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STRICTLY Limited Edition print runs which may never be reprinted in the colour combinations available…

designed and produced as tributes to honour the CultureRebels responsible for delivering inspirational works.

bloodsweatandtees combinines a lifelong passion for soulrebel roots and culture. The proJect seed was planted in 1984 when  (as a youngblood growing up on the streets of London), I came across a tShirt that communicated a message so well  that it became an ‘old friend’ and stuck with me like glue for more than 20 years. the tShirt went everywhere with me to all corners of the globe through good times and bad and I wore it with pride until it almost fell off my back.

The subject was a Screen Print of a Studio 1 Label..which at the time, (1984), was an uncommon sight and It symbolised and communicated my appreciation of the music of Jamaica, (especially Sir Coxsons Studio 1) the tShirt became unwearable so (25 years later) I stepped up to the plate and bloodSweatandtees was born…

designed and produced by themusicologist here in the UK. Printed, (Water Based Inks), on 100% Cotton, (Classic), or 70% Bamboo & 30% Organic Cotton, (Dubplate), tees guaranteeing a garment which matures with age and wear rather than cracks, peels and looks like shit after a few washes. Available in a variety of colours and combinations

ALL feedback, Opinion, Critique, Suggestions regarding the ‘Project’ are most welcome.


30 thoughts on “t-Shirts

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  2. zapped round the various links to the Project with ease…can I order a Nowhere to Run tee in medium size please.


    1. Sure thing..I assume you are after a Tee?..The Classic or the Dubplate?
      now that’s what I call support !!
      Thanks and Respect


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    1. Rhonda,
      Steve Marriott is high on my, (long), list of artists and will make definately make a tribute tee appearence.
      I am in the middle of a design phase at the moment so maybe I’ll slip Steve in?
      You’ll be the first to know.
      Thanks for the comment


  5. hi mate, i was after the coxsone tee in gold on black Large classic 45 and also the wailers design in a Large classic 45, could you possibly drop me an email?



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  7. Hi there, I’ve ordered some tees through the website but didn’t get any confirmation . As the contact link of the website isn’t working properly, can you please touch base with me to confirm everything is OK ? Cheers, Simon


    1. Simon,
      Didn’t you receive my email yesterday??
      the tShirts will be in the post today..
      Thanks again for the order…perfect timing as well due to my stock being almost cleaned out by a 150 piece order going out to Japan !!


    1. Tom,
      youre in luck my old china !
      2 Navy/Silver Downbeat in the XL left
      3 Army/Black Downbeat in the L


  8. Musicologist, I bought a DOWNBEAT T shirt from you some years ago; most beautiful work, and by far the best reggae t shirts available on the net — all the others are cliches.

    I love what you do. My shirt is still in good condition, print clear and intact, surviving many washes.

    Do you have an INNER CITY BLUES T shirt in OLIVE GREEN, MEDIUM size?

    Thanks, and can you email me at the ad in the message box?


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