musicology #8

Womack&Womack – Baby I’m Scared Of You

the musicologist can see a clearer path and has made resolutions.

for the next few weeks i’ll be throwing down 1 piece at a time,
(a.k.a the one tune technique), the reason:

a soundtrack for metamorphosis/change that I would love to share using the
universal language.

the time has come to make a move and I can only hope the music does the talking.

feeling it…… then lets trip back to the early 80’s and the days of Lois Jumbo’s, Diadora, Adidas, Fila , Pringle and Aquascutum sported with authentic mod panache whilst line dancing at the ‘Ly, Cinderellas, Samanthas, Gullivers and Flicks.

First up…one for the ladies out there…but don’t play man for cheap…and bear in mind that he need a little mo’ too…..


7 thoughts on “musicology #8

  1. what a scorcher..its got the lot as far as i’m concerned…lyrics, vocals, production, playing of instruments…so complete and harmonious. I know i’m waxing lyrical but this is musicology.


  2. good dancing music, ‘need a little more’ could
    be a catch phrase for the 80’s, demonstrating the power of music to tap into the collective mood.


  3. Magic… Bautiful music…. if this gets through please let me know. I’ve been commenting without success since musicology #2


  4. Personally, and partly why i flung this piece down, my experience, (limited though it is), has led me to conclude that the fairer sex is more interested in security that good lovin’.

    I know its a generalisation and maybe even a bit rash but honestly it’s how it appears to me. Not suggesting that there aren’t ladies out there who are led by the heart but too often it seems the mind, (reason and logic), are in control.

    For what it’s worth..not only do I believe in Magic but I also believe in Love everlasting. What I don’t believe in is tricks and games.

    Ladies let us know your thoughts on this. It’s anonymous so you can reveal your ‘secrets’ about Love without any “yeah buts” from your other half..and in the process do us men a great favour…


  5. in the begining an exciting playmate,
    in the middle a helpmate, someone to depend on when the whole world seems unfair ‘n’ no one seems to care,
    in the end, when it really matters, a kind companion.
    throughout…..try a little tenderness.


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