musicology #0757

Nubag #25 (a year in the life)

the Struggle of the Magicians – Thomas De Hartmann

“If there is any peace, it will come through being, not having” Henry Miller

Being with you brought and brings me peace Conzu x


musicology #424

noExcuses #1

(Paul Weller – Cold Moments)

Tried countless times over the last few weeks to get back in themusicologist saddle and every time something changes, (such is life), so what is themusicologist going to DO about it. Stop thinking and start throwing em down, day to day without thought or reflection..cuts that are rocking my soul. musicology style, without pages of the incessant internal dialogue that flows in, out and through this current fucked up mess of the life that I take FULL responsibility…..and with authenticity offer NO EXCUSES for

First up it’s a cut from one my long time trusted guides Paul Weller, who has been there for themusicologist since the late 70’s around the time I entered what is sometimes referred to as the ninth year transition. Borrowed from his No 1 album from last year 22 Dreams..also featuring among others the all round talents of Steve Craddock and the drumming expertise of Steve White.

Listen keenly to the RIDE and if you refuse, (for whatever reason), then step the fuck off this musicology train and perhaps get back on board somewhere down the line. I have no intentions other than to share the way I feel which is always in flux and has no meaning other than in the here and now.

musicology #305


(Fela Kuti – Mistake – Live)

Day two of the theme has an element of synchronicity for me as the performance was recorded in Berlin…what has that got to do with anything I hear you say? well not only does one of my most valued ‘brethren’ live there but the woman in my life is there today working on/at the film festival. Couldn’t resist or pass up this ‘oppo’ to throw down a second piece on themusicologist by the legend that is, Fela Kuti.

Recorded in 1978 a year after his Kalakuta Republic had been destroyed by a thousand soldiers during which horror his elderly mother had been thrown out of a window suffering fatal injuries with Fela almost being beaten to death for his non-stop scathing critique of Nigerian politics. Word has it that after the tour most of the band left him as he intended to use all the proceeds to fund his election campaign.

Perhaps THE most political musician of all time Fela was his own project and an ‘Existentialist’ in the truest sense. NEVER allowing anyone to deny him the freedom to say and do what he thought right. The hugely influential philosopher Martin Heidegger spoke about Authenticity in relation to one’s life and for themusicologist Fela lived life in a way that, (among others), Heidegger would have been proud of.