musicology #362

Ideology&Philosophy #3

(Bobby Bland – If You Don’t Share Your Love With Me)

Final slice of the Greek Philosophy pie features the other of the three most well known Ideas men of Greek antiquity..Aristotle. A name known on some parts of London’s mean streets for his contribution to Double back Rhyming Slang..Aristotle rhymes with Bottle which leads to ‘Bottle and Glass’ which rhymes/translates as Arse !! for example
“did you check the bottle on that Richard?!!”

Anyway back to the Greeks..Aristotle is quite possibly the prime mover in today’s Western Ideology in part for his clear definition of Politricks. Any major Politician today is schooled in Aristotelian Ideology, (it goes with the territory), why? because it’s much easier to maintain the system. That way the ‘blame’ can always be laid at someone elses door. It’s almost unthinkable that many, many years later the society that we live in has NOT evolved much beyond Aristotle’s (much mis-interpreted), Ideology..Our children, (and us), are steeped in the interpreted version of his thinking. Not that I’m imagining this will be clear based on 2 minutes of interperatation here but maybe it will be a doorway to dig deeper…

The musicology is another slice from one of the greatest Soul singers, (featured a few times already on themusicologist), none other than Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland with 2 minutes 43 seconds worth of pure poetry about what, for me, is the thing that makes life complete…Love.

“It’s an ill wind that blows no good,
And it’s a sad heart that won’t love like I know it should,
And oh how lonesome you must be yeah,
And it’s a shame if you don’t share your love with me,

And it’s a heartache when love is gone,
But it’s bad and even sad, woooohh later on,
Woohhh there’s no one blinder than he who wont see,
And it’s a shame if you don’t share your love with me,

And I can’t help it woohhh no if she is gone,
You must try to forget woohhhh you must live on,
And I swear it’s a good thing to love someone,
But it’s bad and even sad when it’s not returned,

And oh how lonesome yes you must be yeah,
And it’s a shame if you don’t share your love with me,
And I said it’s a shame woohhh if you don’t share your love with me
woooohhhh yeahhh”


musicology #232

communication #10

(The Classics – Civilisation)

New day dawning? maybe. Let’s hope so.

First I would just like to congratulate the new American president on his victorious campaign to be elected. No doubt that it has significence. What that significence is though is not so easy to articulate. I don’t know a single policy of his but his acceptance speech was on in my house this morning, my 10 year old son has been made aware of Obama, (political ideology at work), at school. People were on the streets of London last night talking about it being a historical day…Why? because we are deep into globalisation and it is being enforced by the media as well as the politrickians.

Don’t get me wrong I am more than up for change but change of what exactly? I hear the word often. It has been Obama’s key word in the same way that I hear education over emphasised by the ‘Labour’ government here in England but, I don’t see it happening. We all know that words, (especially English ones), have many meanings, (perfect for politrickians), but without action signify nothing.

With that in mind today’s cut of the communication pie is a plea from themusicologist to those who run things. Quality Lee Perry production, attributed to The Classics, (Denzil Dennis and Milton Hamilton), recorded sometime in the late 60’s/early 70’s.

Finally I would just like to add a non globalised mention for English cultural icon Guy Fawkes whose day it is today. Unfortunately this tradition has, (over recent years), been supplanted by the American tradition of Halloween which for themusicologist has absolutely no cultural significence whatsoever.

Penny for the Guy anyone?

musicology #121

socialcommentaryweek #1

(Billy Bragg – Take Down The Union Jack)

themusicologist has tried to keep politics off the menu but it’s one of the subjects that infuriates me. the deceipt, corruption, greed and unbeleivable hypocrisy is just too much for me to not have a musical say.

unfortunately the only politics left today is the politics of greed and the blame for that lies with those who shape society. ultimately responsibility lies with each of us but we all know that ‘the law’ restricts us from taking action in ever increasing ways and is in fact an establishment tool that has very little to do with justice.

the subjects that are, (for me), most important are Health and Education, essentially because I have two children and find myself at the ‘sharp end of the stick’ in both areas. of course economics are an issue but money has no place in my heart so holds little interest.

one of musics greatest attributes is delivering a message and themusicologist is often heard singing this one as I go about my life so I was especially pleased when my eldest asked for this one to be added to her I-Pod..this is what I call education. just as Curtis and Paul Weller, (among many others), helped shape my views so it may be with the next generation.

I’m starting the socialcommentaryweek with this one by one of themusicologists most respected artists who has always stood up to be counted and in my humble opinion is one of the finest songwriters to hail from these shores…taken from his 2002 Set ‘England, Half English’.. just like to add that I am proud of the culture that is a part of me and it saddens me to see it fade away to be be replaced by the globalisation ideology that has been forced apoun us since the end of World War II. I believe whole heartedly in community but not in homogeny and brother Bragg articulates many of my thoughts and feelings perfectly … lyrics Bragg-La … lyrics.

“take down the Union Jack, it clashes with the sunset,
and put it in the attic, with the emperors old clothes,
when did it fall apart? sometime in the 80’s,
when the great and the good gave way to the greedy and the mean,

Britain isn’t cool you know it’s really not that great,
it’s not a proper country, doesn’t even have a patron saint,
it’s just an economic union that’s passed it’s sell by date,

take down the Union Jack it clashes with the sunset,
and ask our Scottish neighbours if independence looks any good,
cos they just might understand how to take an abstract notion,
of personal identity and turn it into nationhood,

is this the 19th Century that I’m watching on T.V
the dear old queen of England handing out those M.B.E’s
a member of the British Empire that doesn’t sound too good to me

Gilbert & George are taking the piss aren’t they
Gilbert & George you’re taking the piss.
what could be more British than here’s a picture of me bum

take down the Union Jack it clashes with the sunset
and pile up all those history books but don’t throw them away
they might just have some clues about what it really means
to be an Anglo hyphen Saxon in
to be an Anglo hyphen Saxon in”

(Billy Bragg 2002)