musicology #568

Down The Road A Piece #4

(Leroy Hutson – Love The Feeling)

Saturday night at Vintage was B.I.G. The Soul Casino was rocking..Andy Weatherall threw down at the ‘Warehouse’ and the company kept was SUPERB. I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to make it through to see Leroy Hutson on Sunday night? but it was one of the main reasons for attending so I thought that if I stumbled around the festival into the early evening then I had a chance…

Why is Leroy such a legend?, (other than his musical genius), for those of us who had the pleasure to be ‘on the, (Rare Groove), scene’ back in the day (85-87), Leroy Hutson was one of the primary artists. His ‘Hutson II’ LP was IN DEMAND to say the least. If you were there you know what I’m talking about and to hear him perform today’s slice of the musicology pie Live and Direct was an experience never to be forgotten.

The legend wasn’t due on until 9pm so it was touch and go but I managed it, (due in part to Craig Charles who was on fire for the two and a half hours leading up to Leroy coming on). As soon as he walked on though I was buzzing and immediately found my second wind. The man proceeded to tear it up and wove his magic leaving the crowd screaming for more especially when he enticed a call and response session on today’s slice the Rare Groove classic ‘Love The Feeling’ getting the Kittens to sing “Love I Love I Love” and the Cats to sing “The way you make me feel” was as good as it gets and anyone who was there knows what I’m talking about. For me it will always be a cherished memory..Recorded for and released on Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom label in 1976.


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nowordsjustmusic #6

(Never Know What You Can Do Give It A Try – Leroy Hutson)

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malevocals2 #4

(Leroy Hutson – Paradise)

today’s cut is an 80’s Soul & Boogie classic from a man whose apprenticeship was served under one of the genres undisputed kings…Curtis Mayfield. Originally a member of vocal group ‘The Nu Tones’, he went onto feature (along with Donny Hathaway), as a member of the ‘Mayfield Singers’ after hooking up with him at Howard University.

multi talented as Singer, Songwriter, (he co-wrote Donny’s solo anthem ‘The Ghetto’), arranger and musician. he took over from Curtis as lead singer of ‘The Impressions’ in 1970

in 1973 having served his apprenticeship he went solo and released some extra fine work especially on his Hutson, and Hutson II albums. This one is a later work, (1982), taken from his only album for Elektra.