#themusicologist [787] the 5 Keys – It’s Christmas time

the majestic 5 Keys, one of the GREAT vocal groups, dropping christmas bombs.

Con-Zu….I LOVE you, eternally….ALWAYS in my heart, soul and on my mind.xx


musicology #0637

Frank Cosmo – Merry Christmas

themusicologist has been on, (what we call here on the streets of London), a ‘long ting’ these last few weeks refining the project but I’m back in the saddle for a christmas Jamboree..

(keep it locked as I’m planning on delivering a little musicologistChristmasSpecial sometime between now and Christmas Day !!)

regular musicologists will be aware that it’s traditional for me to throw down a christmas selection so keeping that tradition alive hold this piece of 1963 Christmas Ska courtesy of Frank Cosmo and the Beverley’s All Stars featuring what sounds like Charlie Organnaire blowing on the harmonica…

musicology #0613

ChristmasComing #6

Gatemouth Moore – Christmas Blues

Today’s cut is courtesy of little known prewar blues icon, powerhouse singer and influential composer Arnold Dwight “Gatemouth” Moore, who turned his back on the world of ‘popular’ music in the late 40’s to serve as a minister, (preceeding the host of Gospel singers who went the ‘other way’ in the years that followed). Superb downtempo festive cut from the man whose nom de plume was a reference to the strength of his voice.

musicology #0612

ChristmasComing #5

The Cats & The Fiddle – Hep Cats Holiday

sticking with the pre war selection hold this piece from early vocal group the Cats & The Fiddle…

musicology #0611

ChristmasComing #4

Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters – Jingle Bells

This year I’m keeping a bit quiet on the verbosity and leaving it to the music to do the talking I am VERY busy at the moment and, believe it or not, the musicologist takes up a LOT of my time. Not that I’m complaining as sharing the music that I, genuinely, love is a pleasure for me so I have decided that rather than not lay a cut down due to my responsibilities and commitments to the project, my focus should, at least, be delivering on the music front which, after all, is where the real value is and what satisfies my need, want and desire to communicate and connect by utilising the universal language.

Phew..after all that…today’s cut is courtesy of musicologys answer to Father Christmas none other than Bing Crosby backed in great style by the Andrews Sisters..(yet another one of themusicologists most prized slices of the christmas pie..

musicology #0609

ChristmasComing #2

(Horace Andy – Christmas Time)

Round two of the Christmas selection…..Horace Hinds step up to the M.I.C and serve us up a slice of the Christmas pie..

musicology #453

TheManWithTheBag #3

(Butterbeans & Susie – Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus)

Top ranking slice of the Christmas pie courtesy of three swingin’ Cats, Butterbeans & Susie, (Jodie Edwards and Susie Hawthorne), a long standing and much loved Vaudeville duo who teamed up in 1916 !! and Jazz pianist Eddie Heywood….who went on to play with such luminaries as Billie Holiday, Benny ‘King’ Carter and Coleman Hawkins as wel as performing in his own right. Recorded in New York City, (ahhh…New York…what memories), on Wednesday August 13th 1930 and released on an OKeh 78.