musicology #288

twolegendsclash #11

(Sidney Bechet & His New Orleans Feetwarmers – Preachin’ Blues)

“What  a weeping and a waling, when the two legends clash….”

Final cut from Sidney Bechet and what a treat…Recorded in New York during January or Febuary 1940. A precursor to the Rhythm & Blues that was to follow and in turn be reclassified as Rock & Roll. All the hallmarks are there, small line-up, Electric Guitar, Boogie Woogie Piano, honking Sax…

Before signing Bechet off, according to a piece of information on Wikipedia;

“In the 1940s, (Louis), Jordan released dozens of hit songs, including the swinging ‘Saturday Night Fish Fry’ (one of the earliest and most powerful contenders for the title of First rock and roll record),”

I’m a BIG fan of Louis Jordan and his music certainly deserves all the accolades and he was certainly at the forefront in the development of Rhythm & Blues but  the above mentioned cut was released in 1949. Whereas this one from Bechet is almost a decade earlier !!…which, as far as I can hear is as close to ‘Rock & Roll’ as it gets, Especially Brother Bechet’s playing.

As it’s the end of the Bechet road it just leaves me to thank the inspirational Cat for leaving us a recorded legacy of the HIGHEST quality…I’m sure he’s up there standing at the gate cutting the angel Gabriel to ribbons.

Blow Bechet…Blow.