musicology #487

SoulBoy #6

(Jackie Wilson – No Pity In The Naked City)

hmmm…themusicologist has been AWOL these last few days ! busy getting it all straightened out but the musicology is on constant playback in anticipation of hitting the right note. In truth I’m a bit lost for words at the moment but not for music and this one from Soul brother supreme Jackie Wilson is BOSS. For themusicologist Jackie is one of a handful of artists who personify the essence of Soul. Starting out with his performances as lead singer with Billy Wards Dominoes in 1953 right up to the 70’s Jackie was always trembling marrows with his vocal ability… and this is one of them.


musicology #455

TheManWithTheBag #5

(The Drifters – The Bells Of St Mary’s)

One of themusicologist’s personal Christmas favourites. Been with me for as long as I can remember. Recorded and released on an Atlantic 78/45 in 1954. Over half a century old and still as fresh as spring daisies..(the cracks and hisses aside !!), Of course it’s Clyde McPhatter on lead just after he had left Billy Ward’s Dominoes to form the first incarnation of the Drifters.

musicology #371

SuchIsLife #5

(Jackie Wilson – Love Is Funny That Way)

Day five..bit later than intended but Such Is Life..

Today’s cut is from one of the greatest singers to have ever recorded….Jack Leroy Wilson Jr known simply as ‘Jackie’ who ranks right up there with the best. Jackie, Sam Cooke and Curtis Mayfield were instrumental in fusing Rhythm & Blues, Gospel and ‘Popular’ music into what became known as Soul. Of course there were others who deserve recognition but without these three it wouldn’t be the same.

Jackie’s recording career begun in 1951 but really begun to take off after replacing Clyde McPhatter, (who left to form the Drifters),  in Billy Ward’s Dominoes. In 1957 Jackie, (possibly inspired by his greatest ‘rival’ Sam Cooke), went Solo and begun his unfortunate lifelong ‘bondage’ with ‘manager’ Nat Tarnapol who is reported to be the one most responsible for robbing Jackie blind for his whole career. But the least said about him the better. Jackie racked up many hits and was quite possibly the world’s greatest performer whose stage shows are the stuff of legend. He could dance and almost sing anyone under the table but as so often seems the case died broke due to his manager’s ruthless greed and exploitation. This one from 1971, (no idea who is sharing the mic with him), was recorded and released on the Brunswick label.

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