musicology #0618

ChristmasComing #11

The Miracles -Christmas Everyday

Tried to lay this one down yesterday but my ‘service’ provider wasn’t up to the job of providing the ‘service’ that I pay top dollar for so I’m throwing it down early and plan on doubling up with a next piece later today when I return from starting work on a new and very interesting project that is exciting me.

Sliding out of the 50’s Doo Wop and into the 60’s Soul with this 1963 Motown cut from…The Miracles led, (of course), by one of the great singers…William ‘Smokey’ Robinson…


musicology #497

SoulBoy #16

(The Fundamentals – Before It’s Too Late)

Through the ups, downs, highs, lows, hills and gullys of my life the only ever present is the soundtrack. To put it simply I am passionate about music in a way that is sometimes frightening. I Lose all sense of time and as long as I have music as a guide no mountain is too high to climb, (and I’ve found myself at the foot of quite a few !), If truth be told I could, (and would be happy to), spend my whole life bathing in musical waters….but before I can do that I need to make my play and at the moment I’m busy setting up the next phase of the project. It had to take a back seat for the last 9 months as the threads of my life unraveled….but as they say in France…C’est La Vie and one thing’s for sure “I plan to stay a believer”.. That’s not to say that I’m completely out of the woods..that will take some time but it feels to me like I’m on the right track.

Anyway…denough of the ramblings and back to the SoulBoy with today’s beautiful piece of 1967 Vocal Group action from out of Chi’.

musicology #388

Modernist #16

(The Orlons – The Wah Watusi)

Have to keep it brief today as I’m up to my eyeballs with various things that demand my full attention making it nigh on impossible to wax lyrical about Mod/ernists, Musicology, Sociology, Philosophy, The Bauhaus and all of the other strands that woven together inform who I am or even ‘we’ are.

So without delay hold this cut. Yet another from the magic year of 1962 by vocal group The of the important things about this cut is that it made #2 in the U.S Pop chart which for an ‘R&B’ vocal group was no mean feat and for me highlights one of the reasons that 1962 was an important year sociologically. Before then the likelyhood is that it would have been re-recorded by a more shall we say marketable vocal group but ‘walls’ were breaking down especially in America and ‘Race’ music was leading the charge.