musicology #481

PoliceAndThieves #6

(Junior Murvin – Police&Thieves)

Last day of this theme but before the final cut I would like to elucidate on the my thoughts and inspiration for laying it down. various parts of London, (and many other parts of the world), in the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s were a battleground as the old world began to give way to the new and the front line soldiers were the police. Stop and search was a BIG problem that only served to alienate ‘us’ from ‘them’. In my experience community policing gave way to bullying and now we live in a society where for many the Police are the oppressors.

Of course the argument could, (and does as far as some are concerned), run that fire needs to be fought with fire but on the other hand the Tao maintains that the ‘way’ to deal with ‘yang’ (fire) is with ‘Yin’ (water) and I have to state wholeheartedly that I recent experience has highlighted that fire burns whilst water soothes..anyone who has been in such a situation must know of what I speak?. I’m not blaming those individuals who join ‘the force’ as ‘a wo/man has to do what a wo/man has to do’ in order to survive. My belief is that the responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of those who crack the whip….

Could only be this one to finish up..Junior Murvin’s international 1976 ‘hit’ … Supremely produced and mixed by Lee Perry.


musicology #426

noExcuses #3

(Brand New Start – Paul Weller)

must have already laid this one down along the way but today it’s in honour of the two most beautiful and inspirational parts of my of which, (who is 11 years old), said to me the other night

“don’t worry dad, a new start is much better than a bad one”

how’s that for wisdom..choked me and I cried !! took me two days to absorb it but it was while listening to this cut yesterday that the full force hit me like a runaway train and then, (less than an hour later), just to make sure that I didn’t miss the opportunity one of the the other parts of my heart and soul (independently), checked in to ask for MY help..

Bravery and courage come in many forms but children are purity personified and when they knock I am, and will always be, there with door, arms and heart WIDE open.

Just like to add my deep thanks to Paul Weller for also being a huge inspiration and trusted guide on the journey.

“I’m gonna clear out my head,
I’m gonna get myself straight,
I know it’s never too late,
To make a brand new start,

I’m gonna kick down the door,
I’m gonna get myself in,
I’m gonna fix up the yard,
And not fall back again,

I’m gonna CLEAN up my earth,
And build a heaven ON the ground,
Not something distant and unfound,
But something real to me,
But something real to me,

All that I can I can be,
All that I am I CAN see,
All that is mine is in my hands,
So to my self I call

There’s somewhere else I should be,
There’s someone else I CAN see,
There’s something more I can find,

I’m gonna clean up my earth,
And build a heaven ON the ground,
Not something distant and unfound,
But something real to me,
But something real to me,

I’m gonna clear out my head,
I’m gonna get myself straight,
I KNOW it’s never too late,
To make a brand new start,
To make a brand new start,
To make a brand new start.

musicology #424

noExcuses #1

(Paul Weller – Cold Moments)

Tried countless times over the last few weeks to get back in themusicologist saddle and every time something changes, (such is life), so what is themusicologist going to DO about it. Stop thinking and start throwing em down, day to day without thought or reflection..cuts that are rocking my soul. musicology style, without pages of the incessant internal dialogue that flows in, out and through this current fucked up mess of the life that I take FULL responsibility…..and with authenticity offer NO EXCUSES for

First up it’s a cut from one my long time trusted guides Paul Weller, who has been there for themusicologist since the late 70’s around the time I entered what is sometimes referred to as the ninth year transition. Borrowed from his No 1 album from last year 22 Dreams..also featuring among others the all round talents of Steve Craddock and the drumming expertise of Steve White.

Listen keenly to the RIDE and if you refuse, (for whatever reason), then step the fuck off this musicology train and perhaps get back on board somewhere down the line. I have no intentions other than to share the way I feel which is always in flux and has no meaning other than in the here and now.

musicology #203

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #13

(Billie Holiday – They Can’t Take That Away From Me)

end of the teachings…beginning of the journey.


‘Three weeks on the road and all that greets me are smouldering ashes,’ sighed the Merchant-Sage, Ni.

‘What was it that you expected,’ said a voice behind him. ‘With all the provinces in such chaos! where have you been?’

Turning round the merchant saw a young man in a bedraggled state, his face stained with blackened smoke and blood. Getting down from his horse Ni said. ‘I had hoped that I would arrive before the Emperor Ch’in’s outrages had reached this outpost. But, I see that I am too late. Has all been lost?’

‘If you are a former graduate of this Academy, as I suspect you are,’ said the man, ‘you would be wise to take care. For they are imprisoning all who are followers of the ways of the ancients.’

‘My ancestor, the renowned Merchant Ni, was the grand-nephew of the founding Patriarch, Yen Tzu. Our house is loyal to the philosophy he and his followers taught. And you…,’ Ni once more surveyed the man before him, ‘….what part have you played to be in such a sorry state?’

‘I, too, came here for a similar purpose, but alas I was also too late. My name is Lu, of the House of Chou, whose founding father was also a pupil of Yen Tzu. My young heart and legs were sent by my Uncle in an attempt to rescue what parchments I could. But all was already aflame when I arrived this morning. It must have burned all night. I have fallen many times and scorched myself in my frantic search, but to no avail.’

The two paused in silence as they surveyed the ruins around them. As they did so, their eyes rested on the main gate keystone that now stood alone, unaccompanied by it’s former walls. The charred words were still clear to see.

‘So, not all is lost,’ said Lu.

‘Indeed, none of it can ever be lost,’ added Ni, as together they read the stone’s inscription.

Wisdom comes from one great Sage,
A true source for every age.
Mind, the door, Heart, the key,
Spirit guide, the path to be.
Listen within, Trust to feel,
Illusions vanish, Truth is real.

musicology #202

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #12

(Roberta Flack – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face)

Awaiting The Turtle (being in the right place at the right time)

‘The opportunity for human life is rare,’ began the Patriarch Yen Tzu. ‘So rare that it can be likened to that magical event which occurs just once every 400 years. The moment when the great mythical sea turtle rises for air. Imagine, that while breaking the surface, the creature places it’s head through a bamboo ring. A hoop that happens to be floating randomly alone in the vast ocean. What perfect timing that would take! Imagine too that this solitary wooden necklace fitted exactly. What precision that would be! Now imagine that the human physical body is the bamboo circle, and the turtle is the immortal spirit entering it. Then you can imagine the perfect coming together of forces that must happen for our own birth.’

‘It is indeed hard to consider that our life is such a rarity,’ replied his pupil, Lu Chou. ‘Just look at the countless people going about their business in the Imperial city each day!’

‘Just so,’ answered Yen Tzu, ‘and each one of them is just where they should be. For in truth our lives are the result of a synchronicity between the physical and the spiritual. As such, each one of us began our lives at the rightly appointed time, and in the correct place intended.’
‘That must be why one person’s timing in life seems infinitely better than another’s,’ commented Lu Chou. ‘Where one man seems to make his fortune, another does not; where one struggles to no avail, another seems to attain easily.’

‘That is not the reason,’ said the Patriarch, ‘for the time and place has nothing to do with a man’s success. The rightness and timing in awaiting the turtle is merely to illustrate that such synchronicity is our birthright. But Man, instead of resolving to continue to use this natural serendipitous power has become conditioned to do the opposite. ‘In doing so he unconsciously acts against himself, seeking to manipulate and control outcomes according to his own rules. He has forgotten that everything that is to happen for his benefit does so at the right time; and everything that is forced beyond a natural course of events is either lost or distorted. ‘Even if the outcome is seemingly right it does not carry the power it would have had, or bring the benefit it was intended to bring. The result is that the harder he seems to push towards that which he wants, the further it moves away from him. Such is the plight of all who take the heritage of how they came to be for granted. Yet, in truth, knowing how to harness our natural synchronicity with Life’s opportunities creates the paradox of the less we do, the more we achieve.’

‘So what can we do to regain this power, this heritage,’ asked the pupil.
‘We must steadfastly resolve to live, trust, accept and have purpose in whatever we do, at the moment we are doing it. For the nature of being always in the right place at the right time is ours to command.’

musicology #201

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #11

(Ernest Wilson – Undying Love)

penultimate cut of the Yen Tzu selection…

Kissing The Scorpion (following your true nature)

‘This will be ideal for my meditations,’ thought a wandering  sage, seeking a cave in the wilderness. Upon entering it, however, he noticed the skeletal remains of many human corpses.  Unconcerned, he sat down on a rock to rest from his travels.

‘How you answer will seal your fate!’ boomed a voice, and turning the sage saw that before him was a gigantic scorpion, the size of a large man.

‘As your questions have undoubtedly sealed yours,’ replied the sage calmly.

‘What manner of Man are you to be without trace of fear?’ demanded the giant scorpion. ‘For the nature of Man is to be afraid.’

‘Not so,’ answered the sage. ‘For in truth the nature of Man is to be in balance, and such a state comes when he has no fear of what life may confront him with, because he is in love with the true meaning of life. As my thoughts and actions have led me to this place, how can I fear it? To do so is to fear myself, which I do not, for I have only love for the person that I am.’

‘Then you are rare indeed,’ said the scorpion, ‘for the men who have come before you have been escaping from themselves, as one seeks to leave another within a loveless relationship.’

‘You speak as one who has experienced such,’ said the sage intuitively, ‘for your visage is not strong enough to hide the pain, frustration and indeed anger that you exude.’

‘It would seem that truthful perception is yours to command,’ answered the fearsome creature. ‘Because in truth I was as a man once, long ago, until my ruthlessness attracted a demon seeking a disciple. My resistance to it resulted in having my current condition cast upon me. But because what was left of my original nature was able to resist, the demon was compelled to allow my situation a reversal. Though little use it has been. For of all those who have approached my lair these past long years, none have caused the spell to be reversed.’

‘Because no doubt they must answer of their own accord and without direction,’ said the sage. ‘An accord distorted by their fear.’

‘Exactly so! and now you will forgive me if I become impatient to address the riddle I must ask of you!’ said the scorpion. ‘If you refuse to answer, cannot or your answer is wrong, then I thank you in advance for our debate, for afterwards it will be too late.’

‘Proceed as you wish,’ the sage said, ‘for it is of little consequence.’

‘Take heed though,’ advised the scorpion ‘that immediately after I have incanted my words I will be rendered helpless in order to allow you to make your choice. Although you are weaponless, there are many swords around you that are sharp enough to enable even the weakest of arms to slice off my deadly tail. And so:

‘When you embrace the most deadly, you overcome your worst fears;
When you act the least likely, there can be nothing but tears;
When you act from the heart and engage worthy might,
Then to the end from the start, you have held to what’s right;
Your balance to death will be as it is for your life,
To do one over the other, can bring sorrow and strife;
when you act as you do because you are as you be,
You will know if a kiss or a strike is the key.

‘Quickly!’ added the now motionless scorpion looking menacingly into the eyes of the sage. ‘You have the opportunity to strike me.’

‘My answer is as my action,’ said the sage and calmly outstretched his arms and kissed the creature on it’s evil-looking head. Immediately the scorpion was transformed and it was now a man that stood before him. With the spell broken, tears flowed freely down the large man’s cheeks and he fell at the feet of the sage in gratitude. As the sage helped him up, the large man said,

‘You chose correctly, yet why were you so sure, when the nature of a scorpion is to strike when face to face with it’s adversary?’

‘Because deep down you were still a man,’ said the sage, ‘and it is the true-nature of a man to love, not strike. And as the riddle implied, transforming you back into a man is the greatest risk to overcome, because Man can be more deadly than any scorpion. Acting in the least likely way of not seemingly protecting myself could only release your tears. Those tears a man has prior to his transformation and the tears of happiness that follow it. Furthermore because I am in a state of balance I can but only act in a right manner.’

‘I am indeed fortunate to have found such a natural individual to release me from my predicament,’ said the man.

‘Fortune has nothing to do with it,’ replied the sage with finality. ‘It was your own need to return to your true vocation that attracted you to me, and it was my own thoughts to test my own vocation that led me to you. All of us are interdependent of others whether we are aware of it or not. As such, all of us are both teachers and students, appearing as appropriate to one another when each is ready. That is how we can fulfil our true vocation. Learning how to express it effectively requires a state of balance. For only in such a state can we act as our true nature intended.’

musicology #200

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #10

(The Swallows – I Only Have Eyes For You)

Holding The Carp, (cultivating your superconscious)

A traveller who had recently entered a foreign province was accosted suddenly by another traveller who told him in a frightened voice, ‘We have wasted our time in this direction, for behind those dark clouds is a vast mountain which will block our way.’

The first traveller felt strangely calm, a calmness that he had not fully experienced before. A while ago he would have acted with great concern, but this time he felt no artificial sense of impending doom. Surprised at the report, though, he thanked the frightened traveller and continued on his journey to see whether it was true or not.

He came apoun no mountain, but he did meet another stranger who reported gloomily,

‘It is hopeless to continue your journey. Just beyond that medow is a precipitous canyon that even the nimblest of goats are unable to cross.’

Once more experiencing a sense of inner calm, the traveller decided to see for himself and went on his way leaving the stranger dissaprovingly shaking his head. There was no canyon at all on the path he took, but he did run into a third stranger in a military uniform, who sternly commanded,

‘Stop! You are forbidden to go any further in this direction. This path leads straight into the camp of an army that will punish your attempts to contine.’

Not frightened by the threat the traveller walked past the fuming stranger. He met with no camp and there were no soldiers to block his path. Travelling on his way he encountered a fourth traveller. But this person seemed no stranger, indeed the man felt as if he was entering the prescence of a long lost friend. As he approached, the other traveller extended his arms in welcome, saying, ‘Because you decided to take no-one’s word for anything, but to test everything on yourself, my wait has been brief.’

‘But, tell me,’ asked the traveller, ‘who are you, although I feel sure I know you. Have we met before?’

‘Of course,’ came the answer, ‘I am your faithful guide for life. What you have risked confirmed your faith in me so I am able to become fully present. Come, let us continue, there is no insurmountable obstacle ahead and so much to share with you.