musicology #333

DownbeatTheRuler #13

(The Wailers – Do It Right)

Final cut of the Coxsone Tribute. Have to finish up with this 1965 piece of rip roaring Ska sung by the Wailers. Featuring not only Jamaica’s premier band the Skatalites but also no less than Sir Coxsone Dodd himself on ‘Beer Bottle Percussion’ Duties !! Just like to add that many a deserved artist didn’t get a spot on the Downbeat Tribute most notably The Heptones, Jackie Mittoo, Dennis Brown, Sugar Minott, Ken Parker, Cornell Campbell, The Clarendonians..(too long a list to name them all). Some of them have already featured on themusicologist and I imagine that all will eventually..

In addition, the Second in the Tribute Tee series is to communicate my appreciation, (in more ways than one), for the man who made it all possible. Clement Seymour ‘Sir Coxsone/Downbeat The Ruler’ Dodd whose musical legacy is, for themusicologist, second to none. For more information click on the images below


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JamaicanVocalGroupAction #11

(The Wailers -Cry To Me)

So…the day has finally arrived when ‘The Project’ is revealed. (Imgs Below)

Allow me to elucidate..Ever since I first clapped eyes and ‘pulled up’ for my first ‘statement Tee’, (shirt), back on a stall in Greenwich market as a sixteen year old, (1984), I have harboured a dream to design and produce screen prints that communicate a message. The one that spoke to me was the classic, (UK), Red and White Studio One Label, blown up and screen printed onto a plain white t-shirt. Nowdays it is not uncommon to see ‘Label Tees’ for all different genres but back then, (at least in London), it was fresh and new.

That Tee went everywhere with me and I always wore it with pride, connecting myself with the music and message of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae. I still own and cherish that same Tee even though it has almost disintegrated and can’t be worn. So last year I decided to take the plunge and learn the art of screen printing. Essentially I am an ‘ideas man’ and my head and heart are full of tributes to Artists, Producers, Genres and even Songs, (among others), so the actual process of printing was neceesary to learn as I wanted to design, produce and provide authentic Tee Shirts that encapsulated the passion I have for Culture without dilution from external economic influences.

After 8 months I feel ready to share these ‘Tribute Tees’ with you and what better place to start than with the legendary Wailing Wailers who have had a major impact on themusicologist from my earliest days…

Available to order in Four ‘cuts’ and, (for now), Three Sizes, (Small / Medium / Large)

The 45, (Plain WhiteTee),  33, (Long Sleeve), Dubplate, (Bamboo&Organic Cotton), and The Sweat Shirt.

At the moment I am working on the most effective way to provide them online but for now the only way to make the transaction will be via my ebay account. It is more of a passion than a business but as we all know a man needs to make a living !! and this is the way I aim to do it by sharing a genuine passion for music, originality, style and culture wrapped up in the humble Tee or Sweatshirt…Feedback and Critique is most welcome, appreciated and valued.

The cut featured today is a song probably better known for the version on Marley’s Rastaman Vibration. But for themusicologist there is no comparison with this 1964? cut featuring the Wailers at their most effective and original. No doubt that as great as Bob Marley was he in no way overshadowed his two partners Bunny and Peter. This cut bears witness to that. Listening to this Trinity of cats harmonizing brings not only tears to my eyes but also joy to my ears and heart. The only downside is that it finishes….but at least it can be enjoyed for free and the message be spread far and wide.

Click on Images To See them in all their glory…