musicology #464

TheManWithTheBag #14

( The Cats & The Fiddle – Hep Cat’s Holiday)

New dawn yesterday for themusicologist and family/friends/regulars and even recent travelers along the way know there’s been a few false ones over the past few months and years. Life is funny that way but one observation on the journey through it is that it’s not what happens to us that it’s how we respond. My, (learned), belief is that I don’t choose which path to take It just unfolds before me. Intuition is the guide and I feel my way through the darkness until the day breaks anew and the sun begins to shine once more. In certainty…day always follows night no matter how long it lasts.

Hope you do me the honour of rolling with me on this post as I try me best to wax lyrical on the final musings of 2009. I could say it has been the worst year of my life but that would be a lie. Not only have I had a few that would make your toe and fingernails curl but as this one ends I am counting my blessings….1……2……3 and they are all so beautiful. Yep, (in metaphorical style), like a ship that’s lost at sea I have been tossed and battered by some powerful crashing waves but as the storm clears not only do I find myself still afloat but on assessment of the damage I am finding both my hull AND keel stronger than ever before.

Was it Nietzsche? that commented “that which doesn’t kill one makes one stronger” well whoever it was got that right as did Ray Charles who was quoted to have said “Live everyday like it’s your last because one day it will be”. Wisdom can’t be taught, only lived whereas knowledge and the garbage that is information are both aquired, often to the detriment of growth. I have no agenda here other than to be which Is my resolution for the rest of my days and even though this existence ain’t no bowl of fuckin’ cherries the essence can taste so sweet.

So for all you ‘shoulder to the wheel’ crew out there who are suffering, (and we all do), try to bear in mind that the harder the battle…the sweeter the victory. Breathe deep, pick yourself, (or even better find/ask someone else to help you), up from the canvas and let’s prepare ourselves for the next round which is where we begin to make an authentic comeback..


musicology #450

3 Is TheMagicNumber #3

(India Arie – Headed In The Right Direction)

Final cut of the magic number and then it’s on to the Christmas selection…beginning to feel like I can walk on emotional water which makes a big difference from feeling like I was drowning in it. last week I learned the difference between the language of being and the language of having and it is a beautiful, liberating feeling that I have yet to find the words to express. I don’t know if I ever will but in feel it is enough.

Picking a piece out of THOUSANDS is always a challenge, (and no mistake), but for me that’s what themusicologist is there for…communicating a message utilising the universal language.. It’s been almost 3 years now that I have been bearing my soul on this musical diary and not only is it extremely cathartic but It has also allowed me the space to express myself with authenticity.

Today’s cut is courtesy of an artist who has helped me to learn the difference between having and being. Borrowed from her second set Voyage To India…a set that everyone should own. Just like to add that one of the authors who has been a guide over these last few weeks goes by the name of Erich Fromm especially his book ‘The Art Of Being’.