musicology #507

CoversWeek2 #4

(Cornell Campbell – Ten To One)

Slipping back into the sweet sounds of Jamaica for today’s cut with a piece by one of the islands great artists the MAJESTIC and pioneering Cornell Campbell . A Cat who begun his recording career at the tender age of 11 in the mid 1950’s for Coxsone, moved on to record with King Edwards in the mid 60’s, harmonised within ‘The Sensations’ for Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle, returned triumphantly to Studio 1 with ‘The Eternals’ and then begun a long solo career that continues HALF A CENTURY later to this day.

Here heard cutting his teeth on a Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions soul classic. As far as I’m concerned an absolute marrow trembler from start to finish and yet another musical diamond mined from the Studio1 archives. One listen should leave us in no doubt as to the influence both Curtis Mayfield and Coxsone Dodd had on Jamaican musicology….LISTEN TUNE.


musicology #163

malevocals2 #1

(Cornell Campbell – My Country)

kicking off this weeks selection with a mighty cut from one of Jamaica’s finest, Cornell Campbell who has been dropping musical bombs like this for almost 50, (count ’em), years. the man has laid down so many top ranking pieces it beggers belief that he is not an international star.

there at the birth of Jamaican musicology Cornell Cambell began his career at the tender age of 11, (according to the man himself), for none other than Coxsone ‘Downbeat the ruler’ Dodd. after a financial dispute he moved on to King Edwards, then formed vocal group ‘The Sensations’ with Jimmy Riley.

back to Dodd as a solo artist and lead singer of ‘The Eternals’ before hooking up with Bunny Lee in the early 70’s…the cat has worked with all of the great Jamaican producers throughout his long career, (which is still going strong), covering almost all of the styles from R&B through to Dancehall so I’m not going to bore you with the ‘information’ …. i’m just going to throw this one down and leave it to you to decide.