musicology #28

day 1..mansweek

(Ken Parker – Choking Kind)

this is a big challenge. selecting 7 male vocal pieces from the vaults when the truth is it could easily be 7 from one artist or one year !! so without delay and to ‘set the speed’ .. heres the first piece from none other than the Brentford Road reggae powerhouse known as Studio 1 the place where musical history and magic were made on a regular basis.

almost all the reggae greats learnt the ropes under the direction of mr Coxsone Dodd a genuine musicologist who knew his onions inside out ..

this week, it’s seven from themusicologists heart which some may find ‘painful’. if thats the case then pretend you were on holiday because the ‘truth’ is something that I can’t hide.


4 thoughts on “musicology #28

  1. this one is so good I had to listen to it 3 times on the spin ………nice
    would have done a few shapes but my knees have given out for the mo


  2. ‘Coxsone’ Dodd so named for his cricketing prowess opened the first black owned studio in Jamaica in 1963. With the success of his sound system he was already on he way to becoming the Islands prime musical mover. Duke Reid was his main contender and although the Duke produced some of the finest 60’s reggae it was Coxsone who became the top dog and whose rhythms are still being recycled today more than 25 years later. His musical legacy will live on forever.


  3. Aaaaah!
    The true power of music. Able to convey any emotion, better than trying to find the words themselves. Spot on.


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