musicology #0596

Flow #15

Tony Allen – Nite Owl

5:30am New York Time….Today’s slice fits themusicologist like a glove…3 Nights in New York so far and 3 nights i’ve been the Nite Owl..wicked piece of 50’s vocal group action on Art Rupe’s Specialty label..


musicology #219

12AngryMen #14 (alternativesoundtrack #3)

(The Soul Stirrers – Lord Remember Me)

penultimate cut of the 12 angry and I must say that I’m looking forward to the end. this soundtrack has been the hardest of all to complete. mainly because of my foolishness in deciding to only throw down music from 1957, (the year the film was released), but also there not being any music in the film has made it difficult to edit in. sounds like a case of ‘bad workman blaming his tools’ !! so I’ll move on….

the dialogue features the ‘old man’ whose 20/20 eagle eyes have spotted something that no-one else had noticed and the stoical cat whose conviction in the boy’s guilt has been, until now, unshakeable…

the music, (another of my personal favourites), is courtesy of gospel group supreme the Soul Stirrers featuring Sam Cooke and is taken from their final recording session together on Art Rupe’s Specialty label in, yep, 1957. the year that Mr Soul announced his arrival on the secular scene with ‘You Send Me’. this one, a traditional gospel tune, is given the full treatment by ‘the lion’ as he roars out a plea to not be forgotten.

Listen tune…

musicology #79

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial Sam Cooke Bonus #2

(Sam Cooke w/ The Soul Stirrers – Were You There)

even though Soul sprung from the well of gospel, (evident with the wealth of singers that sprung out of this tradition), there were certain ingredients that not many shared. only two artists, (of this period), managed to make the transition and shape the ‘new sound’. Sam Cooke and Clyde McPhatter before him. But only Sam stepped out of the gospel limelight to cast his long shadow over popular music in such a way.

the greatest singers share the ability to communicate and deliver the message to all people regardless of personal beliefs and musical preference and this one taken from his final Soul Stirrers recording session in 1957 is an example of this special quality…not being a christian doesn’t stop me from feeling it deeply.