musicology #9

moving and juggling…

when the world is down on you……love’s somewhere around…and I want you to know that….(sing along with me children)…joy and pain are like sunshine and rain.

a jazz funk anthem that still sounds just as good as when first heard more than 20 years ago..respect is most certainly due to Maze and Mr Frankie Beverley

if life is rough and your relationship is suffering and you don’t know how to breakthrough … send your companion a link to this one tell them the musicologist would like a word, and if this doesnt communicate the message then nothing will and it may be time to make a move


3 thoughts on “musicology #9

  1. man who knows ‘is onions..agingmod sounds interesting especially as these sounds in particular are, for me, musically a logical mod progression. real soul, from the heart that express love which, lets face it is what Soul is about…


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