musicology #594

Flow #13

Clarence Reid – Don’t Be A Fool

Second marrow trembler of the day but this time it’s from the opposite end of America and ‘The Outskirts Of Deep City’, (Miami), this is Southern Soul at it’s DEEPEST and finest courtesy of Clarence Reid. Yet another Highlight from the Numero connoisseurs. What a tune…


musicology #560

Tales From The Underground #2

(Barbara & The Browns – In My Heart)

Today’s cut is courtesy of the Brown family, (Barbara, Roberta, Betty and Maurice), with a 1964 Southern Soul cut on the Stax label. Co written by the prolific Steve Cropper and Deanie Parker.

Just like to add that for themusicologist it’s always been about the music and not the format. I know that may be controversial but the truth is that when I first started collecting, (back in the late 70’s), vinyl was the only format but media has moved on and so have I. Now days I have a Vestax VCI 300 console which is connected to my Macbook Pro and a harddrive which is far more suitable for storing, transporting and playing the music that I love. Don’t get me wrong I still buy, enjoy and collect the shiny black stuff but, (for me), the quest is for musical satisfaction and NOT nostalgia.

Finally I would really appreciate some feedback both on the tune itself and the new method of consumption, (the player)..doesn’t require a comment but just a click, (in complete anonymity), on the ‘stars’ above the tune to let me know whether you’re feeling it or not. That said actual dialogue is always highly valued. Respect is due to the cats and kittens who take/make the time to connect.

musicology #491

SoulBoy #10

(Candi Staton – To Hear You Say You’re Mine)

Listening back over the SoulBoy I realised that the Ladies hadn’t got a look in !! so this week I aim to rectify that and roll with some female action..starting with this one from the SUPERB Candi Staton. Yet another graduate from the school of Gospel..(where almost ALL the greatest Soul Singers started), Candi Staton is best known for ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ but at the end of the 60’s and into the early 70’s she recorded for Rick Hall and his majestic Fame label from whence today’s cut came.

musicology #490


(O.V Wright – Motherless Child)

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Lee Fields was so hot last night but the Menahan Street Band were on fire. Deeeeeeeeeeep Soul and funk that has to be heard and seen live to be fully appreciated. WHAT a show. EVERY song a winner. They almost tore the roof off at the Bloomsbury last night which considering its underground was quite a feat ! If you like Soul and Funk and they are playing in your town then do yourselves a favour and make sure you attend.

Bit of a dilemma as to what to lay down today? TOO MUCH choice on the Soul front and as I go to lay one down another comes up and ‘speaks’. Been listening to Legends like Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Al Green, Leroy Hutson as well lesser known but just as majestic Cats like James Carr, O.V Wright, and a whole host of 45’s from the 60’s and 70’s so rather than face the dilemma I’m just going to lay down this 60’s Soul marrow trembler and be done…..Recorded for and released on Don Robey’s BackBeat Label in 1965, (from the album If It’s Only For Tonight)

musicology #396

PostMod/ernist #6

(Toussaint McCall – Nothing Takes The Place Of You)

Final cut on the PostMod/ernist. To be honest I have struggled with this theme. The circumstances I find myself in have affected my confidence which, unlike belief, is buried in the unconscious making it impossible, in my opinion, to cultivate, (again unlike belief), internally. Put simply it’s other people who are responsible for our fragile confidence and my observation is that too many don’t take responsibility for making and breaking it. I’m not laying any blame as that’s for the immature. Neither am I making any excuses, life is a two way street and I must be just as guilty of being irresponsible.

As you may already be aware themusicologist for me is and always has been a kind of diary shot through with Joy & Pain and utilising the power of music as communicator, comforter and guide.

Bottom line…my lifetime’s observation so far is that people will always let you down. Rarely intentionally but that doesn’t lessen the impact. One way to lessen the impact is to not have what Charles Dickens called ‘Great Expectations’. Shoot for the stars but accept that the probability is that you will miss. This attitude has led me to the belief that it’s the journey of and through life that’s important rather than the destination and along the way our companions will come and go. Some will last longer than others. Some will bring and share love while others will try to hurt and hinder. Live by your own values and pass no judgement on those of others. It’s a mean, fucked up world and, from what I can see, it’s only getting meaner. Play by your own rules and do what you think is neccesary for survival and bear in mind that the society that we live in has been created without our consent.

The final cut is a classic slice of 1967 Southern Soul courtesy of Louisiana born Organist and Vocalist Toussaint McCall with a tune that is known to Soul fans the world over which never fails to tremble themusicologist’s marrow. Especially poignant and a fitting end not only to this theme but also to the 20 year relationship I have had the pleasure to share.

musicology #362

Ideology&Philosophy #3

(Bobby Bland – If You Don’t Share Your Love With Me)

Final slice of the Greek Philosophy pie features the other of the three most well known Ideas men of Greek antiquity..Aristotle. A name known on some parts of London’s mean streets for his contribution to Double back Rhyming Slang..Aristotle rhymes with Bottle which leads to ‘Bottle and Glass’ which rhymes/translates as Arse !! for example
“did you check the bottle on that Richard?!!”

Anyway back to the Greeks..Aristotle is quite possibly the prime mover in today’s Western Ideology in part for his clear definition of Politricks. Any major Politician today is schooled in Aristotelian Ideology, (it goes with the territory), why? because it’s much easier to maintain the system. That way the ‘blame’ can always be laid at someone elses door. It’s almost unthinkable that many, many years later the society that we live in has NOT evolved much beyond Aristotle’s (much mis-interpreted), Ideology..Our children, (and us), are steeped in the interpreted version of his thinking. Not that I’m imagining this will be clear based on 2 minutes of interperatation here but maybe it will be a doorway to dig deeper…

The musicology is another slice from one of the greatest Soul singers, (featured a few times already on themusicologist), none other than Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland with 2 minutes 43 seconds worth of pure poetry about what, for me, is the thing that makes life complete…Love.

“It’s an ill wind that blows no good,
And it’s a sad heart that won’t love like I know it should,
And oh how lonesome you must be yeah,
And it’s a shame if you don’t share your love with me,

And it’s a heartache when love is gone,
But it’s bad and even sad, woooohh later on,
Woohhh there’s no one blinder than he who wont see,
And it’s a shame if you don’t share your love with me,

And I can’t help it woohhh no if she is gone,
You must try to forget woohhhh you must live on,
And I swear it’s a good thing to love someone,
But it’s bad and even sad when it’s not returned,

And oh how lonesome yes you must be yeah,
And it’s a shame if you don’t share your love with me,
And I said it’s a shame woohhh if you don’t share your love with me
woooohhhh yeahhh”

musicology #199

teachings of billionaire YenTzu #9

(Bobby Bland – Share Your Love With Me)

Seeing The Snake (raising awareness and concentration)

After twenty years in the service of a provincial overlord, a loyal soldier was rewarded. With enough money now to buy some acres of land, he was excited at being able to realise his dream of building his own home. For three whole months the soldier totally absorbed himself in preparing the land, clearing it of boulders and levelling the ground. He made sure that any wild bushes and neglected growth removed were replaced with trees and flowers. The work was long and hard but the soldier felt richly rewarded by thinking how pleasent his home would be.

While engrossed in what he was doing, a man came up to him and introduced himself as the land agent in the service of the local registrar.

‘What so,’ said the soldier taking the opportunity to rest, ‘How can I be of service to you. All is well I trust?’

‘I’m not sure,’ said the man looking puzzled. ‘Might I please enquire as to who has employed you on such obvious land improvement?’

‘I am now in the service of my own,’ replied the soldier proudly. ‘I am the owner of this land and I am preparing it for building.’

‘There seems to have been some mistake,’ said the land agent holding out some papers with some consternation. ‘This is not your land, i’m afraid. Your land comprises the acres actually adjoining this.’

‘Ah,’ sighed the soldier. ‘So despite my endeavours I have not done a single thing to improve my own property.’ And with that he immediately set to gathering his tools. The soldier took the mistake in good spirits and after making sure that he was on his own land, he once more earnestly set about making his dream come true.