musicology #586

Flow #5

(Terry Callier – What About Me (What You Gonna Do About Me)

So…Terry Callier last night at the Pigalle..what words can I use to try and explain? none do it justice…one of the highlights of my year so far. To see someone perform in such intimate surroundings….it was truly a night to remember. It put me in mind of Curtis, (Mayfied), Live at the Bitter End. Unfortunately I wasn’t there in 1971 but I know the LP inside out having listened to, (and learned from), it for almost 40 years. Scandalously last nights promotion was a joke so as a result there were no more than 50? people there but that didn’t deter Don Callier and full crew, (Bosco De Oliveira, Chris Kibble, Dave Barnard, Gary Plumley, Jim Mullen, Nic France), from delivering almost two hours of pure joy.

I don’t know who was meant to be promoting it but they FAILED miserably. Hopefully the North, (Edinburgh/ Kendal/ Manchester), will be out in full force to give them the support they DESERVE.

Today’s cut was one they well and truly rinsed last night..Listen to the lyrics and understand WHY, for me, Terry Callier is a prophet, (even though he disagrees), 1994 release borrowed from his ‘Looking Out’ set.


musicology #447

NewYork NewYork #6

(Curtis Mayfield – We’re A Winner)

Monday morning, (and I mean morning !), in the Big A and my mind has been spinning like a whirling dervish trying to make some sense of this thing we call life. Was out all day yesterday and didn’t find the time and space to throw down a cut and today’s my last day so I’m determined to lay a farewell slice of the NewYork pie on the line…was all over Manhattan like a rash yesterday starting in a well known electronic/photographic retail emporium in search of a Lumix GF1 camera after being well and truly bitten by it’s amazing reviews but no dice as they are continually out of stock such is it’s popularity, making the desire to own one even greater. Then a short walk through Hells Kitchen on a mission to find a cupcake shop for Lucy’s friend where we breezed through a flea market. Nothing really took my eye enough for me to put my hand in my ‘sky’ other than a small photograph which will serve as a visual reminder. a short walk through Times Square and onto lunch at Cipriani’s in Grand Central where we indulged in their famed Bellini..I’m not used to eating in the afternoon and after a cauliflower soup and a serving of Eggs Benedict I was well and truly stuffed and so we waddled down to the subway to take a ride downtown for a bit of retail therapy..truth was that nothing inspired me enough to buy other than a small gift a piece for Con and Fabes..I need to feel the vibes to shop and yesterday didn’t have that flavour. 4 days hasn’t been enough, I haven’t even begun to speak about what’s in my heart and on my mind. Didn’t sleep much last night and find myself standing on a crossroads..might step out? walking the streets often helps me to find the way.

The cut today has major significence for me as, (according to my dad), it was the tune that he used to rock me to sleep as a babe in arms, many moons have waned since then but my deep appreciation for Curtis continues and will remain until the ’12th of never’. Recorded live at New York’s ‘Bitter End’ in 1970 regulars on themusicologist may be aware that pieces from the set have already featured here over the years and that not only is it my oldest musical memory but also my most treasured. from the Intro on side 1 right through to the outro on side 2 every recorded moment hangs off the top branch of the musicology tree.


musicology #314

Live&Direct #10

(Curtis Mayfield – Stone Junkie Live)

Penultimate cut of the current theme and then something new on Monday…not sure what it might be but as always I’ll let the music be the shepherd.

Today’s slice of the Live&Direct pie is courtesy of the man whose musicology ‘begat’ themusicologist with my earliest musical memories; brother Curtis Mayfield with a piece from the, what is today well known, set ‘Curtis Live’. Not sure how popular it was in 1971? with it’s militant message and hard hitting social commentary but as is always the case with Authenticity it spoke to me. I was no more than a babe in arms at the time but thanks especially to my Dad who was, (and still is), a BIG Curtis fan, the music and message of Curtis burned into my consciousness and has stayed there ever since. I have read somewhere that the experiences and messages learnt from the so called formative years are the ones that exert the most powerful influence on our character. If so then Curtis was, for me, one of my most valued ‘teachers’ (along with certain members of my family), and for that I am eternally greatful. So without further delay hold this, the second cut from his ‘Live’ set to have featured on themusicologist.

Recorded at New York’s ‘Bitter End’ in 1971 and featuring the combined talents of Craig McMullen, Joseph “Lucky” Scott, ‘Master’ Henry Gibson, Tyrone McCullen and of course Curtis Mayfield.

Don’t know about Elvis but for me ‘Curtis Lives’ and always will.

“Here’s something that I know everybody knows about,
I ain’t gonna point no fingers, I don’t want nobody to point no fingers,
But I, right on yeah…I think it’ll break it down…

Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie,

Times have now arrived in this nation,
There’s now a people with a different relation,
Black and white, yellow, red and blue,
All in the same bag we know it’s true,

They just,
Stone junkies, stone, stone junkies,
Stone junkies, stone, stone junkies,

Don’t let your mind become offended miss Lady,
‘Cause you ain’t no better than our typical Sadie,
You just got money, you can spend out at will,
But when comes aches and pains, you still use the pill,

I don’t mean nothin’,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie now,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie one mo’,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie now,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie,

Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie yall,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie now,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie,

I know everybody whose heart is still thumping, (he died)
I know everybody whose heart is still thumping,
Is drinking, shooting, snorting, smoking on something,

I feel like I fell in a hole, you know that hit home everywhere,

Now that might sound funky so I don’t mean to mislead,
So you can retract the thought of you on drugs or on weed
That ain’t my business you know what you do
I’m just singing for the majority of you

Should I say mister,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie,
Stone junkie, stone, stone junkie,

Please give my fellas a great big round of applause…”

musicology #96

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #19

(Curtis Mayfield – Mighty Mighty Spade & Whitey)

this week it’s all about the king … Curtis Mayfield.

the cat was first introduced to me as a 2 year old in 1971 and the two albums that are burned into my consciousness are Curtis and the album this cut is taken from..Curtis Live.

my dad, (respect is always due), was a BIG Curtis fan and was responsible for introducing me to music that has always been a constant source of inspiration.

along with Bobby Womack, Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye, Curtis ran ‘tings down in Circus Street. there were many others who made an apearance but, (subjectively), these three are an integral part of themusicologist’s upbringing.

lyrics as hard as nails, music as tough as old boots and vocals full of integrity. I could do four different Curtis sets, producer, songwriter, singer and inspiration, such has been his impact on music. without Curtis Soul would have travelled a different path as would the music of Jamaica and his impact on UK music is most apparent in another of the six/six/six artists Paul Weller, (the other major player in the themusicologists personal growth)

the lyrics to this one are, for me, as good as it gets so now ladies and gentlemen themusicologist is proud to present…Curtis Mayfield

listen tune…