musicology #0766

#Renewal 01

Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me [Live]

Got ‘SHOOK’ this morning. Powerful.

to FEEL Acceptance, What is, to Be rather than to THINK.

Words are useless in the face of the Real

“might as well try to paint the wind”

Thank you for the guidance.


musicology #488

SoulBoy #7

(Donny Hathaway – Giving Up)

Slowwwwwwwwww toooooooooday. Was out on the tiles last night and didn’t ‘get me nut down’ until the break of dawn…QUALITY night though, (in a club beneath the Ritz)..good friends birthday bash. Saw a few faces that I haven’t seen in a while and met some new ones…All Good. So I’m just going to lay down the cut without further delay as I’m tired. This one is courtesy of the sublime Donny Edward Hathaway a troubled Cat who despite his trials and tribulations still delivered some of the finest Soul yet recorded.  Highlighted from his second LP ‘Donny Hathaway’ Released in 1971 on the Atco label, written by Van McCoy and featuring legendary musicians King Curtis, Al ‘The Human Timekeeper’ Jackson Jr, Phil Upchurch and Cornell Dupree.

musicology #400

Sound&Fury #4

(Freddie Hubbard – Backlash)

Following on from the Ray Sharpe & King Curtis hold this ranking piece of 1966 Jazz Funk courtesy of legendary trumpeter Freddie Hubbard with a piece that swings so hard it could wake the dead.

Also featuring the collective talents of Ray Baretto on percusion, Bob Cunningham on bass, Ray Appleton on drums, James Spaulding on Sax and Albert Dailey smashing the ivories. This, the title track, is borrowed from his first in a series of sets for Atlantic and I noticed that ‘Pickett’ is credited with writing this one so I assume that it would be none other than the ‘Wicked’ Pickett (Wilson), himself? although whoever wrote it the credit here belongs to the players who are fluent in the universal language and communicate the message perfectly.

musicology #82

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial #5

(Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me)

if anyone needed reminding or convincing why the Lion is called Mr Soul hold this one from 1963 taken from what is possibly the best live album of all time. bold shout I know and I’m sure many could offer alternatives but whatever your subjective feelings about it…if you don’t own it..and you want one piece of Sam Cooke musicology ‘wrapped round yer vaults’…buy it…and even though the recording couldn’t possibly do the performance real justice for those of us that weren’t there its the best there is.

a quote from the Sam Cooke book by Peter Guralnick about the show

“Upstairs there was a balcony with tables for the patrons and a small office in which the recording engineers, Bob Simpson and Tony Salvatore, set up their equipment. They monitored the sound at a fairly desultory teenage matinee, then adjusted the microphone placement for the first evening show, starting at 10pm.

Sam gave them a cheery greeting before going on, and then the place erupted in a manner that Salvatore, like his partner a neophyte in the world of Rhythm & Blues, was simply not prepared for.

‘There weren’t any brawls or anything like that, but I’ll tell you, it was like a scene out of a movie, the whole building was rocking, and I remarked to Bob, I said, ‘Oh Jesus, I hope this place don’t fall down’ ”

King Curtis and full crew, (The Kingpins), playing the instruments….