musicology #464

TheManWithTheBag #14

( The Cats & The Fiddle – Hep Cat’s Holiday)

New dawn yesterday for themusicologist and family/friends/regulars and even recent travelers along the way know there’s been a few false ones over the past few months and years. Life is funny that way but one observation on the journey through it is that it’s not what happens to us that it’s how we respond. My, (learned), belief is that I don’t choose which path to take It just unfolds before me. Intuition is the guide and I feel my way through the darkness until the day breaks anew and the sun begins to shine once more. In certainty…day always follows night no matter how long it lasts.

Hope you do me the honour of rolling with me on this post as I try me best to wax lyrical on the final musings of 2009. I could say it has been the worst year of my life but that would be a lie. Not only have I had a few that would make your toe and fingernails curl but as this one ends I am counting my blessings….1……2……3 and they are all so beautiful. Yep, (in metaphorical style), like a ship that’s lost at sea I have been tossed and battered by some powerful crashing waves but as the storm clears not only do I find myself still afloat but on assessment of the damage I am finding both my hull AND keel stronger than ever before.

Was it Nietzsche? that commented “that which doesn’t kill one makes one stronger” well whoever it was got that right as did Ray Charles who was quoted to have said “Live everyday like it’s your last because one day it will be”. Wisdom can’t be taught, only lived whereas knowledge and the garbage that is information are both aquired, often to the detriment of growth. I have no agenda here other than to be which Is my resolution for the rest of my days and even though this existence ain’t no bowl of fuckin’ cherries the essence can taste so sweet.

So for all you ‘shoulder to the wheel’ crew out there who are suffering, (and we all do), try to bear in mind that the harder the battle…the sweeter the victory. Breathe deep, pick yourself, (or even better find/ask someone else to help you), up from the canvas and let’s prepare ourselves for the next round which is where we begin to make an authentic comeback..


musicology #364

Ideology&Philosophy #5

(The Wailers – The World Is Changing)

Out of the Tao and into the next phase in the wanderings with a slice of spoken word from a next facilitator of learning on the journey to the self. But as we move out of Classical Antiquity and into the modern world I would just like to add that a few minutes from each of these Cats is nowhere near enough to do such an important subject justice but doors are made to be opened and Philosophy along with music is, for me, a door to knowledge that has resonated loud and clear on the quest for ‘meaning’.

The music is yet another slice courtesy of The Wailers but this time it’s a later cut, (1968), on Danny Sim’s JAD label featuring the hard hitting Peter Tosh on lead with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer harmonising.

musicology #363

Ideology&Philosophy #4

(Sun – Conscience)

Out of the Greeks and into the next stage of themusicologist’s ‘development’ with some words of Wisdom from an English Philosopher, Alan Watts. The man who helped me make some kind of sense out of an ideology, (The Tao), that has resonated with me since first coming into contact with it during some of my darkest days.

The music is A QUALITY slice of mid Seventies funk and boogie from a little known group out of Dayton Ohio. Who along with Slave, Faze-O and Zapp, (three of the most respected boogie outfits), put the funk back into ‘Disco’. Recorded and released in 1977 on the Capitol label which for a short period had it’s finger well and truly on the pulse.

musicology #199

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #9

(Bobby Bland – Share Your Love With Me)

Seeing The Snake (raising awareness and concentration)

After twenty years in the service of a provincial overlord, a loyal soldier was rewarded. With enough money now to buy some acres of land, he was excited at being able to realise his dream of building his own home. For three whole months the soldier totally absorbed himself in preparing the land, clearing it of boulders and levelling the ground. He made sure that any wild bushes and neglected growth removed were replaced with trees and flowers. The work was long and hard but the soldier felt richly rewarded by thinking how pleasent his home would be.

While engrossed in what he was doing, a man came up to him and introduced himself as the land agent in the service of the local registrar.

‘What so,’ said the soldier taking the opportunity to rest, ‘How can I be of service to you. All is well I trust?’

‘I’m not sure,’ said the man looking puzzled. ‘Might I please enquire as to who has employed you on such obvious land improvement?’

‘I am now in the service of my own,’ replied the soldier proudly. ‘I am the owner of this land and I am preparing it for building.’

‘There seems to have been some mistake,’ said the land agent holding out some papers with some consternation. ‘This is not your land, i’m afraid. Your land comprises the acres actually adjoining this.’

‘Ah,’ sighed the soldier. ‘So despite my endeavours I have not done a single thing to improve my own property.’ And with that he immediately set to gathering his tools. The soldier took the mistake in good spirits and after making sure that he was on his own land, he once more earnestly set about making his dream come true.

musicology #196

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #6

(Marvin Gaye – ‘T’ Plays It Cool)

Riding The Tiger, (chanelling your energy)

the tiger cub howled as it limped home. ‘I am never going to spring and jump again,’ he complained to his father.

‘But that is what you are naturally good at,’ his father consoled, then playfully bowling over the young cub with his immensely powerful paw, added, ‘Do you not enjoy it?’

‘Not any more! cried the cub. ‘I put everything into that last jump and all I get is hurt for my trouble.’

‘My son, you are a guardian of all the special strength and power that is contained within you. As guardian you must learn how to channel it, for such energy, when misdirected, will otherwise hurt you. Your energy has no limitations, other than the ones you allow it to have. Just because you have hurt yourself once or twice, in trying, does not mean that you will always do so. You must persevere.

‘When you next spring and jump, first contain your energy, becoming aware of just how much you will need and why you are about to use it. As you do, you will feel the energy build up inside you until, when the moment feels just right, you let it go. At that moment you will experience your body, mind and energy flowing as one unit. Then you will no longer be jumping, you will be flying through the air. And the air itself will be with you, riding the tiger.’