Wailers T-Shirt

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the ORIGINAL Wailers Tribute Tee designed and produced in honour of  Jamaican vocal Trio Bunny ‘Wailer’ Livingston, Peter ‘Tosh’ McIntosh and Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley who together delivered 10 years of trail blazing musicology from the birth of Ska right through to what became known as Reggae, (much to Lee Perry’s Dislike), and even though it was Bob who, (for various reasons), went on to take centre stage, for themusicologist, there is no doubt that without Bunny and Peter the Wailers would not have gone on to achieve such success and global acclaim. The ‘Rebel music’ crafted by Lee Perry and the Wailers in the early 70’s kickstarted Reggae’s global assault and 40 years later it still sound like the soundtrack of revolution.

Originally the Wailers were a six piece including Junior Braithwaite Beverley Kelso and Cherry Smith but by 1965/6 the classic line up had taken shape and it was just the trio who in turn went on to help shape Reggae’s unique musical identity with cut’s like One Love, Stir It Up, Bend Down Low, Put It On, Keep On Moving, Kaya, Who The Cap Fit, Lively Up Yourself, Concrete Jungle, I Shot The Sherrif and Cry To Me all of which were originally crafted by the trio.

The image is a classic 1965 shot from their Studio 1 days of the three paying tribute to the Impressions who were integral to both the Wailers’ and Jamaican musical development especially throughout the 60’s when the identity of post colonial Jamaica was taking shape.

Available in 6 Sizes, (XS/S/M/L/XL?XXL) and 2 Cuts  ‘Classic‘ (100%Cotton)
& (Soon Come) Dubplate‘ (Bamboo and Organic Cotton)


18 thoughts on “Wailers T-Shirt

  1. The “Coxsone” looks the nuts and thanks due for “personal” delivery — I’m sure “the boy” will love his too … I’ve got a feeling in me water you might get a few more orders soon !! x


    1. Steppa…Prince among men, you are most welcome..pre-release specials for the pair a yah !! always a real pleasure to see you. like the sound of them ‘water’ vibes.


  2. musicologist,

    Awesome tribute threads! How much for a sweatshirt or tee to be shipped in the US? Email me.


    1. David…apologies for delay in responding. Unfortunately I only have a Small and XLarge left in the Sweatshirt. I will be printing some more as soon as I can but in VERY limited numbers.
      Thank you for your appreciation.


    1. Rory,
      Yes…not sure If I only have the ‘Dubplate’, (Bamboo & Organic Cotton), left in stock.
      I’ll let you know.
      Appreciating the support and patience


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