musicology #564

Tales From The Underground #6

Solomon Burke – Words

Locked into the Soul/Rhythm&Blues  selection at the moment so rolling with this superb slice of 1963 musicology from Singer supreme, Preacher and ‘King Of Rock and Soul’, Solomon Burke. Soul pioneer who began recording in 1956 for New York’s famed Apollo label before moving to Atlantic in 1961 whereapoun he recorded some of the most enduring cuts of the early Soul period. A Cat whose culinary skills are as legendary as his singing. Today’s cut was recorded for and released on Atlantic in 1963.


musicology #557

Shake It Up & Go #4

(Inez & Charlie Foxx – Hurt By Love)

Continuing with the Shake selection that I threw down last weekend. 1964, (New York), cut on Juggy Murray’s Symbol label.

musicology #143

SpectrumOfLove #3

(Maxine Brown – Heaven In Your Arms)

we’ve heard two from the fellas and now its time for the ladies to step into the arena…and who better than Miss Maxine Brown, Soul singer supreme, who’s delicious voice could charm the birds straight out of the trees….

for themusicologist Maxine Brown is one of the greatest Soul singers never, (commercially), known, (and there are MANY), ..her phrasing and timing is perfection. as witnessed on this piece of early, (1961), Big Apple flavoured Soul from the NoMar label. it’s not the first time Maxine has featured on themusicologist, having already laid one, (musicology #39), down on an earlier duets theme with Wand label mate Chuck Jackson but this time she’s centre stage.