musicology #29

mansweek .. day 2

(Jackie Wilson – I Want Somebody)

if you’re out there listening …

of the ten most soulful singers of the twentieth century, this cat is pushing for top spot and there can be no greater compliment paid than the one below from one of the others on the list:

“Jackie Wilson turned out to be probably my greatest idol that I ever had, as far as an entertainer,” said Smokey Robinson. “Because to me, he had everything. Jackie was just a complete package. The other guys could sing, but Jackie could sing and dance and entertain. He was really just great. So I think I probably admired him more so than all the other guys.”


5 thoughts on “musicology #29

  1. couldn’t pass up a chance to hear something
    by the incomparable Jackie Wilson however
    poignant the lyrics are….anyway not many people do poignant better than him.


  2. I think I speak for more people than you’re aware of when I say… even though I don’t get round to commenting as much as I’d like to …. I’m out there really listening and deeply appreciating it!!!


  3. If its of any interest-or maybe value is a better word-this, i.e. with Jackie Wilson, is where a real debate regarding the diverse yet intertwined paths leading to Soul music could begin.


  4. No takers? Oh well, then the field’s wide open for me…. Early 60’s, Jackie Wilson was NOT a Mod favorite. He had moved on (sideways) to the world of Entertainer/Entertaining which was poison to the Mod mindset i.e. smelled of Tony Bennett and his ilk!!!


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