musicology #0755

Nubag #23 (a year in the life)

Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City – Bobby Bland

“Dimensions are limitless; time is endless. Conditions are not invariable; terms are not final. Thus, the wise man looks into space, and does not regard the small as too little, nor the great as too much; for he knows that there is no limit to dimension. He looks back into the past, and does not grieve over what is far off, nor rejoice over what is near; for he knows that time is without end. He investigates fullness and decay, and does not rejoice if he succeeds, nor lament if he fails; for he knows that conditions are not invariable. He who clearly apprehends the scheme of existence does not rejoice over life, nor repine at death; for he knows that terms are not final“. – Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu)

musicology #587

Flow #6

(Bunny Clarke – Move Out Of My Way)

So…following on from the inspirational Terry Callier it has to be a BIG tune and for themusicologist they don’t come much bigger than today’s cut. ESSENTIAL ‘steppers’ selection from the depths of Lee Perry’s Black Ark…Sonic bomb featuring the majestic William ‘Bunny Rugs’ Clark on the M.I.C who was brought into the Ark by Glen Adams in 1974. A couple of years before he became lead singer of the equally majestic Third World.

“MOOOOVE out of my waaaaaaaaay…..”

musicology #569

Down The Road A Piece #5

(Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes – Expansions)

So, down to this the final cut of the ‘Vintage Goodwood’ selection..which I’m laying down first in tribute to Chris Hill, (foundation Selector on the Jazz Funk scene and part of the ‘Soul Patrol’ back in the mid – late 70’s), who played it on Sunday night in the Casino. Secondly to all the original Rare Groove massive. There was NO way I thought I would be able to hold out for his midnight – 2am set considering I had to drive back to the ‘Smoke but it was well worth the wait and I shook and fingerpopped from start to finish…the perfect end to a great weekend.

Today’s cut needs no introduction..absolute classic Jazz Funk/Rare Groove slice from the Legend Lonnie Liston Smith and his band of monumental players Cecil McBee, George Barron, Joe Beck, David Lee, Jr, James Mtume, Sonny Morgan, Badal Roy and Geeta Vashi A.K.A ‘The Cosmic Echoes’. The introduction, (and the cut), NEVER fails to send shivers down my spine. BIG tune going out to ‘The Anthill Mob’. London clubland memories are made of this.

“Expaaaaand your mind…..”

musicology #544

Jamaica #24

(Gregory Isaacs – Financial Endorsement)

Out of the ‘Crown Prince’ selection and into one from the ‘Cool Ruler’…aka Jamaican Superstar Gregory Isaacs..who, (along with the Heptones and Beres Hammond), I will be catching Live at the Brixton Academy next week…

Born and raised in West Kingston’s notorious Denham Town, The Cool Ruler begun his recording career in 1968 with a self produced cut and followed with one for Prince Buster, (apparently under gentle persuasion from the notorious ghetto legend Jim Brown to offer his ‘bredren’ Gregory a platform to record), but amazingly it wasn’t until setting up his own African Museum label in 1973 in collaboration with Errol Dunkley that he began to climb his way up to the top. Why? certainly nothing to do with his immense talent, maybe he was just toorude for the producers to deal with for more than the odd session? anyway thankfully Gregory continued to record and has gone on to deliver some of the finest music to have ever graced themusicologist’s ears.

Today’s 1974 cut was recorded for producer Alvin Ranglin and released on his GG’s Label.

musicology #543

Jamaica #23

(Dennis Brown – No More Will I Roam)

Looking back over the past week on themusicologist I couldn’t help but notice my truth the weather was too nice and I had much street walking, hustling, networking, planning and dreaming to do and themusicologist had to take a back seat but the weather is still scorching so I’ll have to come up with a new plan for this week…ahh got it…more music less scribbles, (it’s the scribbling that takes ALL my time)

So with that in mind….forward up with the sweet sounds of JA.

Ranking piece from the ‘Crown Prince’ Dennis Emmanuel Brown produced by Winston ‘Niney the Observer’ Holness for his Obsever label in 1974.

Listen Tune..

musicology #505

CoversWeek2 #2

(George Benson – Take 5)

Been a long time coming but after 8 months of trials and tribulations it feels like themusicologist is back in the saddle. To be honest there have been times over the past few months when I’ve asked myself whether I should continue to invest so much time and effort in the brave new world of the hyper-real as the ‘return on investment’ is almost impossible to quantify but as the months have rolled by and this new chapter in the book of life gets written I realise how essential it is, (for me at least), to have a soundtrack as well as how much the world is changing in relation to investment. As far as I can see the only life worth living is the one you want to live and not the one forced apoun us by fear, capitalism and politricks. I live and breathe music, (always have), and without it existence would be half of what it is..communication would be even more of a struggle and the continuing and ever more valuable dialogue I find myself engaging in would feel more like a monologue.

Music facilitates learning as it challenges the I to participate and question rather than just observe and obey whereas chasing financial success at the expense of all else is a fools quest..Something I have learnt along the way is that money ain’t worth the paper it’s printed on and the pursuit of it may leave you cold, bitter and empty whereas the pursuit of success as a human being opens up the possibilities to express your self and through that connect with others who are also crawling, walking or running along the road to freedom. I say fuck the money and let’s explore the love.

Today’s cut from master Guitarist George Benson, (a Cat who begun his career at the age of EIGHT playing in an unlicensed nightclub), says it all in two words.

Selected from his 1974 set ‘Bad Benson’

musicology #410

Terry Callier #2

(Terry Callier – Alley Wind Song (Original Demo)

A quote from the man himself:

“People everywhere are searching, searching for a spiritual base to stand on, reach out from and react to. The way I understand it, I’m supposed to put the message out there as clearly as I can. The rest has to take care of itself.”

“And hear some strange magic man work some ju-ju if you can,
Or do you know a spell that’s worth repeating,
Trace your pictures in the sand,
Tell me can you work a mojo hand,
Can you start the drums of Kuru beating,
Beware of the South wind,
The heart and mind and mouth wind
And search the sacred sands for a solution,

And tell me it true if I put faith in you,
Will you lead me to the bridge of bright tomorrows,
And will your grace see me through,
Will incense and candles do,
Will prayer remove me from the reach of sorrow,
Oh beware of the North wind,
A king of worlds comes forth wind,
And blow apoun the land in retribution,

In the land of the free where the huddled masses flee,
From the cold and cruel worlds of wars dominion,
In a dusky mirror that I see,
Dont you know it got a hold back on my jubilee,
If freedom’s just a matter of opinion,
Ah beware of the West wind,
A bitter black suppressive wind,
That leads your children home for revolution,
That leads your children home for revolution,

Listening ones…if I sing,
Will that make you do your thing,
Will the chatting reach your high and lofty places,
And what is this strange gift you bring,
It’s sparkling like a diamond ring,
Will that bright light reveal the prince of faces,
Beware of the East wind,
A god of man and beast wind,
A famine and or feast wind,
And the last but not the least wind,
A threat of silver fleece wind,
A follow great release wind,
Blowin all across the land,
Blowin all across the land,
Where you stand,
Where will you stand,

musicology #192

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #2

(Van Morrison – Comfort You)

Freeing The Bear, (growing strong relationships)

‘During one particularly difficult winter a certain man thought about how he could reduce his expenses,’ began the storyteller to the listening crowd. ‘And he came up with what he thought was a bright idea. He decided to give his hard-working mule a little less grain and hay. This he did and the mule seemed quite content. So, a few days later, he gave it a little less and it still appeared to be happy.

‘This continued until the man was giving the animal less than half it’s normal ration. The mule moved more slowly and was quieter, but the man still thought it was healthy and happy. Then, one morning, much to his surprise, he entered his barn and discovered that his mule had died in the night. This man then wept and cried aloud saying, “My trusty mule is dead and just when he was getting used to not eating.”

The crowd that now surrounded the storyteller roared with laughter. ‘What did the fool expect!’ shouted someone.

‘Exactly so!’ said the storyteller. ‘To expect the continued support of such a loyal companion, without any sustenance, is foolish. Yet that is how Man himself often behaves towards loyal friends, measuring the strength of their relationships through the lack of complaint they receive.’

‘But man is not an ass,’ shouted another bystander, accenuating the last word to another roar of laughter from the crowd. ‘He does not have to suffer in silence. When he is hungry everybody knows about it. He is like a bear with a sore head!’

‘But when he is hungry for something that really matters to him he is as silent as the night,’ said the storyteller. ‘People go to bed at night starving for affection, praise and love, more than they ever do for food. For it is their relationships that upset their stomachs more than lack of food.

‘In truth, we must never compromise the important relationships in our lives by reducing the level of sustenance every relationship must have to be strong. We must never take the silence of another as agreement to how well we think we are treating them. Indeed, we must never take any of our relationships for granted, for we might discover that one day the very spark of what was once good has slowly died.’

musicology #99

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #22

(Curtis Mayfield – Kung Fu)

I enjoy and get great pleasure out of themusicologist but, (and it’s a price I’m prepared to pay), it takes up a lot of my time and doesn’t keep the wolves from banging on the family door. the bastards are circling, baying for blood and by the look in their eyes they sense victory…

what the wolves haven’t accounted for is, (with music as the proverbial shield and buckler), the determination to ride this wave of uncertainty and pass through this phase of insecurity not only in one piece but stronger, fitter and wiser, holding firm and not giving up as I continue the journey on the road to freedom with these words ringing in my heart and mind.

The wise man builds his house upon the rock while the foolish man builds his house apoun the ever shifting sand.

this cut is taken from the man’s beautifully crafted 1974 album Sweet Exorcist.

musicology #89

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #12

(Humble Pie Feat Steve Marriott – I Need A Star In My Life)

final cut from brother Steve Marriott…difficult choice to make. luckily the man was prolific so there’s enough to choose from but still…tough.

I’m going for a cut taken from the posthumously released and highly recommended ‘Scrubbers Sessions’ released by Tim Hinkley in tribute to Steve. signing off this weeks six/six/six with with a quote from Tim..

“I came back from Steve’s funeral with Bobby Tench, I told him I had this album in my tape storage room..we put it on and it sounded great, it was then that I realised this album really should come out…this record was very special to Steve and if nothing else, it stands as a tribute to his enormous talent”.

lyrics Don Stevie … lyrics …