musicology #411

Terry Callier #3

(Terry Callier – Look At Me Now)

Mr Callier’s first recording. Released as a 45 in 1963 !!

Now my people think that I just fake it,
I know I do things they don’t understand,
So I’ve got to show ’em I can take it yeah,
I’ve got to show ’em I can be a man,
Still there’s somethings that never have appealed to me,
Like standing out in front of a crowd,
Well people just you wait and see,
I’m gonna give you reason to be proud,

I’m gonna make it some day,
I’m gonna make it somehow,
Then I’ll be able to say hey,
Take a look at me know,
Yeah look at me know,

Well now my woman thinks I’m just a dreamer,
And she’s right about me I suppose,
But I could never, never, never be a schemer,
I don’t know the things a schemer knows,
But I do know there’s a better day coming up soon,
And baby just you wait and see,
I’ll find us a light in this darkness,
If you just have faith in me,

I’m gonna make it some day yeah,
Gonna make it somehow,
I’ll be able to say yeah, yeah, yeah
Baby look at me know,
Look at me know,
Look at me know,
Look at me know


3 thoughts on “musicology #411

  1. Since being introduced to the MAN (thanks again #391) and his cracking music and message I’ve YouTubed, Wiki’ed, Billboarded, etc., etc. Terry Callier till I can say in good faith I know what’s what.

    This Cat has been there, done it, talked (sung) it, walked it…. And come/gone back for more… Respect!!

    Whenever it is I’ll be going to his next gig in my parts.


    1. Terry Callier (born May 24, 1945) grew up in the same Northside Chicago neighborhood as Jerry Butler, Major Lance, and Curtis Mayfield. “That was a dynamite neighborhood. All of us were doo-wopping at the time in different groups,” says Callier. While still in high school, Callier could be found walking down South Michigan Ave., home to such labels as Vee Jay, Brunswick, One-Wonderful, and Chess Records, among others, singing his songs for anyone who would listen. At the age of seventeen, one of his visits to Chess Records paid off and Callier signed his first record contract. “They thought it was funny that a young kid could be so serious,” recalls Callier.

      The session was produced by Esmond Edwards and arranged by Charles Stepney. Four tracks were recorded and only one released, a single entitled Look At Me Now (1963).


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