#themusicologist [#0818] Marion Gaines Singers – Grandmas Hands

Pluto meets Jupiter #4

TOP RANKING version of the majestic Bill Withers tune.


musicology #499

SoulBoy #18

(Bobby Womack – Tried and Convicted)

Final week of the Soul theme and who better as far as themusicologist is concerned to bring us down the final furlong than one of my most cherished artists Bobby Womack. As I have mentioned before, along with Curtis Mayfield it was Bobby Womack who had the most influence on a young child running wild on the streets of South London in the 1970’s. Cuts like I Can Understand It, If You Want My Love, O.V Wright’s That’s The Way I Feel About Cha, Stop On By, A Woman’s Got To Have It, Communication, (to name a few)…are all integral parts of the soundtrack to my existence. In fact often when I hear, (early 70’s), Bobby, Curtis, Bill Withers, Stevie and Marvin I can view the world through the eyes of a child once more. Music does that for me like nothing else can. I don’t think of what I was doing or wearing to identify the stepping stones in my life it’s ALWAYS what I was listening to and no doubt always will be. So without further delay, (and before I get all misty eyed),  hold this late 60’s slice of the Bobby Womack pie recorded for and released on the, (New Orleans powerhouse), Minit Label. Produced by Chips Moman

musicology #135

theGood,Bad&theUgly #2

(Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Ain’t No Sunshine)

part two of the alternative soundtrack selection finds Blondie, (the good), getting his comeuppance from Tuco, (the ugly), for doublecrossing him, (sounds like Blondie wasn’t listening to Tuco’s threat from round one).

musicology courtesy of Jazz Funkers Ubiquity led by Roy Ayers, Vibraphone virtuoso who was given his first pair of mallets at the tender age of FIVE by the instrument’s undisputed champ Lionel Hampton.

this cut is taken from the 1973 Polydor album Red, Black & Green and is, for themusicologist, as good as the Bill Withers original especially as the piece does what all the best ‘covers’ do…bring something fresh to the table.