#themusicologist [797] Eleni Karaindrou – The Poet [crossing] Borders

“though the road is rocky what to be GOT to be…..


#themusicologist #0774 Eleni Karaindrou – Requiem For Willy Loman

aSongForConZu #74

“Let your mind make excursion in pure simplicity. Identify yourself with nondistinction. Follow the nature of things, and admit no personal bias, then the world will be in peace”. Chuang Tzu

musicology #0724

aHymnForCon #30

Eleni Karaindrou – Prayer

“And then it was, that grief and pain made themselves known to me as never before. Note this, because I knew the full absurdity of Fate and Fortune and Nature more truly than a human can bear to know it. And perhaps the description of this, brief as it is, may give consolation to another. The truth is, you cannot prepare anyone for this, nor convey an understanding of it through language. It must be known. And this I would wish on no one in the world.” – Ann Rice