musicology #560

Tales From The Underground #2

(Barbara & The Browns – In My Heart)

Today’s cut is courtesy of the Brown family, (Barbara, Roberta, Betty and Maurice), with a 1964 Southern Soul cut on the Stax label. Co written by the prolific Steve Cropper and Deanie Parker.

Just like to add that for themusicologist it’s always been about the music and not the format. I know that may be controversial but the truth is that when I first started collecting, (back in the late 70’s), vinyl was the only format but media has moved on and so have I. Now days I have a Vestax VCI 300 console which is connected to my Macbook Pro and a harddrive which is far more suitable for storing, transporting and playing the music that I love. Don’t get me wrong I still buy, enjoy and collect the shiny black stuff but, (for me), the quest is for musical satisfaction and NOT nostalgia.

Finally I would really appreciate some feedback both on the tune itself and the new method of consumption, (the player)..doesn’t require a comment but just a click, (in complete anonymity), on the ‘stars’ above the tune to let me know whether you’re feeling it or not. That said actual dialogue is always highly valued. Respect is due to the cats and kittens who take/make the time to connect.


musicology #320

SongsOf Protest&Freedom#6

(Otis Redding – A Change Is Gonna  Come)

final cut of the freedom&protest…and what better way to finish with one of the greatest songs sung by one of the greatest singers. Sam Cooke’s original has already featured on themusicologist but couldn’t pass up this opportunity to throw it down again.

Otis singing Sam Cooke…doesn’t get any better. Taken from the LP ‘Otis Blue’…With Issac Hayes on the Keyboards, (and production), as well as the full Stax/Volt family Donald Dunn, Steve Cropper, Al Jackson, Wayne Jackson, Andrew Love, Gene Miller and Fred Newman.

musicology #229

communication #7

(Otis Redding – These Arms Of Mine)

time for a slice of Otis…unquestionably one of the finest singers of the Soul genre, (or any other come to that), loved and respected by all the musicians and producers who had the good fortune to work with the man. this one is taken from his first album, (although this cut was recorded and released initially as a Volt 45 in 1962), Pain In My Heart.

Recorded at ‘Soulsville U.S.A’, lyrics by the man himself, produced and probably engineered by Label owner Jim Stewart, (maybe even Steve Cropper?). players of instruments the magnificent Booker T & the MG’s: Steve Cropper, Booker T. Jones, Al Jackson and Lewie Steinberg.