any real opportunities to progress his career so he decided it was time to break free and make his OWN play but it wasn’t really until 1968 when things began to look up for the Upsetter.

Lee Perry was already well on his way to mastering the art of picking, creating and crafting hit records but funds were tight and it wasn’t easy but in the year of the earth monkey, (1968), the English market began to gather speed due, in part, to the rise of Jamaican musics popularity with the working class youngbloods who became known as Skinheads.

Today’s cut is another Upsetter scorcher from 1968. Voiced by the Inspirations, (Trevor Shaw & Ransford White), and recorded at either Dynamic or the Chin family’s ‘Randys’ studio. (Trevor Shaw went on to reinvent himself as ‘Jimmy London’)

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musicology #0631

The Ethiopians – Life Is A Funny Thing

If you only listen to ONE tune from the(urban)musicologist’s Upsetter tribute it HAS to be this one from the Ethiopians. Leonard Dillon, Stephen Taylor and Aston Morrison. KILLER piece from the early days, (1974), of the Black Ark released in JA on theUpsetter’s Justice League Label.

Leonard Dillon’s career first hooked up with Lee Perry at his Studio 1 audition in the 60’s when he cut 4 tunes for Sir Coxsone…on the strength of his connection to the Wailers. Those present at the audition were Downbeat, Jackie Mittoo, Peter Tosh and Lee Perry. It was here where he got his nickname…

Leonard Dillon….Rest In Peace

musicology #0623

Heard But Not Seen #1

Wille & The Brentford Disco Set – No One Can Stop Us

It’s a new day..Listen Tune.

musicology #0605

The Cool Ruler Rides Out Of Town #6

Gregory Isaacs – Rude Boy Bawl

Ranking slice of 1994 dancehall from the Rude Boy General recorded for and released on Junior Reids JR Productions label..Reminds me of Thursdays spent down at Dub Vendor on Ladroke Grove…soundmen, (and boys), lined up at the counter about to do battle for the best cuts..You had to be first to raise the finger and if you were ‘on the firm’ ‘Red’, (or ‘Face’), would look in your direction for the ‘one of them’ signal…be it a nod, wink, or a raised finger and it would be added to your pile..good times…

“Down a remand centre rude boy a chill out yeah,
And a wait pon trial…lord, lord, lord,
Him just a bust a small sweat yeah believe me,
Cause them a case there kinda crucial,
Him charge fe 3 murder and 4 armed robbery,
And illegal firearms,
So him sit down pon him bunk and him take a big bible,
Start to chant 2 psalms…”

musicology #0604

The Cool Ruler Rides Out Of Town #5

Gregory Issacs – I Am Sorry

Coming down the home straight of the Cool Ruler tribute with one of my ALL time favourites from the Cool Ruler. As far as I’m concerned NO ‘Lonely Lover’ tribute would be complete without this cut. Epitomises why Gregory was and will always be the Denham Town DON. Going out to all the men whose foolish pride restricts them from speaking from the heart and to all the women who deserve an apology from them….

“If I am wrong then I am sorry, I didn’t mean to make her blue,
If I am wrong then I am sorry…deep in my heart I know It’s true….”

musicology #0602

The Cool Ruler Rides Out Of Town #3

Gregory Isaacs – Philistines

Day 3 of the tribute to Gregory and today’s cut has the fondest of memories for themusicologist as it was the first, (of many), 45’s of the Don’s that I had the pleasure of owning…1976 release on the Black Wax label. Ride on Don Gregory..
Listen Tune..

musicology #0600

The Cool Ruler Rides Out Of Town #1

Gregory Issacs – Border

This week it HAS to be all about Legendary Jamaican vocalist, producer and all round DON GORGON..Gregory ‘The Cool Ruler’ Issacs who today ‘Crossed The Border’ and passed on.

Among other things Gregory epitomised Authenticity and I could easily fill a month of daily cuts of PURE top ranking musicology from the Don.

One thing’s for sure..even though The Ruler is physically no longer walking the earth his music will continue to inspire and guide for generations to come.

Kicking off with this one..Alvin Ranglin production on the GG’s Label.

“If I could reach the border then I would step across
So please take me to the border no matter what it cost…
I’m a leaving outta Babylon, leaving outta Rome…..”

musicology #588

Flow #7

(Desmond Dekker & The Aces – Young Generation)

Out of yesterdays, (at least for me), Inspirational slice of the Black Ark pie and straight into this sublime piece of Rocksteady from Desmond Dekker and The Aces..

LIsten Tune..

musicology #587

Flow #6

(Bunny Clarke – Move Out Of My Way)

So…following on from the inspirational Terry Callier it has to be a BIG tune and for themusicologist they don’t come much bigger than today’s cut. ESSENTIAL ‘steppers’ selection from the depths of Lee Perry’s Black Ark…Sonic bomb featuring the majestic William ‘Bunny Rugs’ Clark on the M.I.C who was brought into the Ark by Glen Adams in 1974. A couple of years before he became lead singer of the equally majestic Third World.

“MOOOOVE out of my waaaaaaaaay…..”

musicology #584

Flow #3

(Dennis Brown – Changing Times)

Changing times indeed..and as we ride them into the unknown hold this ESSENTIAL 1972 cut from the crown prince Dennis Emmanuel Brown. backed by the Crystalites and produced by, (for me), one of Jamaica’s greatest musicologists…Derrick ‘One Stop’ Harriott. Bear in mind that Dennis Brown was FIFTEEN when he waxed this !!

musicology #583

Flow #2

(Don Carlos – Mr Sun)

Sticking with the sweet sounds of Jamaica and this 1982 slice from the unmistakable vocal chords of Ervin Spencer, (AKA Don Carlos), produced by Winston ‘Niney The Observer’ Holness.

musicology #582

Flow #1

(Augustus Pablo – Islington Rock)

Thinking about a name for this theme I came to a conclusion that what really interests me is sharing what I believe are slices of prime musicology. Themes are fine but when they interrupt the flow it’s a problem that needs solving so with that in mind hold this selection of tunes that have no thematic, (or any other), restrictions.

First up is a piece from one of Jamaica’s premier musicologists Horace Swaby, (AKA Augustus Pablo), with a version of the Lee Perry produced Gatherers cut ‘Words Of My Mouth’ recorded at The Gorgon’s Black Ark.

musicology #0581

mOareEssentials #4

(Cedric Im Brooks – Mun Dun Gu)

Been a long time coming but I feel the fog is clearing. Troubled mind can be a living hell. In my world change happens, isn’t forced so I find myself riding the downs same way as the ups…for all their worth. Too often over the past few years I’ve been hanging on by my shredded and torn fingertips, knuckles white as winter snow. Bwoyyyyyy it’s been a long dance but the music’s changed and it’s time to step to a new beat.

Hold this next entry courtesy of the MAJESTIC Cedric ‘Im’ Brooks. Studio 1 in all it’s glory..Second time round on themusicologist having featured it when I laid it down on the BBC back in the day. Slipped it into my set at the me it communicates a message of a new day dawning..

musicology #574

Essential Cuts #4

(Nina Soul – Sleeping Trees)

Sticking with the Sir Coxsone selection with an ESSENTIAL cut by Nina Soul.