musicology #419

AfterTheStorm #4

(John Coltrane – Equinox)

One from the ‘Trane…A Giant whose drive to communicate his feelings using the universal language is, (as far as I am aware), almost unparalleled. Technically there are other great musicians but something about John Coltrane feels unique. I am no Coltrane or Jazz scholar and his music only found me when I was searching for something that could define my deeply complex feelings about a deeply profound life experience, (musicology #6)

The piece that found me was from one of his masterpieces ‘A Love Supreme’ and since that day, (which inspired me beyond belief) his spirit sits among the pantheon of musicologists who I am honoured to call guide.

This cut, (recorded in 1960), was released in 1964 on an Atlantic album  called Coltrane’s Sound and features the backbone of the quartet that took music somewhere new, pianist McCoy Tyner and drummer Elvin Jones, (along with bass player Steve Davis)

Hold this quote from Elvin Jones

“To me he was like an angel on earth. He struck me that deeply. If there’s any such thing as a perfect man, I think John Coltrane was one and I think that kind of perfection has to come from a greater force than is here on earth”